Moving to Portugal for a new job: packing checklist

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Moving from the US to Europe for a job is not uncommon for decades. But in the last couple of years, this opportunity has become very popular. Whether you are a remote worker, an online business owner, or your company has a branch office in Portugal, you might want to move there. This magnificent Atlantic country is rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most popular relocation destinations. If you ask US expats why they are flocking to Portugal, they’ll tell you this small country has so much to offer. From incredible tax breaks to breathtaking destinations, Portugal is an ideal place for professionals from the US. So, if you are about to prepare for moving to Portugal for a new job, conduct your relocation with the help of  Transparent International NYC. So, let’s create your packing checklist quickly and help you relocate to Portugal!

Things to know before moving to Portugal for a new job

High quality of life is one of the vital reasons why Portugal is so popular among American expats. With a temperate climate, stunning beaches, and delicious food, Portugal is a great country to live and work in. This country has a relatively low cost of living, suitable for singles and families. It is cheap to eat and drink in Portugal (compared to the US), so if you like to sample new things, you will enjoy your time. Some of the most attractive cities in Portugal for professionals are Lisbon, Aveiro, Porto, Algarve, etc. Portuguese are kind and welcoming to their neighbors, which is great to know before you start worrying about the move.

A person looking over the houses after moving to Portugal for a new job.
Moving to Portugal for a new job is a phenomenal opportunity for almost every professional.

Portugal abounds with different housing options. However, don’t postpone your search for a new home in the city where you got a job. Before you contact international removals and start your moving preparations, start looking for a new home online. Should your rent or buy in Portugal? For all newcomers, renting is a better option. Since Portugal has so many magnificent cities, get to know some of them before you choose the one where you will purchase a home.

Many reasons to accept your Portuguese job offer

Portugal offers much more than just convenient job opportunities. If you are looking for educational institutions, you can choose between excellent options in Portugal. This country is home to many excellent international schools in Porto, Lisbon, and Algarve region. When it comes to healthcare, you can count on public and private healthcare. This country is known for affordable healthcare and health insurance. This country is a good choice for those who looking for international experience. If you feel like there are reasons enough for your to move to Portugal once you get a new job there, it is a sign you are ready to perform your move. And with relocation specialists for moving to Portugal from US, you will arrive at your new destination in no time. So, let’s see what steps you should take once you opt for relocating to Portugal for a new job.

Pack your stuff and get ready for moving to Portugal for a new job

Making a moving checklist is even more challenging when you need to move abroad. Nevertheless, it is an inevitable part of the upcoming transition. To help you not to overlook anything, we will remind you of things that should be on your checklist. Although many of you don’t like packing at all, it is a job that has to be done before you ask for international moving quotes. So, follow this list to determine what you should bring to your new Portugal home. Remember, doing this is one more step closer to starting a new job in Portugal. So, here is what to pack when relocating to Portugal for work:

  • Clothes you will wear in summer and winter in Portugal (dresses, shorts, t-shirts, light sweaters or cardigans, warm clothes, hats, gloves, scarves);
  • A scarf or a wrap, sunglasses, umbrellas, sun cream;
  • Footwear, swimming shoes, and flip-flops;
  • Electrical adapters (you can find them on the Amazon website);
  • Determine what appliances you want to transport;
  • Consider whether should you transport any of your specific items such as instruments, artwork, or electronics;
  • Prepare your documents and have them handy;
  • Get some Euros in preparation for your journey.
A person packs for travel
Don’t forget to pack items you will need while discovering magnificent Portugal.

Enjoy working and living in Portuguese cities

Many online business owners choose Portugal as their next destination and it’s not a surprise. If you have finally got a job that includes remote work, it is time to make your dreams come true and move to Portugal. This will be a precious experience for you, especially if you come from a big city such as New York City. All Portuguese cities are small, even the capital Lisbon. Once you feel the bustling city lifestyle in Lisbon, it will be hard to believe it has only about half a million residents. In case you are looking for a chance to enjoy an idyllic lifestyle somewhere along the coast of the Algarve, you will stay away from noise and crowds. So, it is time to pick a place in Portugal to move to.

Concrete buildings near the sea
Start a new chapter in one of the places on the Algarve coast.

Moving your office or business to Portugal can be a wise decision. The job market in cities is growing and competitive, especially in Lisbon. If you plan to move your business to Portugal, consider hiring international corporate relocation services that will be at your disposal. Regardless of the city you choose, you will find out that most cities in this country are quite affordable. Even if the city chooses you, you will stay in close proximity to many excellent places to see and explore. Since this country has great transportation options, it will be easy for your to commute and get around. Start following our simple packing checklist, and prepare for moving to Portugal for a new job. This is going to be an amazing experience for you, so enjoy the process and meet phenomenal Portugal!

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