Must have packing supplies when moving overseas

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Moving overseas means that you should be bringing and packing only essentials. There is no point in packing the entire household, especially if you are not aware of the way of living and the costs of living there. So your luggage must be light. The only thing you must worry about is whether you have packed everything you need. And, if you have been thinking about the, must have packing supplies when moving overseas to pack all of those essentials, you should not worry. Some of the best overseas removalists are here for you to guide you through this. So let us get started.

Things you must pack when moving abroad

There are a few categories of items you need to bring along with you when moving overseas:

  1. Documents,
  2. Electronics,
  3. Medicines,
  4. Clothes, and
  5. Toiletries.

All of these things you need to pack in proper supplies and make sure that they are safe and sound during the relocation. The good side of this is that there are some of the best overseas relocation services that you can hire. Professionals can help you pack and get ready for moving overseas. And that is something that has no price. 

items wrapped in paper
One of the must have packing supplies when moving overseas is the wrapping paper

Must have packing supplies when moving overseas

Moving overseas means that your stuff will probably travel and be transported before or after you. This means that all of the items you have and you want to relocate must be in proper moving and packing supplies. Moving overseas might take a month, depending on the final destination. For example, moving to Portugal from US might take several months. Just the flight there will take you a day or two.

Now imagine your items being shipped, by plane or by ship. Imagine the bumping on the road. Everything you pack and you want to bring must have some value to you. It does not have to mean that it is very expensive. Most of the belongings we are bringing overseas are of great sentimental value. Therefore, keeping them safe must be our priority.

Packing boxes

These packing supplies are one of the most important ones when moving overseas. The boxes you need to have when moving abroad must be:

  1. The right shape and size,
  2. Firm, made of plastic or any other firm recycling materials,
  3. You must have the proper amount of boxes.

Having boxes that are in the right shape and size is important. Some items are weirdly shaped, such as mirrors. Mirrors must be in boxes that are specially made just for this occasion. Therefore, do not try to pack the mirror in any other way. Other things, the size of the boxes is also important. Sometimes it is better to have more small boxes than one big one. Having a big box will indicate that you will most likely overload it. By overloading the box you are in a chance to damage some items.

Why should boxes be made out of plastic?

If the boxes are firm and stable, there is no chance something bad will happen to the items inside. Plus, if there are some disasters, such as a flood or any other natural disaster, clothes, items, and belongings that are in plastic and from the box will not get wet. So once again, there s no damage.

packing tape is one of the must have packing supplies when moving overseas
Boxes must be tapped

Why is it important to know the exact number of boxes?

If you know the exact number of boxes you are relocating, you will be able to determine the exact costs of moving. This is crucial because moving overseas can be expensive. So if you know the relocation costs, you will be able to calculate your savings and separate some money for after the relocation.

Of course, there are some things that you just cannot pack in the box. These are usually cars and vehicles you are willing to relocate. So, once you decide that you want to relocate and your car should be shipped also, check the terms and conditions of international car transportation and get informed.

Packing tapes, papers, labels, and other packing supplies you must have when moving overseas

Besides the boxes, there are some other packing supplies you need to get. One of the important ones is labels.

Labels are here to help you out. By labeling the fragile items, you will inform the packer and the movers about them. Knowing something fragile is inside of the box, professionals will put extra care. They will have a special place for those boxes and you can be sure that they will be safe during the relocation.

Labels can be in different colors. For fragile items, people usually use red color.

When you are packing fragile terms, make sure that you have some bubble foam protection inside of the box. If getting this is too expensive do you, you can do something by yourself, with the items you have around. These DIY tips will save you money. So, get the fragile items and surround them with some extra clothes or towels you have. This way the item is safe and you have packed some of your clothes already.

Packing tape should be used in some extra layers. It is never enough. Especially if you are moving overseas. By double taping the box you are ensuring the items inside are safe. Plus, your head will be much calmer knowing that you have done everything to protect your belongings.

woman wrapping bowl
Use some bubble wrap protection for your fragile items

All of these must have packing supplies when moving overseas are easy to get. Just make a list of everything that you need. If you have some original boxes of some machines or kitchen applicants, use them. Just ensure that you have taped them and that you have properly labeled them. The rest of it, leave it to the professionals. No one can relocate your stuff overseas than someone with great and long experience.


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