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Electronic such as smartphones, tablets, PCs, gaming devices, and other things that we use on daily basis, has become an irreplaceable part of our life. So, when we want to move somewhere new and exciting, we must find an international moving expert that can assist us in the process the best way possible. If you live in the US, and you need to move to Luxembourg, you will need a great moving company. That company will manage your belongings and electronics the way it is supposed to be managed. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about damage or loss of your possessions. What is left for you to do, is make sure that you pack everything the right way, especially with packing IT equipment for international shipping.

Packing IT equipment for international shipping

Your IT equipment is a delicate thing that needs to be handled with care. Electronic devices of any kind are very sensitive and require a lot of attention. Quite a few things can go wrong in the moving process when international shipping is the case. Pay attention to the materials you will use when packing. Get all the packing supplies you need and don’t forget what you need to do before you start packing. If you forgot to do some essentials, like backing up your PC, you risk losing the precious pieces of information and maybe work from your computer. You never know whether something is going to go astray, especially when you do overseas relocation, you need to be more careful. If you like, you can make a checklist, and make it easier for yourself when packing your IT equipment.

Shipping boat on the sea
Packing IT equipment for international shipping like a pro!

Your PC is one of your most important possessions h3

When it comes to packing your computer, these are the things you should get and do:

  • Back up everything from your computer! Don’t lose any data!
  • Turn off the computer – the logic thing, but still mentionable.
  • Reassemble your PC – reattach what you can (cables, monitor, keyboard, and mouse), but if you never reassembled totally your PC, it is better to stay with just basic ones – without detaching the inside components (graphic card, motherboard, etc.)
  • Find appropriate boxes that you will need – the size and shape of the box
  • Get cushioning supplies (like bubble packs, air pillows, Styrofoam sheets, foam in place, foam loose-fill, foam blocks, etc.)
  • Prepare airtight, waterproof plastic zipper re-usable bagscable ties, or rubber bands – for protection and tying up cables
  • Label boxes that contain the PC elements!

The rest of the IT types of equipment – almost as important

Besides smartphones, tablets, PCs, gaming devices, and other things that we use every day, there are routers, modems, printers, speakers, headphones, televisions, or sometimes projectors and similar. Don’t forget that some of the equipment is not for packing at all, for example, router for the internet and cable should be given back. You will have a new opportunity for subscribing and taking the new internet and cable devices when you are in the US. Of course, if these kinds of devices are yours, you pack them also.

Desk computer on the desk keyboard and mouse
Your PC is one of your most important electronics! Pack it with care.

Whether you move your home or office, the packing process for all the IT examples of equipment is the same. Most of the things you do when packing your PC, you use them for the rest of the electronic. Moving to Luxembourg from US is a long journey, therefore you need to organize everything.

Organizing the details while moving overseas – keep your electronics safe

  • Cushioning materials – the ones that you can choose to use are the most important part! Try to provide waterproof materials that can protect electronics from water and humidity. Prepare airtight, waterproof plastic zipper reusable bags. Overseas shipping can be problematic sometimes because of that part with water. Some of these materials can be used generally for packing, not just for your PC.
  • Boxes -The best one is the original box for packing the IT equipment. You probably didn’t keep the original boxes, because few people keep them. So now you need to find replacements. The most solid thing you can do is find new and durable boxesThe plastic boxes can be handy as well.
  • Use labels like EXTRA FRAGILE or HANDLE WITH CARE! It is great if you label every box. Add information about box contents. It will be easier to unpack later in the new house.

Some extra steps to consider

In the meantime, you can think if there are some IT pieces of equipment that you can get rid of? Maybe you have some old cables, keyboards, or a mouse? People tend to keep unnecessary things in life and don’t even notice it. Save some space in shipment, the less stuff you ship the more inexpensive it gets. At the same time, save yourself trouble even packing nonessential items. The two most standard variants are:

  • throw away anything that does not work or is damaged
  • give/donate to someone if the IT items are still useable and if you think someone will have who will benefit from it
Packing IT equipment for international shipping with boxes with labels tat says fragile
Label your IT equipment properly so it won’t be damaged while shipping!

Decide on moving services that moving companies offer

There is one more thing you can consider. Even if you can pack all by yourself, that doesn’t mean that you have to. There are corporate moving companies that offer all kinds of co-operations. Moving overseas can be a really stressful situation, so you can arrange some help with packing also, not just book the company for the last part of the move – shipping. They can support from the beginning of the process, planning and packing all the way through the end of the moving. Making a choice on international service can help you avoid stress and go through the whole process of moving easier than you thought it would be.

Final move on the packing IT items

Packing IT equipment for international shipping is one part of packing, you still have the rest of your belongings to pack. Packing supplies that you use to pack IT items can be good for using them also when it comes to your furniture, books, kitchen items. Cushioning supplies are especially useful with packing fragile stuff such as plates, cups, etc. When you are in your new home, unpack all the electronics. Make sure you leave your PC and the rest of the sensitive electronic items to rest for few hours before turning them on. If there were any contact with the moister, turning it on immediately could damage the PC or any other sensitive electronics.

You are now moved to Luxembourg. When you unpack till the end, make your new home the most comfortable one, enjoy the new life, make new friends, get success on your job.


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