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Moving, by itself, is not an easy task. There are so many things you need to take care of, it’s exhausting and takes a lot of time. However, moving abroad with a family might even be a task harder than that. Not really in terms of the moving process itself, but a lot of thought needs to be put into deciding on a place to move where your children can safely grow up, get a good education, and other things that make a city family-friendly. That’s exactly why we are here to show you the best places to move to with international moving companies worldwide movers.


One of the nations with the best environment for children is Norway. The Scandinavian Peninsula’s most western nation, which has a population of over 5 million people, is renowned for having incredibly advanced health and educational systems. With a per capita income of over $74,000 USD, the Norwegians are offering the ideal environment for children’s overall development in the happiest environment. This is wonderful and reassuring to know when moving with children.

girl in white long sleeve dress sitting on a brown wooden chair in norway, which is one of the best places for moving abroad with a family
In Norway, kids start attending kindergarten after turning one


The importance you place on the growth and care of children is another reason Norway is a great place to raise a family. Kids of any age can play outside to stimulate their imagination. Every city in Norway offers a choice of family-friendly activities. In Norway, kindergarten attendance begins at age one. It immediately follows the end of parental leave. Children typically attend a barnehage in their municipality.

You have a variety of options to select from, including kindergartens where you may communicate with other parents while your kids play, depending on how many hours a day of childcare you require. It’s a great way to not only help your kids meet new friends, but you have a chance for that as well.

Your employer will always have your back

Employers in Norway are quite understanding when it comes to you caring for your children while they are ill since they know that your family always comes first. Furthermore, all children under the age of 16 are able to get free medical treatment, which includes dental care, so you don’t need to worry if you’re moving to Norway from USA with your family.


Most people agree that moving from USA to Germany is a fantastic option when you are raising a family. In fact, Germany was recognized as the seventh-best country in the world for raising a family in a 2020 survey by Asher & Lyric. The six main criteria used to determine this were safety, happiness, cost, health, education, and time.

a flag of germany, which is one of the best places for moving with a family
Germany is in top 7 countries for raising a family

The German parenting approach, which promotes children’s independence throughout childhood, is one of the key appeals for expat parents. In general, German parents work hard to prepare their kids for independence as adults. They see the family home as a place to support a child’s uniqueness and goals without, as they put it, “covering them in cotton wool.”


The German educational system is another significant advantage for families relocating to Germany with children. Regarding education levels, Germany performs comparatively well. The nation scored 20th globally in reading, math, and science on the 2018 OECD/PISA survey of standards among 15-year-olds, and 16th globally in each subject. The study also found that German pupils have a strong sense of belonging at school and have little worry linked to their studies.

The German educational system is made up of a large number of excellent local schools as well as a large number of private and foreign schools that accept pupils from abroad. Even though local schools are free for most pupils in Germany, many expats think about enrolling their kids in an international school to help them adjust. Since they use a familiar language and curriculum, these allow students to continue their studies with no difficulties.

Fun activities

One of the biggest worries parents have when relocating to Germany with children is being able to keep them happy and occupied, aside from their children’s education. Fortunately, Germany has lots of family-friendly destinations and enjoyable activities for kids. In short, your options are endless, so we think it’s time to check out some overseas relocation services and start planning your move to Germany!

people riding on a roller coaster in germany, which is one of the best places for moving with a family
Theme parks are some of the best places to visit with your kid in Germany

For starters, Germany is home to numerous big, well-known theme parks, such as Phantasialand, Euro-Park, and LEGOLAND. To fit into a day or weekend trip, these offer an astounding amount of rides, attractions, and entertainment. The majority of the rides are also divided into various age categories, allowing you to pick the ones that are best for your children.

The United Kingdom

The next country on our list of great places for moving abroad with a family is the UK. What’s so great about it? Let’s find out!

They will easily adapt to the language

The most obvious benefit, and one that is frequently mentioned by parents who are moving to England with children from an English-speaking nation, is of course the ease with which the kids will be able to adapt to their native tongue. Living in England gives them the advantage of constant exposure to the language, whether at school or in their own time. I will also allow them to swiftly pick up the automatisms and nuances of Shakespeare’s language and develop a flawless accent.

Comfort over anything else

Relocating to England with children also provides an undeniable sense of comfort. The nation has excellent air, sea, and land connections to the rest of the world, allowing you to visit your family frequently and make frequent trips back home. As a result, homesickness and a sense of isolation are substantially lower than in other locations that are farther away.

The fact that England is home to a huge multinational community is another advantage. A lot of them have made the decision to relocate to England with their families. Therefore, it is simpler to integrate into your community of origin, gain insight from others, and build relationships with the parents and their kids.

