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    Nowadays many people decide to try living in Europe since it is different from living in the US. Also, there are many business opportunities there. So they decide to start their life from the roots. European countries have a lot to offer. Its rich culture and fruitful life opportunities make Europe a choice number one. Austria is also one of the countries that have a lot to offer. If you are the lucky person who decided to move to this European country then we congratulate you on this great decision. However, getting your entire home there over the ocean is not an easy and fun part. Therefore, you need to search for international moving companies. These companies are moving specials. They will give you the best packing and transporting tips and make sure that your items arrive safely. In this article learn how to pack furniture for a cross-country move.

    an Austrian village on the lake
    When moving ask trustworthy movers for help

    Preparing to move to Austria

    Honestly, this will not be an easy-going process no matter how well-organized person you are. It is necessary to emphasize this since not all the things regarding this move depend on you. Start by preparing light items such as your clothes. You will certainly not bring every piece of clothing you have to your new home in Austria. The same rule works for the furniture as well. Moving from USA to Austria needs to go smoothly. To pack furniture for a cross-country move ask an experienced moving company to do this for you. And not only that. What if you need to transport a car, a pet, or move with your kids. International movers will also be able to assist you in these situations as well. Therefore, start your research to find experts in this field.

    Who can help you pack furniture for a cross-country move?

    Reliable packers of course. But please be aware that different moving companies can charge you for their services in different ways. Also, not all companies offer packing services, just transportation.

    In this case, you should go for a full package. That includes both packing and transporting for many reasons. First of all, a moving company has an entire network when moving furniture overseas. Their transporting partners will take good care of your items. Consider safety. Since you do not have enough experience in packing large pieces of furniture you increase the risk to get hurt. Additionally, if you possess some very valuable antique pieces, if you do not handle packing properly, these can be damaged for good. Therefore, it is better to let the professionals handle this hard and stressful part for you. With the right packing material and experience, your items will be safe.

    a professional mover helps to pack furniture for a cross-country move
    Skilled movers should handle the packing of your furniture

    How to arrange packing for a cross-country move?

    This will not be possible without inspecting your items. That includes making an inventory first. Consider the size and rooms arrangement in your new home.

    So take a piece of paper and literally write everything that you plan to bring into your new home. After you finish this, contact a moving company and request from them to come and check what kind of furniture you possess. Depending on the type of items you have, they will suggest how to pack them in the best way. International household movers have all kinds of packing materials that can protect your belonging. If you want to make sure that your items are safe ask them what kind of packing materials they plan to use. Also, inquire about the storage and type of ocean freight they would use to get your items to Austria.

    Which moving services cost extra?

    This also depends from company to company. Not all moving companies charge the same for their services. When it comes to cross-country moves, first of all, movers charge for transportation of the goods. For international moves, your items might travel either by air or ocean freight. For heavy loads, such as furniture, the most common way of transporting is via ocean freight. Packing and unpacking of furniture belong to this group of services that cost extra. Certainly, this is the hardest and most time-consuming part of the relocation process. In addition, be ready to participate in the packing process as well. Some light items such as small bookshelves or bathroom shelves you can pack by using standard packing materials. Obtain cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap for safe packing. Packing large closets, kingsize beds, and other bulky furniture leave to the skilled movers’ hands.

    a woman creating an inventory list
    Create an inventory list before movers arrive

    Clean before you pack furniture for a cross-country move

    Since you have now arranged with professional movers to come and pack your furniture, you should prepare it. It will be necessary to clean all the surfaces before wrapping them up. It is very important to remove old stains, dust, and old polish to prevent that your items do not get damaged during transportation. Therefore, obtain proper cleaning material for wooden furniture in a local store or online. Start by dusting the furniture. Then proceed to remove the old polish by using appropriate materials. Pay attention not to use too much water and soak the wood. This way it can easily suffer damages. In addition, remove the old water stains by gently applying a paste and rubbing it off the wood. Once all the furniture is clean, apply a new layer of wood polish onto it. Now your wood furniture is ready for packing and transportation.

    When preparing for a move you will undergo different phases. Some of these will be easy some not so easy. When you need to pack furniture for a cross-country move it is always better to hire experts for this complicated process.  This will save you from the stress of handling large and heavy pieces. Also, consider buying additional insurance especially if you need to transport valuable, unique pieces. This will be a long way and some damage may occur during transportation. This will ensure that your items arrive safely and in good condition. You will be in your new home in no time.


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