Moving from USA to Switzerland with kids – how to do it right?

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Moving from USA to Switzerland with kids can be a difficult job and an interestingly challenging experience for everyone. Why the experience can be challenging? Because we can all be sure that whole change in the ways of living can be different and scary. If you never lived in Switzerland before and maybe this is even the first time that you going there, it could be scary to think about it. You and your children need to think about life there and what will be changed. At the same time, on top of all that stress, you also need to think about the packing and moving process. Of course, stress is not necessarily bad. That can be just excitement and positive energy because of the new adventure, but it is still some kind of positive stress. One way to avoid unnecessary bad stress is to find an international moving expert!

Little girl in the box, mother and dad in behind smiling
Moving from USA to Switzerland with kids can be a great and new adventure!

Prepare for a new, beautiful, and big adventure!

Whatever is the reason for this wonderful adventure, the preparation for this or any other location like this one is more or less the same. You can always go to Switzerland on vacation first if you never went before. That way you can prepare yourself for the new environment and people. Maybe you just wanted something new for your family. Maybe you just like to move to new places from time to time. More likely is that someone from your family has to work in Switzerland at their new job. Maybe you want to go there because of education for the kids. There is a lot of “maybe”s, but as we said before, arrangements for a move are similar all the time.

Think about what is best for you and your kids! H3

Before we start about the technicality of moving from USA to Switzerland with kids and how to do it right, let’s go through some more general things. What is the most important thing to think of for one family when choosing a location to live?

These are the basic ones to think in advance when you move:

  • Neighborhood – One of the most important things is to find the right neighborhood for your family. Your children are the most valuable thing in your life. We all want for our kids the best environment whether to grow up or to stay safe even if they are all grown up. Find what is the best location for your home in Switzerland where are you going to live!
  • Education – Think ahead about the kindergartens, schools, universities. Where are they located from your house? Are there any good schools for your kids in the neighborhood? Do you want international schools or not? Public or private? Think also about languages, maybe you and your kids can learn German if you don’t know any before you move there. If you have time, is always better to know more than one language.
  • Activities and fun – This is maybe less important, but not to be neglected. People, everyone, young or old must be happy with themself. The best way to stay sane in this fast world is to stay healthy and have some hobbies. See into are there any sports and entertainment places for you and your kinds in the neighborhood.
  • Transportation – This is also important if you don’t want to be in the car all day. Maybe kids can go to school with some kind of transportation or you to work if that is the way of saving money. Maybe you don’t have a car, so you need to find a home with a good connection to the location you need. Don’t forget if you have a car, and you want to move it to your new destination, how you are going to do that? There are great and professional moving companies with excellent international car transportation offers!

    Green field, tries and passing train with Switzerland's flag
    Imagine traveling to school or work with this view!

Moving from USA to Switzerland with kids – technicalities and checklist!

Packing, packing, and packing! Take a deep breath and start od time! You need to investigate on time all the general preparations. So, you need to start a lot early! You want to make a good plan for when you arrive in Switzerland and to prepare for the moving process! You will need time for packing also, more than you think!

Organize your whole family if you can. Make a plan with your spouse and kids in which order you are going to pack everything and how! Maybe the best way is for everyone is to pack their own stuff. So, when you arrive in your new home, everyone can unpack their personal belongings and put them where they want. Of course, when it comes to rooms and belongings that everyone uses, there you need an agreement on who packs what and how. If kids are too young to help, then maybe someone can help you and watch them while you make an organization and schedule for moving. Don’t forget the laws and rules of the new country, find what is different. If you need to make some changes with your documents, papers or simply the way of life in the new place, be prepared!

Apart from this, you will need a checklist of all the materials like:

  • boxes – all sizes and types. Measure and see how much of what do you need.
  • markers – different colors for easier classification
  • duct tape
  • cushioning supplies – air pillows, bubble packs, Styrofoam sheets, foam blocks, and sheets, etc. Choose what you need.
  • toolset – for reassembling and assembling furniture
  • garbage bags – maybe you will have a thing to put aside for giving away or throwing away
Moving from USA to Switzerland with kids to do list on blank small paper
Checklists are our best friends!

Whatever comes to your mind, put it on the checklist, it will be easier to track down your work!

Live the new life the best you can!

In the beginning, we said that moving from USA to Switzerland with kids can be a difficult and stressful job. That is normal but whenever you can avoid the stress that is unhealthy and harmful, avoid it! A lot you can do by yourself and with help of the family. It is no problem when you can do alone some of the moving processes.  Transparent International NYC is the best choice you can choose when you look for moving tips outside your family. They are doing the job all the time, and they know how to assist properly, and stress-free! That way you will be secure and sure that everything will be moved as it should. When you don’t need to think about that part, you can think about your future in a wonderful and charming Switzerland! Be prepared for the new experiences and beginnings in the new home!


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