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When moving overseas there’s a lot you need to do to lock a successful move. Your results will reflect the effort and time put into planning as well as the quality of choice of the moving company. If you plan to move heavy household items or your car, things might get a bit complicated. Not all overseas movers are well versed in their craft, so you should only hire a reliable and experienced moving company. While many of the regular household items can go with you, heavier and more expensive items fall under import and export regulations.  Know that international movers can guide you while you acquire all the required paperwork for clearance. However, the type of transport, the level of security, and liability insurance are the things you’ll need to choose and decide for yourself. Here’s all you need to know about open car transport vs enclosed car transport.

What do you need to know before moving internationally?

International moving is much more complicated than other kinds of relocation. Logistical challenges are much greater so professionals should assist with the process. Unlike other types of relocation, international household movers are a necessity if you don’t want to bump into a bunch of problems. For instance, only licensed carriers are logistically capable and legally able to transport heavy cargo overseas. Additionally, they are experienced on both ends. They’ll help you prepare and they will handle the customs office. After arriving at the destination port, they will organize the transportation of your items by land routes, and you won’t have to worry about anything.

man planning an international move
Prepare well before moving internationally, and do a bit of research.

Consider Austria when moving to Europe

Europe is becoming increasingly popular with expats from the US, with many trending countries overseas. While countries like Luxembourg remain popular, other countries are gaining more popularity. In the past years, many people have discovered that Austria suits them and plan to stay longer. The country’s capital, the city of Wien, has received multiple title awards for being the best city in the world to live in.

If you’re tempted and want to try moving from USA to Austria, you can expect fresh healthy air and rich history. Austria was the European administrative, cultural and political hotspot for centuries. Authorities preserved the city surprisingly well, which any visitor appreciates. The city also hosts many museums holding important artifacts.

How to move heavy items overseas?

Whether you’re moving to Austria or some other country around the globe, you might need to prepare heavy items for shipping. Some people consider transporting low-quality heavy items a waste, and they prefer buying everything locally. That’s a viable option, but sometimes, special equipment or designer furniture call for an alternative solution. While moving furniture overseas can be expensive and complicated, rest assured everything will arrive in good condition. Professionals employed in the global supply chain know how to deal with any scenario and overcome transport difficulties.

cargo ship carrying open car transport truck
Make sure you pack and label everything, but don’t hesitate to ask for assistance.

What you can do is make sure that you break down every piece of furniture or special equipment into as many parts as possible. After you clean each part individually, use a stretch and wrap each piece. Professionals will place these in wooden creates that provide strong protection during transport. Additionally, each crate should be properly labeled. This can greatly help speed up the customs office procedure. Poor labeling can raise suspicions, so consult with professionals on how to do it.

Moving your vehicle overseas – open car transport vs enclosed car transport

You can move your car overseas in a few different ways. It all depends on how you want to balance security and the price of service. Car transportation overseas is standardized, but there’s still a small range of options and many different opinions. Many people consider open car transport everything you might need to efficiently transport your car. On the other hand, enclosed car transport undoubtedly secures the car better, but some people consider this too much. Both options are safe, and here’s what to expect from each of them. There’s no clear answer and you’ll have to choose for yourself on open car transport vs enclosed car transport.

Open car transport

Open car transport is the most standard way of transporting cars. Many world car manufacturers use this type of transport to deliver cars from factories to car dealers. Everyone considers it safe, but you can also ensure some extra safety. Make sure you or your moving company use the fitting cover for the car. While it doesn’t stay safe from extreme weather conditions, it helps reduce the risk of water spots, scratches, and other minor damage.

old timer carried in enclosed car transport
Cars get scratches rarely from this way of transport, but it pushes many people towards the enclosed option in open car transport vs enclosed car transport debate.

Enclosed car transport

Enclosed car transport means that the truck is fully enclosed. This protects the cargo from the elements and keeps it in great condition. Many consider it a much safer option for transport, but not too many people opt for it. The reason lies in the price. Several factors contribute to the final price. For instance, much fewer vehicles can fit in an enclosed car transport unit, making it more expensive overall. People consider it a more luxurious option, as its security level isn’t always necessary. However, paying a bit more might be worth it for expensive and brand new cars.

Private enclosed car transport

Finally, an upgraded, private version of enclosed car transport. This isn’t something people commonly use, but it’s a great way of protecting custom-made cars and old-timers. These cars shouldn’t suffer a scratch or dramatic temperature changes, so this is how to best protect them. Private enclosed car transport is out of the competition and provides objectively the most protection. However, many consider it an unnecessary extra step, or an overpriced investment.



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