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A motorcycle is something special for its owner. In case you need to move to another part of the world, you will probably don’t want to leave your favorite vehicle behind. Although it seems it could be difficult to prepare and transport your motorcycle, you can make it if you know what steps you need to take. If you are doing this for the first time, there is no room for mistakes. For sure you don’t want to damage any single piece of your beloved vehicle. So, before you start dismantling it, make sure to know ways to prepare your motorcycle for shipping overseas. Luckily, our international movers will share with you important tips you should keep in mind. Also, we can provide you with outstanding services in case you want to let this task to the professionals. So, let’s start discovering things you should do to transport your motorcycle!

Start from washing it when you need to prepare your motorcycle for shipping

Once you realize your task is to prepare your motorcycle for transport for instance, for moving from USA to Switzerland, you will probably start thinking about good mechanical conditions and gas tank levels. Instead of that, you should start preparations with something simple. The first thing you need to do is to give your favorite vehicle a solid wash. Even if your motorcycle seems pretty clean, if you have ridden it recently, make sure to wash it a day before preparing it for transport. Remember, dirt and other particles can make the loading process difficult. This can lead to unexpected damage to your motorcycle during transport. So, remove all heavy dirt and ensure there are no soil deposits on the tires.

A person thinking about ways to prepare your motorcycle for shipping while looking at red Honda.
Washing it is inevitable when you need to prepare your motorcycle for shipping overseas.

Wondering why this is so important? Well, during transportation tiny rocks, dirt, and sharp objects might dislodge and scratch the gentle surfaces of your motorcycle. If your motorcycle needs to be placed in storage for an extended period of time, dirt could encourage rust on the metalwork of your motorbike. But if you thoroughly wash your bike, you will prevent any unwanted damages and scratches. So, take the advice from our international moving crates specialists and make sure your motorcycle is clean before you do anything else.

Be ready to document your bike’s condition before travel

Cleaning your motorcycle will enable you to get a good look at its condition before travel. Further, take enough time to inspect the current condition of your motorcycle. This will help you avoid potential issues in the case of an insurance claim due to complications. Take the advice from our experts for moving to Australia from USA and make notes of existing dents, chips, scratches, or other factory marks on your motorcycle. No matter how busy you are, take pictures of your motorcycle from several angles. If there are any issues, take close-up shots of the noted damage. Don’t forget to put dates on all records and show them to the logistics and transportation specialists at the time of transport.

2020 Yamaha R6 Molten Orange
Get ready to note the condition of your motorcycle.

Don’t forget to move all loose items from it when you need to prepare your motorcycle for shipping

Before you start packing your motorcycle for transportation, you should know your mover is not responsible for accessories that are lost or damaged during shipment. That means you should be sure your motorcycle fits this description. For that reason, it is crucial to remove all valuables inside the storage compartments, saddlebags, and trunks of your motorcycle. Here is what you should separate:

  • Luggage rack;
  • Spoilers;
  • GPS systems;
  • Removable stereos and pieces of vinyl;
  • Toll tags.

Some of the mentioned items could damage your bike or potentially injure someone. So, remove all of them before shipping and keep everyone safe. In addition, you should check all easily accessible fasteners and custom parts you have added. Since your motorcycle can be in-transport for weeks, sure there will be a significant amount of vibration throughout the journey. Make sure to prevent falling off parts and double-check that custom parts that can’t remove are attached properly.

Preparing inside of your motorcycle for shipping across the world

For your protection and peace of mind, movers s limit the amount of fuel permitted in motorcycles. Since you want to ship your vehicle internationally, your tank must be fully drained. In case you don’t follow these guidelines, be ready for a hefty charge. Even if you did get international moving quotes from your movers for the upcoming transportation service, they could refuse to transport your vehicle if you skip following these safety recommendations. Now it is time to prepare the tires of your motorcycle for shipment. Since tires are a big part of the suspension system on a motorcycle, they need to be completely prepared for transport. So, make sure to fully inflate the tires of your motorcycle before shipping. This will provide protection while tires are in transport and significantly prevent damages.

Motorcycle speedometer
Check all parts of your motorcycle.

Another important thing is to check if there are any leaks on your motorcycle. If you spot any leaks, make sure to report them to your movers beforehand. Leaks could be a sign of flammable or toxic liquids that could leak out and harm movers and damage other equipment and other motorcycles inside the same container. So, make sure all leaks are fixed before your motorcycle is ready for transport.

Do all it takes to safely relocate your motorcycle

Did you consider obtaining freight insurance? Although insurance for motorcycle shipping isn’t mandatory, getting it is an excellent idea. Whether you need to transport from the United States of America or any other county, insurance for your motorcycle will give you peace of mind. While your favorite vehicle is in transport you can count on insurance coverage. This will simplify the process if any accidents occur. Hope our article helped you prepare your motorcycle for shipping. Also, we truly hope you will enjoy a ride soon but in another part of the world!

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