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Moving across the ocean, all the way to France is a tiresome endeavor. So, understandably, organizing and cleaning your storage unit is likely the last thing on your mind right now. However, having a properly sorted out storage unit is extremely important for a smoother packing and moving experience. Why? Well, it’s much easier to navigate through your belongings if you know where what is. And that’s just one of the benefits of having a neat storage unit during your overseas move to France. But surely you’d be able to deal with a bit of mess during a move, right? How much more hectic can move even be? Here at Transparent International Movers we wholeheartedly believe that being organized is one of the most important things you can do to ensure your move is not a nightmarish experience. And that includes your storage unit. But who has the time to organize a unit when there is so much to do? Don’t worry, today we’ll give you some useful tips on how to organize your storage unit quickly and with ease!

Your storage unit is the extension of your home

Your storage unit is pretty much the extension of your home. The belongings in the unit are just as important as the ones in your home. And it doesn’t matter if you’re planning on storing your belongings for a longer period of time, while you’re living in France, or for a really short time, during a move, your unit should be properly organized and tidy. And don’t worry about this endeavor taking up too much time. Even if you’re unit is the dirtiest and the messiest of them all, if you hire great movers who offer all sorts of international services, you’ll have plenty of time to focus on your storage unit. But with our tips, you won’t even need that much time.

A woman sitting amnog moving boxes and smiling.
Treat your storage unit as your own home!

Before organizing your storage unit, you should make sure to clean it

Oh my god, who the heck has time for cleaning while moving to France from USA?! If you’re thinking this right now, it’s time for you to take a breather and reorganize your time and refocus your energy. Because more than one moving chore requires your attention. Cleaning your storage unit is very important for the good of your belongings. You don’t want your belongings getting dusty and smelly, do you? So before you move on to organizing your unit you should clean it thoroughly. You can even hire professionals to do it for you. Whatever works for you is the best option.

Clean out before you clean up

Sure, cleaning your unit is extremely important. However, you can’t really do much with all of your things still in the unit. So before you start cleaning your unit you should make sure to also unload and clean out your unit. Of course, this step is not necessary if you’re just moving things to your brand new unit. But for all those who have already had a unit for a while, it’s important to do some decluttering in order to be able to properly clean and then organize your unit. Cleaning out your storage unit might take a few hours, but it will also make organizing your unit afterward much easier and as a result of that make moving much easier and smoother.

Once your unit is in optimal condition, you can organize it nicely

Alright, now is the time for what you came here for – some sweet organizational tips. These tips will help you have a tidy unit and thus make moving to France much easier. So get a pen and paper and let’s move on to some serious tips, shall we?

Create an inventory list

Creating an inventory list after decluttering can be very helpful. This easy step is sure to help you organize properly. And not only will it help you to organize your unit better, but the lit you make will be very useful if you need to locate an item quickly. So before you start loading your unit, make sure to make a list of items in it.

A woman making an inventory list.
A great way to organize your storage unit is to make a list of items!

The easiest way to make sure your storage unit is organized nicely is to load it carefully

Making sure to place all of the heavy items at the bottom of the unit is a sure way not to squish any of your lighter and smaller items. Plus, it’ll be much less laborious to find what you need if you don’t have to move a ton of huge boxes. Then, you should also make sure that all these boxes or items are at the far back of the unit you got for your move from the USA to France. Your unit will be much neater looking if you stick to a logical and meaningful sorting pattern.

Labeling all of your items is pretty useful

A great way to stay organized is to label. That way you’ll be able to store your items and boxes by category. Doing so can not only make your unit a lot neater but it can make finding things during your hectic prep for move to France much quicker. So make sure to label all of your boxes and items. Especially those that are not that easy to identify.

Items you are likely to need should be at the front

As a general rule, you should stick to the type of unit organization we mentioned above. However, the boxes and items you’re likely to need before you leave the USA should always be at the front, regardless of their size. So stick to the rules, but don’t follow them blindly. Above all, it’s important to make it make sense when organizing your storage unit.

A man placing mugs in a moving box.
It’s important to put everything you might need at the front of your unit!

It’s quite easy to organize your storage unit the right way

Just like you’d look for great car movers when you require international car transportation, it’s also important to look up great organizational tips when planning to organize space. Be it your home, your storage unit, or your garage, there are some rules that you should follow if you hope to organize properly. We’ve given you a few simple tips that are sure to help you organize your storage unit the right way. But of course, your research should not stop here. Look up more organizational tips and your unit will look great and be very functional. And with a storage unit like that, storing during your prep for your France relocation will be pleasant and easy!


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