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    Finally, you have decided to relocate. There can be various reasons behind it, but one is for sure, moving is never easy. The different members of your family will experience it in another way. If you decided to hire Transparent Internation NYC, rest assured that the actual relocation will be smooth. It won’t be easy to organize your family for relocation tasks, but it will definitely be worth it. It doesn’t matter if you have small children, school-aged kids, or teenagers, they can all be kept content during such a stressful time if done the right way. Read on to find out how to do it.

    Organize your family for relocation tasks – what do you need to do?

    Moving to Europe is a big shift for your whole family. Put yourself in the shoes of every family member to try and imagine how it is for them.

    Preparing small children for a move

    Moving for kids is a shift to their whole world. Even tho they may not completely understand you, it is important that you discuss the idea of moving with them. Especially if you are moving from USA to Europe. To you, it might just be a move, but to your kids, it’s a change to everything they know. Talk to them openly and be patient. Be prepared to accept any type of reaction, and show compassion. Involve your kids in age-appropriate tasks to make them feel engaged and important during the move.

    Woman and small girl using laptop together
    Make sure to spend lots of time with your kids to help them understand why you need to move

    Moving with toddlers

    When it comes to moving, toddlers can get very scared. They just started exploring the world, and everything is already new to them. While showing concern and being gentle, explain what is going on. After all, they rely on you as their caregiver to protect them from anything they are afraid of. And you can rely on international moving quotes to tell you just how much your move will cost. Some things you can do to ease their anxiety are:

    • Pack their toys and explain that you are not throwing them away
    • Keep their old bed and furniture to give them some comfort
    • The easiest way for them to understand relocation is to explain it through a story
    • Organize your family for relocation tasks by hiring a babysitter on the actual moving day to keep them away from all the chaos

    Organize your family for relocation tasks with school-aged children

    School-aged kids are easier to manage during a move than small children. Moving comes easy to them and it shouldn’t trouble them too much. Hiring international household movers will give you more time to spend with your kid and talk about the move. Thought is divided on when it is the best time to move if you have a kid of this age. Some think it is better to move during the mid-school year because like this meeting new people will be easier for them. Others think it is better to move during summer so they won’t be missing school. Whatever way you choose, they are quite understandable and should accept the change easily.

    Kid running through a school coridor
    School-aged children are easy to manage during a move

    Moving and teenagers

    Teenagers are always interpreted as rebellious. It is not a surprise, to be honest. They invest so much time and energy in building a social life and by moving all of that will be for nothing. Your teen will probably be against moving, but try to explain to them that it will benefit the whole family. Be open and listen to their concerns carefully. They will for sure be missing their old friends and the activities they used to do. If there is a chance for them to keep doing the activities they love, make sure to provide them.

    Organize your family for relocation tasks – conclusion

    If you organize your family for relocation tasks before moving to Europe properly, everything will go smoothly. Everybody will get to the final destination happy and fulfilled. If you are interested, read here to find out if moving can make you happier. You will for sure be happy if your loved ones are happy. We wish you a happy international relocation and good luck!

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