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Planning a Christmas Eve celebration right after you have relocated is not the easiest thing in the world. Taking on the responsibilities of a host is a challenging endeavor, after all. To organize a Christmas Eve celebration in your new home in Austria, you will want to plan ahead as much as you can, consider the menu, set the right mood, observe traditions, etc. While moving from USA to Austria might have been difficult, the celebration is the perfect opportunity to set the mood for your new life. Let’s see how to do it properly.

How to easily organize a Christmas Eve celebration

Here are the things that can make your organization efforts much easier:

  • Plan ahead of time
  • Put some thought into the menu
  • Set the right mood for the celebration
  • Follow your traditions but create new ones as well
  • Try suggesting a dress code

If you haven’t relocated yet, you might want to ensure that you have the right moving company to help you. Transparent International NYC specializes in international relocations and can provide you with a seamless transition experience. We are there to help you make the most out of your relocation to Europe. But let’s say that you have everything concerning relocation figured out and are ready to “dive into” organizing the celebration.

family enjoying a holiday dinner
There’s a lot of work to do but the results are more than worth it.


The first thing you will want to do, before anything else, is to take some time to de-stress. Moving from USA to Europe can be very stressful, after all, and you will need to relax before you get into another project. After you’ve done so, start stocking up on nonperishables you will need for the celebration. Consider that you will also need time to figure out where to buy everything that you need, too.

You will also want to try and avoid the “holiday rush” if you can. Your time is much better spent preparing for the celebration than standing in lines or crowds. If you want to make the whole preparation process more fun, invite your loved ones to share the moment. You can discuss dishes with them, socialize, and get into the proper mood for the celebration.


You simply can’t organize a Christmas Eve celebration without a memorable menu. Every family has its own “thing” where food is concerned. However, you don’t need to ensure that everything is exactly how it was in previous years. Add your own special touch to the menu and create a unique atmosphere.

When considering what’s to be on the menu, think about what makes a family-style meal. You want to allow your guests to eat what they like and not feel bad about not eating what they don’t like. The whole idea of a great menu is to be communal and connected. That is what holidays are all about, after all! You may also want to delegate some of the work to other members of your family, or even include professionals in the process. Hiring some preparation help will allow you to focus your time and efforts on what matters most. It can also help you set up a “restaurant vibe” in your Austria home.

If you have the means, hiring a private chef or catering services can be a lot of fun and will help you manage the event better. By not focusing on the food so much, you will be able to really set the mood right for the celebration!

one of the means to organize a Christmas Eve celebration - carefully chosen menu
Your menu choices are important.

Setting the right mood

The most important thing at any given celebration is the mood. While you may be tired from looking at all the international moving quotes, you will want to make an effort to create a festive mood before any of the guests arrive. To do so, you may want to combine your everyday decorations with bright colors, sentimental accents, and perhaps some trendy prints. The idea is that you use what you have around the house and augment them with some festive decorations.

Once you figure out which items you want to display and use for decorations, it will become much easier to shop for anything that you are missing. Don’t fall into the trap of restricting yourself to two colors only (red and green), have fun and experiment! The idea is to create a unique experience, full of candles, decor, music, and a few special touches. Basically, try to focus on the entire festive experience and not only on decorations.

Traditions and you

If your family has Christmas Eve traditions, it is only proper that you follow them. However, feel free to start up a new tradition if you think it will be fun. Every tradition has to start somewhere, after all. While you can rely on tried-and-true traditions to provide fun and enjoyment for your family, introducing new ones will make the celebration even better. Furthermore, making small changes will help keep things fresh and exciting. You can even ask some of your international household movers about their own traditions, and get some ideas on how to adapt them to your family’s liking. Don’t be afraid to experiment and innovate, it will pay off in the long run!

a family in front of a Christmas tree
Embrace traditions but innovate as well.

Organize a Christmas Eve celebration properly – Dress code

While a dress code has been away for a long time now, it is slowly getting back into prominence. The main reason for this is that many people have been mostly indoors for the last year and a half, due to the pandemic. Most of them are itching for a chance to wear their finest. Therefore, while you may not want to enforce anything (it is a celebration, after all), suggest some guidelines for dressing up. Phrases such as “winter white”, “holiday sparkle” and similar can really enhance the overall atmosphere.

Lastly, by knowing what the dress code is, you are making it easy for your guests to prepare accordingly. And if you want to organize a Christmas Eve celebration the right way, both you and your guests need to be prepared to have a good time!

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