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It is never too late to move somewhere else. It can be a new fun experience for you. Reasons for your move can vary, maybe you want to change your environment, got a work promotion or a new job, etc. The reason why you consider moving overseas is not as important as the fact that moving overseas in your 40s can be easy and fun. All that is left is to decide on a location to move to. There are quite a few countries that people who move in their 40s adore, so Transparent International, an international moving expert, wants to recommend you some of them.

Why should you consider moving overseas in your 40s?

It’s important to realize that age is just a number and that you are free to do with your life whatever you want. So why not make it better and move somewhere you’ve always wanted to go to? There are plenty of other reasons why this is a good idea:

  • It will be a fresh start
  • You get to explore a different culture
  • More job opportunities
  • As an adult, you can afford to move somewhere you want
  • You’ll be getting out of your comfort zone
    a photo of a woman raising both hands
    Moving to a new country means that you get a chance for a fresh start

Fresh start

If you are not content with what kind of life you’re living right now, international relocation can give you the opportunity to start fresh! It’s something that will give you more confidence to start living the life you want

A new culture

Learning about a new culture and becoming a part of it is some of the most wonderful things you can experience. You get to learn about their customs, lifestyle, and much more. It will also motivate you to learn a new language to feel closer to the new people you meet and communicate with them easier. It’s a win-win situation!

Getting out of your comfort zone

Many people who wish to move overseas often avoid doing so out of fear. We have to agree that it’s not hard to get used to everything that will be completely new to you. However, you need to fight your fears in order to get what you want. You can start by starting a new life in your dream country! While it may be a hard journey, you will see that it pays off.

What are the best countries to consider when moving overseas in your 40s?

Now that you know why you should move overseas despite being in your 40s, the question is – where? Don’t worry, we have some suggestions for you!


Is it any surprise that thousands of people decide on moving to Australia from USA each year? With its glistening beaches, never-ending sunlight, and diverse wildlife, Australia consistently ranks among the finest destinations to live and work.

Great quality of life 

Whenever you ask someone what’s the biggest reason they decided to move to Australia – most of them will tell you it’s the high quality of life.

For numerous reasons, including the climate, better cuisine, a better work-life balance, higher earnings, shorter workdays, and more public holidays, Australia truly excels in terms of quality of life. People who want to relocate to Australia typically want a slower pace of life so they may spend more time with their family and friends.

The highly regarded Mercer Quality of Life Survey frequently ranks Australian cities like Sydney and Melbourne as having a high quality of life. Sydney was placed 11 in 2019 while Melbourne earned a respectable 17th place.

a map of australia which is a great destination for moving overseas in your 40s
Amazing quality of life in Australia is what attracts the most expats

Australians have a pretty laid-back attitude toward life which will make moving overseas in your 40s a great decision

Australia’s lifestyle differs greatly from that of most other countries – it is calmer and less frantic, and there seems to be a perfect balance between work and free time. As a result, most people choose to spend their time outdoors experiencing life rather than working continually. Even the houses are created and built to benefit from socializing and living outdoors. Most people in their 40s love this kind of lifestyle because it helps them enjoy life more.

The stereotype of Australians as laid-back is accurate – they don’t take themselves too seriously and place a high value on pleasure, family, and vacation. The “no worries mate” attitude, which is embedded in the Australian culture, is a revitalizing quality. It doesn’t take long before you start using the phrase on your own!


Denmark is not only one of the safest countries in the world, but it is also the least corrupt, which is possibly why it is slowly but surely becoming a top destination for expats. Job seekers, business owners, investors, and even foreign students are interested in relocating there. If you haven’t already decided, consider these convincing reasons why moving to Denmark may be the best choice you can make.

Danish people are considered to be some of the happiest people in the world

The happiness index for Denmark in 2022 was 7.636 out of 10. Undoubtedly, the Danish people are among the happiest in the world. You don’t have to worry if you think that, as an expat, you’ll stand out among the locals because moving to Denmark from US gives you a world of chances and a completely new way to be happy and enjoy life. One of the reasons for this is the low unemployment rate of 5.7%.

a group of women lying on a picnic blanket while having fun
The fact that Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the world tell you enough about how great of a country it is

A well-established free healthcare system

As we get older, it’s only normal that our body doesn’t serve us as well as it used to. Therefore, it’s important to move to a country that can support our well-being in the best way possible.

The majority of expenses are covered by Denmark’s publicly funded healthcare system. You won’t ever have to pay out of pocket for anything related to keeping yourself safe and secure, including check-ups and surgeries.

You can use this system fully if you are a registered resident of Denmark, whether that status was attained through birth or a visa. There will be very few times when you’ll need to pay for medications or dental exams, but it won’t ever put you in financial ruin.

