Packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move

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Planning an overseas move is difficult as it is, so relocating sensitive equipment will be an additional complication. If you are moving to Europe from the US, packing IT equipment will be something to plan ahead. Besides being sensitive, this type of inventory requires specific packing supplies. Whether you are moving your office inventory or household computers, this guide will help you prepare one step at a time. Before finding experts for moving to Luxembourg from US, take a look at our guide for packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move.

Prepare your IT equipment for a long-distance move

Once you decide which pieces of your IT equipment you want to move, you should start making a plan. Gathering the right packing supplies, disassembling the equipment, and packing it will take some time. The first thing you should do is make a list of your inventory and sort it out by category. For example, smaller devices could easily go inside the moving boxes, while larger pieces of equipment might require special packing supplies. Take a look at how to handle packing IT equipment for your Luxemburg move:

laptops on top of the boxes
The right packing supplies will help you keep IT equipment safe during the move.
  • Take pictures of your IT equipment setups. It will help you reassemble devices after the move.
  • Disassemble all computers and electronic devices and sort out their cables.
  • Take small stickers to label the inputs and cables with the same color.
  • Use Ziploc bags to pack smaller accessories together.
  • Remove batteries or power-related parts from electronic devices.
  • Disassemble larger pieces of equipment to prepare it for packing and transportation.

Once all of your IT equipment is ready for packing, it will be the right time to start looking for packing supplies. Luckily, some of these are very easy (and cheap) to find, especially if your movers can get them for you.

Finding packing supplies

Computers and electronic devices are not easy to pack and move for a few reasons. First, this type of inventory is easy to damage during transportation and loses its value. Second, the nature of these devices requires disassembling and packing parts individually. Here are some supplies you’ll need to get for packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move.

  • Different kinds of tape (packing, electrical, and paper tape)
  • Water-resistant containers (plastic ones are the best)
  • Static-resistant bubble wrap
  • Cardboard boxes for packing larger pieces of IT equipment
  • Ziploc bags
  • Labeling machine, a marker, and different color stickers

Finding the right packing supplies might take some time, but there is an easier solution for this process. Moving companies usually have all the right equipment and packing supplies for relocating any kind of inventory. By hiring a reliable company like Transparent International NYC, you will save a lot of time on packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move. Professional movers will handle this process professionally while making sure every device is secured for transportation.

computer cables
Make sure to disassemble your IT equipment before you start packing it.

Packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move

Once you find the right supplies for packing your electronic equipment, you should start with the actual packing process. Unless you decide to pay for reliable packing services in the US, you will have to spend at least one day to properly handle this. Here’s how you can make packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move easy and efficient.

  • Prepare packing supplies for each piece of your IT equipment.
  • Pack smaller pieces like accessories, screws, and cables inside plastic bags and label them.
  • Wrap electronic devices with static-free bubble wrap and place them inside the boxes.
  • Fill the remaining space inside the boxes to prevent tumbling during transportation.
  • Seal the boxes with packing tape and label them.
  • Separate the “fragile” boxes so movers can pay attention to them.
  • Keep your inventory in a safe and dry room before the moving day.

Should you hire professional movers for this process?

In order to make this decision, you will have to assess the size of your inventory. In case you are working from home and don’t have plenty of IT equipment, you could safely pack it by yourself. However, moving your business inventory to Luxembourg will require overseas relocation services. Professional movers are there to do more than just provide quality packing services. If your equipment is expensive, getting moving insurance will save you a lot of trouble. When in doubt, let your movers know about more details of your relocation. For a long-distance move, these companies always offer a free estimate of your moving costs.

Take care of your IT equipment on a moving day

Even after carefully packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move, there will still be a risk of some damage during the moving day. When the time comes, you will have to load all of your IT equipment to the truck in case you don’t have professional assistance by your side. In order to secure your inventory on a moving day, you should take your time and handle one piece of equipment at a time. With heavier moving boxes, it’s always good to have a friend or a colleague to help.

desktop screens
Hiring professional movers will be the best choice for a long-distance move to Luxembourg.

Moving heavy equipment might also require straps, dollies, and protective blankets. Packing IT equipment for your Luxembourg move without assistance could be complicated, especially if you don’t have the right moving equipment. Heavy computers, printers, and similar items will be difficult to lift and carry, which is why you should hire professionals to handle them. Not only will movers save your time, but they will also make sure to protect your IT equipment professionally. Whether you are moving your business or your home to Luxembourg, IT equipment will be the hardest part of the packing process. Make a plan and don’t save on packing supplies and it will be possible to handle packing without too much stress.

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