Packing liquids for global shipping: rules and regulations

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Overseas relocation is a very exciting experience. Many people are dreaming about moving to a new continent. But it is not always easy to reach such a decision. Or to get this kind of opportunity. If you are among those lucky ones that have the chance to move to Europe, these lines are definitely for you. If you did decide to start a new life in Luxembourg-packing for a move comes first. Packing is definitely not a simple thing to do. Especially when it comes to packing liquids for global shipping. We recommend that you check with a reliable moving company Transparent International NYC about this. All countries have different regulations and rules about importing certain liquids. In this article learn if your shipment complies with all the rules and regulations when shipping liquids.

liquids for global shipping
Choose overseas moving services when transporting liquids

Overseas moving services

Before moving comes to the final stage, there is a lot of work to be done. Firstly, when you plan to start living in a new continent, get informed as much as possible on the way of living there. Secondly, this job you cannot do on your own or just with help from friends. There are so many things to organize and plan ahead. No matter how excited you are, you may feel lost at some point. Obtaining documentation, packing materials, booking. It is always a good solution to use overseas relocation services. Skilled professionals can give you correct information on the items you plan to transport. It is necessary to present them with your relocation plan. Especially when transporting liquids globally. Reliable movers can guide you through the packing process of liquids. They will give you advice on what you can and what cannot bring into your new homeland.

Packing liquids for global shipping to Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a great place to start your new life. It has beautiful scenery and many great places to see and do.

Some things such as preparation and packing come first. For this complicated task, consult with people who provide this kind of service. All reliable moving companies will inform you about packing liquids for global shipping. Whatsmore, professionals can do this for you. When moving to Luxembourg from US, it is important to do research on what you can and cannot bring with you to Europe. Also, transport only those liquids which are really necessary for you. Things like shampoos, cleansers, and cosmetics are better to leave out. especially if those bottles are already opened. If you still plan to bring them, there is a risk that they will open or break during transport. Then, the liquid can damage the rest of your items and make a huge mess.

packing liquids for global shipping
Check which liquids you can bring to Luxembourg

Rules and tips for packing liquids for global shipping

There are certain strict rules to follow when packing liquids for your move. Some liquids you can not bring in at all.

Some other you can but with certain restrictions. Anything you may not ship in the US, you may not ship internationally.  In addition, Foreign countries also have their own prohibitions and restrictions regulating the shipping and receipt of certain items.  When it comes to packing the items away in a box, please note that the original lid on the container is never enough. Then how to pack liquids properly? You will need to pack the liquid container inside another tightly sealed container to remove any risks of leakage. In fact, put the tightly sealed container inside another container just to be on the safe side. And to ensure the container is as safe as secure as it can be, wrap it in bubble wrap.

Try to simplify packing

When going through a very complicated process such as moving, we tend to simplify things a little. After all, you wish to move to Luxembourg and start a new beautiful life there. In order to realize this, you need to reduce stress. And also finds some ways to be relaxed, yet efficient. Therefore, take a good look around you first. Do you really need to bring the half-used hair conditioner? Or those nail polish bottles you did not open for years. To simplify packing, start with decluttering. Fewer items you have to pack, the easier it will be. Secondly, make the inventory. This way you will be able to quickly check the condition of the items. The decision of what to bring will then be much easier. Finally, plan how you will pack and in which order to do everything on time.

a couple packing fragile content
It is very important to follow liquid packing rules

Additional info on liquids rules and regulations

When it comes to international prohibitions and restrictions, you must comply with USPS® international shipping regulations. As well as with the regulations of a certain country. Most liquid items have to be originally sealed and not opened at the moment of arriving in the destination country. Another principle to follow is safety. The important thing is not to endanger anyone during transportation. Discover what are the country mailing conditions for Luxembourg. Always stick to the shipping rules of such special items to avoid any inconveniences. Here you can find the list of the internationally prohibited liquids:

  • Aerosols
  • Alcoholic Beverages
  • Gasoline
  • Nail Polish
  • Perfumes (containing alcohol)
  • Poisons

Also, there are some liquids that are internationally restricted, and which you maybe can import into your destination country:

  • Glues
  • Paint
  • Medicine and Prescription drugs

It is not hard to learn how you can pack the liquids properly. The most important thing is to learn about the regulations of packing liquids for global shipping. When in doubt, it is always better to consult with skilled professional movers. This way you will always get clear instructions on the packing. As well as up-to-date shipping regulations of certain liquids. Bear in mind that when transporting liquids, safety is the top priority. In addition, obtain proper packing supplies designed for liquids. Double-check the lids on all containers. If any of those is loose or broken, do not pack that bottle. By following the above, you will ensure that your move will go smoothly.


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