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When relocating overseas, there are many things that can complicate the situation. One of those things is having toddlers and not having much help regarding handling them. All of us parents know how tiring it is to manage small children, especially during a process like this one. one of the first things you can do to help yourself is to hire a professional company like Transparent International and have their help regarding the most complicated parts of the move. since we know how moving with toddlers overseas can turn out badly, we have prepared a few tips and some advice that we think can be useful and of help.

Is moving with toddlers overseas really that complicated?

Of course, it is terrifyingly complicated and it can be quite a bore as well. Every overseas relocation is, let alone one where you have little humans who depend on you entirely. Unless your toddlers are very well-behaved, which is hard at that age, or you have a magic trick we do not know about, you will have a hard time. Nevertheless, just like with everything regarding parenting, you will get through it like millions of others. What we can do is tell you what to keep in mind and share a little bit of wisdom that we hope will do the trick in your case.

A screaming toddler.
Toddlers can be very emotional during this process.

What can you do to make the process of moving with toddlers overseas easier?

Moving to Portugal from USA can have its complications and, as mentioned, having small children can be one of them. This goes especially if they happen to be cranky, tired, have the flu, or anything similar. To continue, we will now be explaining what you can do to try and make this entire process at least a little easier on yourself.

Prepare them on time, both mentally and physically

When it comes to packing your toddlers and doing other technical preparations, you will not have too much trouble. What you might have trouble with is their acceptance of the move. A small child not accepting change is one of the biggest problems a parent can have. They can have tantrums, experience serious stress that can affect their health, become problematic, and similar. What you should do to prevent all of this is tell your toddlers about the relocation on time but in a way that they will understand. In other words, you should tell them everything through a smile and enthusiastically. They sense energy more than they understand words. Try to keep this in mind.

A woman preparing herself for moving with toddlers overseas.
You must explain everything to them in a way that is familiar to them.

Do not transfer your stress on them

To further elaborate on our previous statement, let us continue with the explanation as to why you should watch your energy. Toddlers are too little to understand words that well but they will feel you and understand what is going on inside of the house they live in. You must be careful and make sure that, even if you are stressed out, you do not show it too much. If you do, your kid will pick up on the negative energy and start behaving in the same way. You know what they say, practice what you preach. If you behave in a certain way, be sure that your toddler will imitate you to the very last detail.

Try to make everything a fun process for them

We understand that this is a lot of work. Yet, for parents who cannot leave their child in the care of someone else, for the time being, this is the only solution that saves them from a headache. If your toddlers are happy and are enjoying whatever is going on, you will surely have a more pleasant time relocating that you would if they were screaming their guts out. Of course, if you have proper help regarding the relocation, you will not have to multitask the entire process. That is far too complicated and far too tiring for a parent of a toddler or toddlers, even worse. International household movers can be found and they can be of great assistance if you decide to hire them.

Find someone to help you out

The best solution for your problems would be to find someone who can care for your kid for the time being. If you can, hire someone or ask someone to spend time with your child while you handle preparations and other necessities that demand your attention before the moving day. You will cherish that help more than you think and will make things much easier for yourself. Of course, if you cannot find anyone, you will have to manage tantrums on your own. Do not panic, many have done it and so will you. It will just be a little harder but what can you do.

A grandma with a toddler.
You will be better prepared for moving with toddlers overseas if you have someone to watch your kids from time to time.

Create checklists and start doing everything in advance to give yourself enough time

The common problem people face when moving with toddlers overseas is lacking time. Why? Because having toddlers slows everything up. To make sure you do not forget anything important, do not lose something, and give yourself enough time to avoid rushing, we advise you to start planning your overseas relocation much in advance, just in case. If you have extra time, well, good for you. Yet, if something unexpected happens, you will lack time and that is definitely not something you want for yourself.

That concludes what you should know when moving with toddlers overseas

Now that we have covered the most important things you should keep in mind while moving with tiddlers overseas, we believe we can leave you to it. If you follow your parenting instincts and our advice, as well, you will be able to handle this quite well. We cannot say that everything will be great, but who knows, maybe it will. All in all, just focus, do not lose faith, watch your energy level and meals and we wish you good luck!

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