Don’t forget about Brexit

Up until 2020, migrating to England with a family was a relatively straightforward administrative process. All of that has changed as a consequence of Brexit, and the requirements for entrance have been tightened, calling for a resident visa and a specific degree of language, average income, and some other qualifications. Therefore, it’s very important that you gather the necessary information before you decide on moving to the UK from USA.

a silver iphone 6 next to a red visa card
Make sure to gather all the necessary information about getting your Visa if you want to move to the UK


Moving to Spain with preschoolers

When children are young, it’s the deal time to move overseas with them. The language won’t appear as unfamiliar to your child if you relocate to Spain while they are still learning it. This is because they will be learning it alongside other Spanish preschoolers.

In Spain, a child’s third birthday marks the beginning of school. They attend nursery school until the age of six, at which point they transition to junior school. Junior classes include subjects including math, science, history, and geography.

Your kids may require more Spanish instruction if you decide on moving from USA to Spain after they have started junior high school. Depending on their age, they might place them in a class with students who are one-year younger so they can catch up. They will quickly pick up the language, and you can both work on your Spanish at the same time.

Moving to Spain with teenage children

You don’t want to send your child to an international or English-speaking school? Well, it will be considerably harder for them to pick up their studies once they have begun higher education. They’ll meet new people, but managing their schoolwork and learning Spanish may prove to be a challenge.

Children begin secondary school at age 12 and pursue a diploma.  After that, they can enroll in college at the age of 16 to pursue the Spanish Baccalaureate. This is equivalent to the USA’s A Levels.

They should be able to adjust to education in Spain if you plan for them to continue their education in an international or English school. On the other hand, it could be a good idea to enroll them in Spanish language classes.

It is crucial to talk with your kids about the possible consequences of relocating to Spain before you decide to move and before moving boxes overseas. When they are teenagers because they are likely to have formed their own friendships, social life, and future plans. You should also give them the opportunity to express any concerns they may have. They are moving to a foreign country, after all.

a woman in a blue shirt talking to a worried boy in a white shirt
If your kids are teenagers, make sure you have a proper talk with them about your move to Spain


Making the decision to relocate to Australia with family is often the first step in realizing a dream and setting out on a family adventure for most people. This is the biggest reason why moving companies to Australia always have their hands full. You’re in for a change of scenery and wide open areas, and your kids will get a rare chance to explore their curiosity and learn about a different way of life.

However, making such a serious decision is something you can’t take lightly. One of the biggest concerns parents have when relocating to another country with their children is education. So let’s see how that works in Australia.

How does the education system work?

Although children must start attending school at the age of six, they usually start in a foundation year. This is known as the preparatory year when they are just five years old. Students transfer to secondary school after finishing primary school in year 6 (Years 7-12).

Additionally, there are non-obligatory choices available for kids under the age of five. Preschool, long-day care centers, temporary care, and family daycare are some of these. Preschools follow a set educational curriculum that includes the development of:

  • language
  • literacy
  • numeracy abilities

whereas long daycare centers take younger children (from a few months after birth to five years old) and have longer hours than preschools.

School life of students in Australia

In contrast to the northern hemisphere, Australia’s school year lasts from the end of January to the middle of December. There are two weeks off in April (Easter, which is fall in Australia), June-July (winter), and September-October (spring). However, the biggest holidays, which last six to eight weeks, are in the summer months of December and January.

In Australia, there is a strong emphasis on sports. Therefore, the majority of students play a sport at school at least once a week. This is typically scheduled during school hours in primary schools. But in high school, especially at private schools, sports are frequently required. Contests are usually take place on Saturdays. The majority of schools, including public schools, also require pupils to wear a uniform. Every school’s uniforms are different and cost extra.

children's team building on green grass
Australians often put an emphasis on the importance of sports for children


For families that can enjoy the lovely climate and a slower-paced culture that places a strong emphasis on the importance of the community, moving to Portugal from US is a great option. Spending a lot of time outdoors is encouraged by the warmer weather and variety of parks, beaches, and other outdoor activities. All of these are available all year round. Even Portugal has a pleasant winter compared to the colder nations further north. Families and kids are encouraged to leave the house and attend community events. It’s much better than spending all of their time in front of a screen, right?

It is a predominantly Catholic nation that appreciates tradition. Although the people are quite friendly, respect for elders and other people is essential.

Portugal is a country where people normally eat four meals every day ,Therefore having proper table manners is especially important. There are many options for wonderful meals, with a focus on nutritious Mediterranean foods.

Church and sporting events provide chances to meet people and fit in with the neighborhood. It’s a terrific place to learn a new language, explore the local art and history, and bring up respectable kids after moving abroad to Portugal with a family.

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