Denmark has a great public transportation system

Denmark’s public transportation system is incredibly effective, efficient, and reasonably priced. It’s similar to a Nordic country where you could live without having a car your entire life. Between these two cities, the metro system is quite user-friendly. Due to its relatively small size, Denmark has a strong cycling culture. There are many lanes dedicated to bikers, and people enjoy pedaling in all weather.


For the thousands of expats who choose to leave the United States in search of a sunnier, more laid-back, and carefree lifestyle abroad, France has grown to be an increasingly attractive destination. This stunning nation has a lot to offer, including stunning views and landscapes, a delightful variety of culinary pleasures, and a much slower pace of living.

Long lunch breaks

As a working adult in your 40s, you know how draining work can be sometimes. Despite that, you barely have enough time sit down and enjoy your meal on your lunch break.

However, that’s not the case in France. They have mastered the art of relaxation there. The French consider lunch to be a crucial part of the day and think it should be much appreciated. The average lunch break lasts between an hour and a half to about two hours. Therefore, you will have plenty of time to chat with friends, charge your batteries, and enjoy your meals.

a family standing near a fireplace in france which is a great destination for moving overseas in your 40s
For those who always put family First, France is a great place to move to

The French value family more then anything else

Because of its value placed on spending time with loved ones, France is regarded as a fantastic environment to raise children. If you are planning to move overseas with your family, moving to France from USA is a great choice. In France, meals last longer on average and are always shared with the entire family.

Due to their relaxed yet strong moral standards that seek to guarantee that every child gets the most out of education. French schools consistently achieve some of the greatest results in the world.  In France, childcare is also less expensive since the government significantly subsidizes caregivers for younger children, providing parents with a much-needed helping hand when they are absent.


People are drawn to the little country of Luxembourg for a variety of reasons. This includes the nation’s multicultural diversity and low crime rate. Additionally, the country has one of the greatest standards of life in the world as well as simplicity in interacting with the government.

This is the safest country in the world

The world’s safest nation is Luxembourg.  There are few restrictions on personal freedoms, strong law enforcement, low crime rates, and a free press in the country. Additionally, satisfaction ratings are excellent and there is very little corruption—far less than in Portugal, for example.

You will be welcome as a foreigner 

It is not so common to see countries being openly friendly with foreigners coming to their country. While this is understandable, it can’t be applied to Luxembourg’s residents. You don’t have to worry about fitting in after moving to Luxembourg from US because its friendly and welcoming people will make you feel at home. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to hear that 47% of people living in Luxembourg are actually foreigners!

a white and brown concrete building beside a body of water in luxembourg which is one of the best destinations for moving overseas in your 40s
As a foreigner in Luxembourg, you will be more than welcome

New Zealand

With its beautiful nature, adventure-filled landscapes, welcoming locals, and clean, green environment, New Zealand is one of the best destinations to move to in the world. It is not unexpected that each year, a large number of people choose to relocate to the country referred to as “Aotearoa,” also known as the Land of the Long White Cloud. No matter what your priorities in life are—the arts, sports, the outdoors, or just more time with your family, you can’t go wrong with moving to New Zealand from US.

Great education for your kids

The reputation of New Zealand schools is excellent. They have some of the greatest higher education institutions in the world. Additionally, their first-rate facilities will give your kids a dream upbringing. Given the high degree of education offered, many expats who move to New Zealand opt to enroll their kids in state schools.

Plenty of job opportunities in New Zealand is one of the reasons for moving overseas in your 40s

Are you in search of employment opportunities in New Zealand? In New Zealand’s economic sector, competent professionals are currently in record demand.  This is happening of the country’s rising economy and low population density. Companies in New Zealand need people with a variety of interests, abilities, experiences, and backgrounds to fill positions that cannot be filled locally due to the large range of job openings across a variety of industries. 


Norway – one of the most gorgeous nations in the world, where skiing is possible for six months a year. Although living in this amazing country has numerous benefits, you should make sure that you are ok with the chilly winters and slippery driving conditions before you make the move

Work relationships are fully based on trust

This is the biggest reason why people decide on moving to Norway from USA. Norway has a flexible and trust-based workplace culture.

a close-up shot of a handshake
Working culture in Norway is special because of the level of trust employers have in their employees

This implies that your coworkers and your supervisor will rely on you to record the hours you actually work, be as productive as you can, and leave work early on days when you don’t have much to work on. For many people moving in their 40s, this will be great news because they know how stressful work can be and how hard it is to maintain good relationships at work.

You don’t have to worry about work on your parental leave

If you are planning on starting a family in Norway and moving overseas in your 40s, this will mean a lot to you. Through parental leave, parents are protected by labor regulations from losing their jobs or losing benefits from their employers. In reality, Norwegian managers and coworkers cheerfully accept the news of leave in their team. Employees usually return to work six to ten months following their absence.


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