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    Sometimes you don’t have a choice on the time of year for your relocation. Each November you eagerly look forward to Thanksgiving. But this year is different. You will be celebrating it in your new home in Luxembourg. However, after a move this big you may be exhausted, and celebrating may be the last thing on your mind. That is why you should plan it before actually moving. We at Transparent International have some tips on how to organize a Thanksgiving dinner after moving to Luxembourg. These tips will make the day special and not too stressful!

    Brown wooden board with the word "thankful" written
    This year you have a whole new country to be grateful for. Explore it, and make the best of it!

    Why organize a Thanksgiving dinner after moving to Luxembourg?

    There are 2 excellent reasons why you should organize a Thanksgiving dinner after international movers USA help you move to Luxembourg.

    Motivation to finish unpacking

    People often delay unpacking those last few boxes. Items remain unsorted and undecorated for weeks, even months. It can easily happen to you as well. However, if you decide to host a Thanksgiving dinner, it’ll give you an end date for unpacking. Inviting guests is the best possible motivator to sort everything and make your new home functional and beautiful. If something remains unpacked, you can always hide it from your guests.

    Roll Thanksgiving and housewarming into one party

    You may not have many friends or family members to invite after moving to Luxembourg from US. But invite everyone you can think of. Combine Thanksgiving dinner with a housewarming party. If you’re moving to Luxembourg for work, you’ll probably get to know a few co-workers by Thanksgiving. Invite them to dinner. Why not invite your neighbors also. It will be a great opportunity to get to know people and introduce them to the amazing holiday that is Thanksgiving.

    How to organize a Thanksgiving dinner?

    After international household movers transport all of your belongings to Luxembourg, you’ll have plenty to do. Be organized when it comes to preparing Thanksgiving dinner. Otherwise, you may find yourself with ingredients missing, a messy house, and hours of cooking yet to be done when your guests arrive. And what better way to stay organized than to make a list?

    • Create a list of everything you need to do for your dinner well in advance. For example, figuring out the menu and adding some decorations will probably go on the list.
    • Write shopping lists before you go to the store to buy ingredients and supplies for the dinner.
    Set up the table similarly to the one in the photo to organize a Thanksgiving dinner successfully
    Organize a Thanksgiving dinner successfully by setting up the table ahead of time.

    Plan prep time

    If you plan to cook yourself, try to cook everything that you can ahead of time. There are many things you can do in advance to help get ready for the holiday. Start by deciding what you’ll make. Then, you can determine what dishes can be made before the day of the actual dinner. Obviously, the turkey needs to come fresh out of the oven, if you plan to make one. But in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, you can make casseroles, green beans, sweet potatoes. You can also set up the table in advance.

    Enjoy the holiday

    Ultimately, Thanksgiving is about spending quality time with your family and friends. So remember to have fun! Being able to organize a Thanksgiving dinner in Luxembourg, an exciting new country is something to be grateful for, enjoy it!


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