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Deciding to see the world and start a new chapter in your life is a huge step and one that can bring you a lot of wonderful things. Considering that the world is a breathtaking place, you will need to put your finger on a particular one. Switzerland is one of those countries everybody has heard of, mainly because of its beauty, lovely people, and fresh air. Those who are thinking about calling it their home should certainly go through a preparation process, as a lot of things will be different there. So, if you wonder what are the chances of moving to Switzerland on a tight budget, and what to expect, this article is for you!

The importance of first steps

Organizing your budget is not as easy as it may sound, as it is always a target of our daily lives. Every single task circles around it, and planning huge things will need your full attention. Way before you find an international moving expert you must have a good and strategic plan in front of you. Depending on how you like your things done, there will be a couple of options in front of you. You can either prepare your budget for this relocation on your own or include a financial advisor. Whatever you decide to do, you shouldn’t make any sudden changes after that. 

person counting money before moving to Switzerland on a tight budget
Protecting your budget on time must be your top priority

Moving to Switzerland on a tight budget: Crucial things you should know

Switzerland has a pretty high living cost, but your relocation doesn’t have to be expensive at all. Moving from USA to Switzerland can be rather affordable with the help of a good moving company and professional movers. It doesn’t take too much to realize that doing it all by yourself would be extremely expensive and will take much longer. Instead, rely on a moving company that has enough experience and can carry out your relocation without coming across risks. 

Choose a suitable time for moving

The country you will be calling home soon is very specific in both traditional and social ways. And since tourists simply love visiting it over and over again, Switzerland has pretty clear peak seasons. When the time comes for you to schedule your relocation, try to avoid choosing June-August and December-February dates. This is when the majority of people want to visit, and when the roads and hotels are filled with people. You may expect your flight to be late and to have to spend some time at the airports or hotels. The most suitable period for moving to Switzerland on a budget is somewhere between March and April or October and November. The good news is that overseas relocation services will cover your move completely and you will have plenty of time to make one of these dates work out.

You don’t need to take everything with you

Yes, it will be hard to say goodbye to some of your items, but you must be economical. After all, you will be soon moving pretty far and your main priority should be your budget. The more items you plan to move, the higher the price will be. So, before you officially begin moving, it will be good to make some changes in your household. Take some time to go through all the items and start categorizing them. Everything that can be bought again in Switzerland, and that doesn’t have a special value, should stay behind. And once you start doing it, you will see that this is not so difficult at all. Switzerland has some of the best shipping malls in the world, and you will have a chance to treat yourself pretty soon.

person closing the moving box
Successfully moving to Switzerland on a tight budget includes sorting your inventory

When moving to Switzerland on a tight budget, avoid making last-minute changes

The last thing you need before the trip is to make changes that will affect the entire process. Even though some of these actions may seem pretty normal, they tend to cause a lot of issues. Your budget will be the main target right away, so try not to:

  • Change the flight of your departure
  • Add more items to your inventory list
  • Stay at the hotel upon arriving if it’s not necessary
  • Postpone your relocation

Of course, everyone can come across some unexpected situation. If you find yourself in need to make any of the above, you should first contact your moving company. Since no one can provide better advice than a professional, they will tell you what your options are. If you are already in Switzerland, take some time to come up with the fastest but also cheapest solution. Hotels in this country are very expensive, and you should choose them only when you are out of options. 

Relate to locals

People usually don’t understand that relocation is not over once movers unload their trucks and leave. You will have a completely new process in front of you, and blending in is an equally important part of every relocation. If you come to Switzerland from the USA you will find a lot of things to be unfamiliar. One of the most common mistakes is avoiding blending in, and chasing the shiny lights Switzerland is famous for. You shouldn’t turn to restaurants and bars while your kitchen is being set up as that will cost you a lot. You can find amazing street markets all across the country, and they have everything you need. Only when your budget is stable and enough time has passed, you can give yourself a little bit more freedom.

resort in Switzerland
And when the time comes, learn from locals about traditions and the way of living in Switzerland

Moving to Switzerland on a budget will turn out to be a great idea for all of you who wish to settle there as soon as possible. And if you manage to focus on every single step and make it right, you will be more than satisfied with the outcome. Secure a good team for moving furniture overseas, and look forward to living and working in Switzerland.


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