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When it comes to relocation, every person expects a moving company to transport, pack, and handle all their items. However, that isn’t always the case, as there are some items that not even international removals New York can move. Because due to regulations or certain rules that apply, there are forbidden items no one can move for you. Hence, if you are preparing for an international move, read on and prepare. Find out which are the prohibited items that international movers won’t move.

Are pets prohibited items that moving companies will refuse to move?

Sure, for you, your pets are probably the most precious things you have beside you. However, you cannot expect your movers to move them alongside your other belongings. The reason is that certain regulations prohibit this kind of action. Not even the most professional overseas moving services can handle moving pets abroad. Also, on the other hand, you’ll probably show more care to your pet than any other person could. Not to mention that one never knows how an animal will feel interacting with unknown persons. And rest assured that, if you have to move your pets long-distance, they will most likely get agitated.

Man and woman packing while the dog stands in front of them
Note that it is against the regulations and rules that the movers move your pet.

More prohibited items to move internationally- plants

If you are moving long-distance, for instance, if you’re moving to Luxembourg from US, don’t count on moving your plants. Because that is another item your movers won’t be able to move. This is also due to strict regulations regarding moving plants. However, it is quite logical that a plant or flower shouldn’t be inside a moving truck. They simply won’t have the air necessary for them to survive. Also, flowers aren’t something that you can put inside a moving truck, and be sure that they’ll be safe. Moreover, all plants and flowers require more attention than that. And that includes some special conditions that no moving truck just can’t meet.

Cross off perishable items and foods from your moving checklist

Many people don’t want to get rid of their food and think they can move them overseas. However, that isn’t a good idea, as they are amongst forbidden items your international movers won’t move. And if you think about it, it is simply a bad idea to put your food and other perishable items in moving boxes. Logically, your food and perishables can go bad even faster than usual. So, even though there are a lot of things your movers can do, successfully moving your perishables and food is not one of them.

Woman holding a box with food that is prohibited and that international movers won't move
Get rid of your perishables and food before you commence your international relocation.

Flammables are logically among the items prohibited for moving

Another category of forbidden items your international movers won’t move is flammable items. And unfortunately, the reason why movers usually can’t transport or hold flammables is because of the incidents in the past. Therefore, through the years, it has become a rule that every mover follows. And that is that flammable items are just not the right stuff when it comes to relocation. Especially as there are many safety problems moving flammables can cause. And nobody wants to risk the health and well-being of people and other belongings.

More items that are forbidden to move long-distance

If you hire a reliable and trustworthy international moving company, you can trust them with all your items. However, even if this is the case, some personal belongings are just best to move on your own. Especially if, in case of many mishaps, you can’t put a price tag on items that are special to you. So, among other reasons, this is why moving companies treat some personal belongings as prohibited items and refuse to move them. Hence, for this type of item, the best moving advice is to keep them close to yourself and move them on your own.

Jewelry isn’t accepted for moving internationally

When you are moving, one of the things you don’t want to keep with movers is expensive jewelry. And it’s not that the movers aren’t able to do it, but it is a moving task that requires specialty moving services. Also, you can always count on certain insurance that will surely cover some of the damage or cost. However, what’s the situation with moving expensive jewelry internationally? In our opinion, to avoid potential problems, movers most often decide to put such items on a prohibited items list. After all, no one can blame them for refusing to deal with some of the most expensive items a person owns.

Pieces of jewelry on a white surface
Keep your jewelry to yourself while you’re moving and avoid possible damage or theft.

Guide to avoid moving forbidden items

As you already figured out, there are certain items whose transportation is against the law because of possible inflammation. Or as it could cause danger to other livers. So, here is a list of substances movers can’t transport.

  • Deodorant or hair spray are among the things you can’t move. Furthermore, all the items that are under pressure can explode if the package isn’t adequate.
  • Don’t try to move chemicals for cleaning. Logically, those items are flammable and can damage other stuff if they get out of the bottle.
  • Also, batteries and car batteries are flammable and therefore forbidden. As they have acid inside, if that acid leaks out of the container, it can eat other stuff and cause a flame.
  • It’s not allowed to move liquor. The reason is the same- liquor is highly flammable and in case the liquor leaks, there will probably be a fire.

Check with your moving company about their list of forbidden items for relocation

After all, the best way to find out which are the forbidden items is to get in touch with your movers. They will surely communicate with you about every detail and item you want to move. And surely, this will help you decide about the items you’re planning on moving. After all, you will have a full picture of the movers you hired are professional and serious.

Hence, now that you know the prohibited items international movers won’t move, you’re ready.

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