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Outsourcing is a great way to expand your company’s reach domestically and internationally, lower your expenses, and improve and widen your services. Many companies do it nowadays. If you are interested in how it all works and whether you can draw some benefits from it in this article Transparent International NYC will show you outsourcing statistics for 2021, which will shed some light on the subject and help you to draw some useful conclusions.  Take a look.

Outsourcing statistics for 2021 – reasons why companies enter partnerships and expected benefits

There are many reasons why a company would turn to outsourcing. If you are offering international services it is clear, however, what the would benefits be. Naturally, besides better performances, and wider reach there are quite a few advantages that are not so obvious the first glance. Here are some of the reasons why companies are turning to this approach in 2021:

  • Affordability
  • Increased performance
  • Access to additional skills and capabilities
  • Expanded flexibility
  • Growth
  • Quicker time to reach the market
  • Coverage
  • Infrastructure advantages
a woman showing world map
There are many reasons why you should be outsourcing

If you want to make your product or services more affordable, outsourcing could be the best way to achieve that

If you are running international car transportation, for example, operational expenses can be quite high. And the same is with other businesses that operate throughout various countries. Outsourcing a part of the work, warehouses, transportation, and handling, for example, could mean that your services will become more affordable for customers.

Want to be more efficient or increase your performance? That is one of the main reasons why companies are deciding for outsourcing in 2021

If you are doing international import/export, from the USA to Luxembourg for example, it can be very difficult to organize the international part of the work without trusting it to your partner company. Outsourcing brings better performance without you moving to Luxembourg from US.  When we look at outsourcing statistics for this year, we see that increased performance is one of the main reasons for it.

Want to gain additional skills without hiring skilled workers or training your existing staff?

Outsourcing can bring a look of good things to your company. Outsourcing statistics for 2021 says that access to new skills and knowledge is one of the most common reasons why companies decide on this approach.

Want to make your company more flexible? Make a deal with other businesses that can handle the part of your work

Flexibility is very important in business. Naturally, it all depends on the type of work you are doing. However, if you want your company to be more flexible and to have different ways of operating, outsourcing is one of the best ways to achieve that.

planet earth with various locations marked
Your business could become more flexible, able to reach other markets and offer a wider array of services without significant investments

Allow your company to grow much faster in 2021 with outsourcing

Naturally, every company’s main goal is to grow. However, there are millions of reasons why some companies cannot achieve their plans.  If you are feeling the consequences of the recent pandemic, surely you are struggling to make significant progress. On the other hand, just look at all the benefits that this approach brings. Those are all reasons why, if you decide on this, your company will benefit. And grow, in the end.

Struggling to reach your market before a competition? Partner up with a local company that can help you out

If you are in international trade, you know how difficult it is to reach your market sometimes. Many deals certainly went to waste because of your inability to reach the market before domestic suppliers could. So how could you reach your overseas customers faster? By trusting your manufacturing to one of your international partners who can offer your product as soon as it leaves the production line. A quicker way to reach the market is one of the biggest items on our list.

You can cover a bigger market if you outsource part of your work

Maybe you have a product that is popular worldwide. And you know that you could sell much more if only you could manufacture enough and organize international distribution. However, that usually requires significant investments – investments that most companies are not ready to produce, at least in the very beginning. Luckily, there is an easy way to help your product reach broader masses. By trusting the part of the manufacturing and distribution to your international partners.

planet earth and worldwide markets
Reach your foreign customers quicker

Owning infrastructure worldwide is reserved for the biggest players. Still, you can have the same advantages, even at the lower cost

Smaller companies usually struggle with infrastructure. Of course, it would be nice if everyone could have properties worldwide. Unfortunately, owning manufacturing lines, warehouses, and offices around the world is something that is usually reserved for the most powerful and most successful companies in the world. Still, these assets are not just for showing your company’s power. Warehouses, production lines, office building have their real purpose and that is to help you handle your work more efficiently.  If your company has such a need but you, like other smaller companies, do not have the means to finance it all, there is still a way to have all the benefits of it, even at a lower cost. Of course, partnerships with other companies.

Outsourcing statistics for 2021 says that more and more companies are deciding on this approach

Those are the biggest reasons why companies are deciding on outsourcing in 2021. Of course, finding reliable partners and making successful deals is something that can be rather complicated. Especially, in the time of the economic crises caused by a worldwide pandemic. However, outsourcing statistics for 2021, shows us that crisis may be the main reason why companies are deciding for this approach far more than they used to in the past. And they are doing it with great success. If your company is struggling and you think that there is no way out, look for companies that can complement and add value to your business. Make strong and long-lasting partnerships and soon you will be on the right track.

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