Moving with your dog to UK from USA – tips and tricks

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Moving is already a stressful and complicated situation. Moving along with pets is an even more difficult option. In case you live in NYC and plan to move to the UK you need a serious relocation plan. Overseas relocation is never easy. Although is the harder option to move with dogs, if you find a good international moving company NYC, the whole process will be easier. It is important to work with professionals who know their job. Moving with your dog to UK from USA is your next big adventure and it is best to start an early project. We have family and we have our dogs – that are sometimes, or always – also our family. We won’t go anywhere without them.

A lot of dogs on one place
Moving with your dog to UK from USA. Whether is one or many, the procedure is the same!

General things to consider when moving with your dog to UK from USA

Moving to the UK from USA brings many rules on how to move a dog. Like any other country or state, it has its laws and requirements when moving with your dog comes. We have three general parts of preparation for moving with a dog – before, during, and after moving.

To begin with, we can also single out 4 basic things. You should pay attention to in addition to the general ones:

  • price
  • flight
  • documents and laws
  • and preparing the dog for a move and flight

The before part – the busiest one

Besides all the preparing for your move and shipping your belongings. After all the thinking of the documents you need, you also need to think about your dog. The first part of the planning and preparation is the biggest one. In fact, this part partially overlaps with the during part. A few things are known – you will need the “before research”.

Pay attention to the followings:


When it comes to money you need to know – it is never cheap to move your dog overseas. Prepare yourself for that ahead. The price depends on several things:

  • The one that is not fixed – depending on the weight of the dog – if the dog is smaller, it will be cheaper, if it is bigger, more expensive
  • and fixed ones – such as vet fees, export certificates, handling fees, etc.

Find a perfect flight for your dog

See what flight is the best. The better and the smoother flight the easier will be for a dog. Therefore, it is better to avoid layovers, you need connected flights. If you find just one flight and it is the shortest route that you can find – the better. Pay attention if your dog isn’t going on the same flight as you, when will it arrive? Who will pick the dog at the airport? Do you have a person with import authorization? If it is the other way around? Etc.

plane with the dog picture on the front
Find the best plane for your dog!

Research and provide all the paperwork and documents

It is best if you can take a look at the official information and sites. They contain information on what would be needed for the entire relocation procedure. There are things like:

  • Passport for your dog
  • The photo of the dog that they require
  • You will maybe need some proof of residency
  • Check the medical lows and requirements (is there “a must-do” vaccination like the one for rabies? The one that should be taken 6 months before the trip)
  • Health certifications (other vaccines and other health checks), etc.
  • Quarantine for the dog – alert! it could be extra money to give for this. Its costs and sometimes could last from 6 days to 6 months. Check if you need something like this!

Gather all the information for the essentials

If you can, you should always consult someone who knows in detail what it takes to move with a dog. Including the preparation for the plane and the relocation process if you don’t know. Of course, there are basics that you can do yourself before the trip.

Make a checklist for yourself:

Find the vet who can help with any information and details that you need

The important part is finding out if the health condition of your dog good for traveling by plane! You don’t want to make your dog go into the plane it can be some unexpected and bad results. Also, a vet can help you with some tips on how to train your dog before the move to make it easier for it.

Find the best crate for your dog

  • It should be a crate that is bigger than the normal one. It will be more comfortable for the travel.
  • The material of the crate should be some hard matter – like hard plastic or wood. 
  • The crate should be non-collapsible and there should be no roof grill.
  • Insides of the crate need to be with water attached within the crate. Must be ventilated around all 4 sides. The base needs to be leakproof and with at least some mattress.
  • The lock should be with the centered lock one.

    Moving with your dog to UK from USA in the best wooden crate
    Find the best and the most comforting crate for your best friend!

Train your dog for the move

When you find the ideal crate, if you can – get it on time. Train your dog to sit in it before the flight and get used to it. You can start step by step, without any pressure. Use like before when you trained the dog to sit and to do the other tricks:

  • Treats – putting inside the crate and leading the dog inside, adjusting it to sit calmly. First, you can start with not closing the door of the crate, and later with closing.
  • Toys – put the dog’s favorite toy inside to make it feel comfortable.
  • Your unwashed clothing – this will help especially during the flight because of the smell. The smell could calm down if it starts to feel nervous.
  • Thinner dog bed or mattress – it will help during the training and after during the flight. The more it is familiar surrounding after in the plane the better.

The during part – the one that overlaps with the before part

This one is just practically applying everything you have researched before. Everything you learned and all the documents you provided – you just need to gather everything in one place. Use a folder for all the paperwork you will take to the airport because it will be easier to handle it. After you trained the dog, now it will be much easier to go through the journey. You can maybe add the final touch and give the dog something additional to calm down like a calming collar or calming spray.

The after part of the moving with your dog to UK from USA

If you found one of the best international moving services and the moving with your dog to UK from USA went great, it’s time for relaxing. The second your dog saw you that moment it all becomes past. The bad big plain can harm it no more! Now it is time to enjoy the new home and dog parks! Your best friend is your best friend everywhere!

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