Moving from a house to an apartment – how to make it work

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    People move for different reasons. Sometimes because of their job or in search of a better life. Whatever the reason, it is a big change in a person’s life. Especially if you are moving from a house to a smaller flat. The first problem people run into is the lack of space. It can be daunting trying to balance so many belongings in a place that just doesn’t have enough room. Plenty of people give up and end up crammed with no space to move. However, with a bit of planning and with the help of an international moving expert, you can turn your new smaller flat into a dream home. Here are a few tips on how to make moving from a house to an apartment work. With a little bit of downsizing, your relocation will be stress-free.

    Moving from a house to an apartment is possible with downsizing

    Your home has much more space than a flat. And to properly move, you will have to downsize. So start by determining what are the things you can live without. Weeks before the relocation, start paying attention to what items you use more than others. For example, when you cook, what are some of the utensils you use every day. And which ones you never even touch. It is the best way to get rid of things but not end up missing something. Therefore before you even start looking for the right international services to help you with your relocation, keep track of items. You will notice that a large part of your belongings is just collecting dust. Thus you can throw them away. Or, if you are looking for a way to increase your moving budget, you can organize a yard sale.

    wall hanger with clothes hanging
    Get rid of some of your belongings so you have more space in your new home

    To properly relocate from a house to a flat you have to take measurements

    Because not everything you own will fit your new home, you should take measurements. It will help you decide what to keep and what to get rid of. But if you are moving to France from USA, that can not be so easy to do. Therefore get in touch with the owner of the flat and ask them to send you measurements. And not just the size of the apartment but every room, kitchen, and bathroom included. Once you have them, start measuring all your big furniture. If some of them are too big and would take too much space, you should get rid of them. You can give them away to family and friends that need them. Or put them into a storage unit. They will be safe there until you need them again in the future.


    Moving into a smaller apartment is easier with multifunctioning furniture

    Because all the rooms in your new apartment will be smaller than in your previous home, you will need to adapt. That is why furniture moving experts always advise buying multifunctional ones. They give you a lot of benefits that your old furniture can never do. And with developments in the design, some really genius solutions will save you a ton of space. For example, a bed that turns into a working station. Or cupboards that you can rotate into a kitchen table. Also, there are some DIY ideas on the internet you can do in your free time. You just need a bit of creativity and a few tools.

    A bad and a working table and shelves on the wall
    Invest in multifunctional furniture before moving from a house to an apartment

    When you leave your house for a smaller apartment you will need new storage solutions

    One of the downsides of an apartment is that there is never enough storage space. You thought you professionally packed the minimum of necessary stuff, and still, there is nowhere to put all your shoes. So what to do when even downsizing is not enough? The best solution when you move into a smaller home is to start thinking about vertical storage solutions. There are a lot of empty walls that you can use to put some of your stuff. For example, if your closet is not big enough, you can make a hanger on your wall. Also, in some stores, you can buy a hanging rack for your shoes. However, do not forget empty spaces behind and under some of your furniture. If your sofa has legs, under it is a great place to put some stuff.


    Use interior design to make your new home look bigger

    There are certain visual tricks that you can use to make your new apartment look bigger. For example, light wall colors and big mirrors. But if you are moving from a house, then you probably have a lot of decorations. Unfortunately, if you cram your smaller place with them, it will just make it look smaller. So instead of 10 items on the shelf, you should put only two. That is why you should carefully start planning the interior design before you relocate. However, once you move, do not be afraid to experiment. Move around the furniture until you are satisfied. Feel free to experiment with new ideas and be bold in your choices.

    A plant, sofa, chest of drawers and a lamp
    Move around the furniture until you are satisfied with the floor plan

    Moving from a house to an apartment is easy with a bit of planning

    Like with all challenges in life, it is easier to face them with proper planning and preparation. The same goes when moving from a house to an apartment. Therefore take some time to go through all your belongings and decide what you can live without. Get rid of them by donating them to a local charity organization. Also, take measurements of your new home. Check if all your furniture can fit into it. However, if they are too big, invest a bit of money in multifunctional furniture. Since there is never enough storage space, take some time to research some DIY solutions. And do not forget to have fun designing the floor plan. With patience and good planning, you will turn your new apartment into a home in no time.

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