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Relocating during the holidays is not something that most people choose to do. It comes with additional problems, higher expenses, and is generally harder to arrange. However, if you make sure that you work with one of the top door to door international movers, carefully plan out the relocation, and take care of a few things ahead of time, you have nothing to worry about when moving internationally during the holidays. In this article, we will provide you with a couple of tips on how to make the whole process more manageable.

8 tips for moving internationally during the holidays

  • Find a quality moving company
  • Consider donating some of your stuff to get into the holiday cheer
  • Consider that the roads are going to be more congested
  • Make sure you change your address in due time
  • Book your flight ahead of time
  • Figure out where to buy your groceries
  • Make arrangements for your pets
  • Purchase some holiday decorations beforehand

As you can see, there is a lot to do even without all the preparations for the relocation process itself. Additionally, if you happen to be moving to Norway from USA, you might want to consider some warmer clothes. Especially if you are moving from one of the sunnier states, such as Florida. You don’t want to spend the first few weeks in your new home with a cold, after all.

person researching how to be moving internationally during the holidays
Make sure you do some research.

Choosing your movers

The most important asset in an international relocation is going to be your moving company of choice. You want to hire experienced international furniture movers to ensure that your belongings arrive on time and unscathed. This is even more important when moving internationally during the holidays, as an experienced mover will know about the additional challenges. Make sure that you choose movers with a proven track record of successful international moves, as well as a company that will provide you with insurance and valuation options. It is best if you contact your moving professionals ahead of time, as availability during the holidays might be an issue otherwise.

Donate some of your belongings

Chances are, you will not want to take absolutely everything you own on the international trip with you. You might want to donate some of your belongings as part of the decluttering process. Doing so will put you in the right holiday spirit of giving, and will set the tone for the entire relocation. There are plenty of charities you can donate some of your belongings to, but you can also donate them to some of your friends or family members. If you are unsure of the charities that operate within your area, you can always contact some of the local moving overseas companies and ask them about it. They will definitely point you in the right direction. Or you can do a simple google search if you prefer finding these charities on your own.

Account for congested roads

During the holidays, roads inevitably get congested. This adds to your travel time, whether you are driving to the airport or to your new home. You will want to account for the additional time it will take you to reach your destination. Check into some of the statistics of the previous years and, just to be safe, add an hour or two just in case. You never know how bad road congestion might be, after all. It is best to arrive early than late, after all.

a traffic jam
Traffic can be a real issue during the holidays.

Change your address in due time

During the holiday season, we usually receive more mail, packages, and similar. Therefore, you need to ensure that everyone who might be sending you such has got an updated address. This is something that you need to do ahead of time, lest you need to wait an additional time for your packages to arrive. You might even want to set up a forwarding service, just in case, if someone does not get a memo. Your overseas movers can help you with this process, explain to you the easiest way to go about it. Normally, you will be able to change your address online but some places may require a personal visit.

Book your flight early to reduce the price of moving internationally during the holidays

The closer it comes to the holidays, the more expensive plane tickets become. To avoid paying a premium for your flight, you will want to book it as early as you possibly can. And if you can be flexible with your dates, all the better! Most of the time it is well worth changing the relocation date if that means that the flight is cheaper and that you have more space for yourself within the aircraft.

Research where you can purchase groceries

Since you will not be moving internationally with a full pantry, you will need to find a place where you can buy groceries during the holidays. Research your new home area, see what stores are open during that period. You may even need to drive to a remote location. Best to make plans for that before rather than later.

person in a grocery shop
Make sure that you know where to buy the groceries you will need.

Make the necessary pet arrangements

Most holidays include some sort of noise. New Year means fireworks, the 4th of July in the US is self-explanatory, and so on. If you are relocating with your pets, you might want to arrange a “safe” location in your new home for them to be. You want to help your dog adapt to their new home, for example, and minimize the effect loud noises might have. You may also try to mask the sound by having the TV at a higher volume than usual. But talk you your vet before you start making any arrangements. You may need some medicine for your pet, too.

Obtain some holiday decorations for your new home

Before you leave your old home, make sure that you have packed a few holiday decorations. They can make all the difference in your new home. While you don’t really need a huge outdoor display for your first holiday in your new home, a couple of indoor decorations will make it more festive in no time! Also, be sure to label all the boxes accordingly when moving internationally during the holidays, as you will want those decorations to be the first ones out!

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