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Moving to the land down under? Congratulations! Making a big change like this can be a very nerve-wracking experience, but more so than that, it’s an exciting time. We know that you might be feeling a little overwhelmed before moving to Australia from the USA, but there’s no need to be scared. You can handle it all, you just need to prepare yourself. So, to help you organize this international move and make sure that it goes by without a hitch, we’ve prepared some tips. If you want help and advice from an international moving expert, information about Australia and organization tips, keep reading. We’re here to tell it all.

Organizing the move to Australia from the USA

Apply for a visa

First things first, a big part of any international relocation is figuring out the paperwork. The main thing you should figure out is whether or not you need a visa. If you do need it, you should also check which type of visa you’re looking for. There are work visas, temporary work visas, higher education visas, investor retirement visas, partner visas, etc. If you don’t have a job lined up, looking and Australia job opportunities and finding work could be very helpful when applying for a visa.

A passport for moving to Australia from the USA
You need to have all the needed documentation ready – from your passport to your visa.

Depending on the reason for your relocation to Australia from the USA, you should apply for the appropriate visa. This will allow you to uproot your life and make Australia your new, sunny home. So, start doing your research, prepare the necessary paperwork for the visa application, and, finally, apply.

Create a relocation checklist

Once you have your visa, it’s official – you’re moving from the USA to Australia! Now it’s time to start preparing for the relocation and planning ahead. You can finally start looking for international movers to Australia and packing your things. But more on that below. For now, we want to talk about writing a moving to-do list.

There’s not much to it – the name says it all. You’re supposed to write down everything you have to accomplish before your moving date. Make a list of all your tasks so that you have everything in one place and you can easily track your progress. This will help you stay organized, remember everything you need to do, and take it one step at a time.

It’s easier to avoid stress and feeling overwhelmed when you have some sort of a plan. For optimum results, it’s best to figure out when you should do each of the tasks – should you do it 8 weeks prior to the move or a few days before moving to Australia?

Downsize your home before moving to Australia from the USA

Downsizing before any move is always the best thing to do. When it comes to relocating to Australia from the US, we strongly urge you to take this step. When you’re moving so far away, you don’t want to carry any unnecessary things. Instead, you should get rid of everything you don’t need anymore. Sell, donate, give away – it’s up to you. You can even leave some things in a storage unit in the US. Remember that the more you pack, the more you’ll pay. So, pack accordingly and try to keep it to the minimum. Pack the essentials.

Find reliable international movers

As you know, moving across the globe isn’t exactly easy to do on your own. Help is always welcome, especially if it’s professional help. That’s why moving companies that have international movers are a life-saver! Moving professionals with experience in international relocation can make sure things go to plan. They can help you organize and execute a successful move and reduce your stress levels. Depending on your needs, you can choose the company that offers you everything you need. Here are some of the moving services to consider getting:

Carton boxes
Before you start packing, figure out if you’d prefer to get some packing services or other professional moving assistance.
  • Car shipping: If you want to ship your vehicle, you should look for companies that offer international car transportation.
  • Packing services: In case you don’t want to handle the packing on your own, you can always get packing services.
  • Storage services: The things you leave behind when moving to Australia from the USA are best kept in a safe storage unit.
  • Furniture moving: Transporting your furniture across the world can be difficult, so consider getting professional assistance.

4 things you can’t forget to do before moving to Australia

Before you take this leap of faith, there are a few calls you’ll have to make. You need to notify some people about your move from the USA from Australia and sort out some paperwork. Here are some of the basics you need to do.

  1. Notify your bank and government offices.
  2. Notify the post office – change your address and forward your mail to Australia.
  3. Cancel your subscriptions and utilities.
  4. Contact your doctor and get hold of your medical records.

Start learning about Australia before moving

In order to make sure you’re fully ready for this transition, it’s best to start learning about Australia. You don’t have to know it all, but you should get to know some of the basics. This will prepare you for this big change and help you avoid cultural shock. Here are some fun facts about Australia.

Sydney at night
It’s time to start learning about Australia and the city that will be your future home.
  • Learn the lingo. There are quite a few slang words that you might want to pick up before your move. Other than those, there are some words that are different than American English, so check out these differences.
  • Tips work a little differently than in the US. There’s no such thing as the customary 20% tip in Australia. You don’t need to tip staff because of their low wages – tipping is seen as a bonus for a job well done.
  • It’s never too cold. Though there are some changes in the weather throughout the year, you won’t be freezing in Australia.
  • You don’t have to worry so much about dangerous animals – it’s not as scary and dangerous as it sounds. The horror stories about all the animals are often blown out of proportion.
  • The metric system isn’t the same as in the USA. It’s time to start learning about meters and kilograms.
  • You’ll have to get used to driving on the left. 

And with that, you’re pretty much ready for moving to Australia from the USA. It’s time to get excited! Sunny days and beautiful beaches await. Have fun!

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