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Transparent International offers a wide variety of quality services, skilled international piano movers, and modern equipment for your relocation.

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Planning an overseas relocation can be a challenging and costly endeavor even without having to take your family heirlooms with you. And with heirlooms such as pianos, you need to take extra precautions, no matter if you are transporting it down the street or across the globe. Transparent International specializes in the international relocation of fragile, robust, and valuable inventory. Our team of international piano movers is highly trained to handle everything from planning, packing and loading – to transportation, shipping and delivery to the new destination. Our company offers cost-effective options to relocate your upright or grand piano overseas, saving you time and effort in the process. Give our representatives a call and get a free international moving estimate today!

Why is relocating a piano such a challenging process?

Whether it’s a local or a long-distance move, relocating a piano requires time and careful planning. Since the instrument is delicate by nature, damaging it during the move happens very often. Most pianos – upright and grand – take special equipment to move. Besides the size and weight of the instrument, its shape is irregular, which makes the relocation impossible for one person to handle.

Piano outside
Our team of international piano movers will take care of preparing, packing and transporting your instrument overseas.

There are many important things to plan before loading the piano into the moving truck. Some pianos can be disassembled, which makes the process easier. Other instruments are oversized or irregular-shaped, so it takes special training to learn how to carry it through doors and hallways.

With the complexity of this process in mind, we trained our international piano movers to provide top-notch international moving services. No matter how difficult the process might be, we’ll bring all the necessary equipment and do the hard work for you. Transparent International is a moving company that can handle this process for you. Our piano moving services are efficient and flexible and we always make your instrument’s safety a priority.

How can our international piano movers help?

While moving a piano is not an easy process, our company gained experience in doing this kind of work. International piano movers from our company are here to take care of your valuable instrument through every step of the move. Here are the steps we take in order to move your piano safely.

  • Measuring the space around the instrument.
  • Supplying with all the necessary equipment.
  • Planning the loading process and the number of workers it will take.
  • Wrapping the instrument with protective materials.
  • Putting on safety straps and carefully loading the instrument into the moving truck.
  • Stabilizing the instrument during the move to avoid friction, scratches or tumbling.

If you want to move your entire household overseas, you can count on our international moving services. Transparent International NYC offers various moving services you can choose from. If you need help with packing and crating your inventory, you can rely on our relocation crew. Let us know more details of your move, and we will secure and transport your belongings with ease.

international piano movers
No matter how difficult the process might be, we’ll bring all the necessary equipment and do the hard work for you.

Let us pack and secure your instrument for the move

Transparent International is here to do more than just transporting your valuable belongings. When it comes to moving valuable inventory, it takes a moving crew with experience to the job right. With our moving company, the relocation of your piano to another country doesn’t have to be trouble. Our team of international piano movers will take care of preparing, packing and transporting your instrument overseas. In case there are pieces to be disassembled, you can rely on our help. Our moving company will guarantee the quality of the service and make sure to save the entire value of your piano.

Before the transportation process, a piano has to be packed and secured properly. Without the right equipment, there is no guarantee that it will stay in its best shape during the move. Also, moving a piano without previous experience can be a cause of serious injuries. This is why our long-distance piano movers will bring all the necessary supplies and equipment on the day of your move. Our international packing and crating services include materials that meet the highest industry standards.

With our help, your instrument will be secured to a fixed position during its travel. If you have any questions regarding the safety of your piano during the move, feel free to give us a call. Our international piano movers will explain all the details of this process.

Reasons for choosing our international piano movers

If you are still searching for reliable international piano movers, you are in luck. Transparent international specializes in relocating expensive and highly-valuable inventory like upright and grand pianos. Here are some of the reasons why our moving crew should be your first choice:

  • Safe and efficient piano moving services with a guarantee
  • Affordable moving quotes
  • Professional equipment for overseas relocations
  • Efficient packing of your valuable inventory
  • Friendly crew and flexible schedule
  • Years of experience in the moving industry

If you are moving your entire household overseas, you can contact our international household movers and get your moving quote today. No matter the distance or complexity of your move – your piano & other prized possessions are safe with us.

Ensure a smooth international relocation of your piano today!

Piano in an empty room
No matter the distance or complexity of your move, your piano is safe with our international removal services.

Before contacting our movers, there are some things you can do to ensure safe relocation. If you are moving a piano from a small apartment, it’s recommendable to clear out space around it. When our international piano movers come to pick it up, they will need space to maneuver around the instrument.

In case you live in a building without a working elevator, or you have other obstacles related to the move, make sure to contact us and let us know the details. Our international piano movers will make sure to construct the best moving plan for your needs. Let us handle the hard work and keep your musical instrument in perfect shape during your long-distance move. Give us a call and get your moving quote today!

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I got a job in France and I needed to relocate my things and they did a great job. Also, they kept it real close to the estimated costs. I definitely will use their service in the future and definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.

- Maritza C.

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If you want a job well done without breaking your back or a sweat then these are your guys. It's stressful enough making a large move but this team really broke their backs (pun intended) to make sure I didn't. I highly recommend their services, truly a stand up team.

- Dannelly R.