Pros and cons of living as an expat in Denmark

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If you are considering moving to Denmark, to live and work there, you really need to figure out if the various pros and cons create a positive result for you. Living as an expat in Denmark can be really rewarding, as this is a country that really does not care much where you come from, only that you contribute to society. However, learning the language and actually getting a resident visa can prove to be quite challenging. But if you do end up relocating there, you will definitely need help from one of the international moving companies & worldwide movers for this journey. They will do most of the work for you, which will allow you to focus your efforts on adapting to your new environment. In this article, we are going to go over the most influential pros and cons of life in Denmark as an expat.

Living as an expat in Denmark – Pros and cons!

Like every other decision in life, choosing to live and work in this country has both positive and negative sides. On one hand, Denmark is a really cool place to live, with a great society and laws that promote equality. But on the other, it can be a really cold place until you get your bearings. The language barrier might be too hard for some of the people that are moving to Denmark from US to overcome. All in all, it is a great place to live if you can “survive” the transition period. Let’s see what makes it so great.

Copenhagen Denmark
Life in Denmark is great if you can adapt to it!

Pros of living as an expat in Denmark

Here are the four main reasons why people choose to be an expat in Denmark, as opposed to living in their own country:

  • Less working hours!
  • You will have access to public healthcare
  • Child care is also available
  • Denmark is a very safe place to live

Less work, more daycare!

Let’s start with a simple fact. The workweek in Denmark is not 40 hours, but 37.5. You see, the Danes believe that everyone needs to spend a bit more time enjoying the things that they love, and be with their friends and family. Most of the workplaces close out at 5 pm. Additionally, most businesses allow parents of small children to leave work as early as 3:30 pm, in order to pick them up from daycare. And check this out, their government actually subsidizes this, in order to make it possible.

people working, office
Working less means more time for your own activities!

Public Sector

Furthermore, public healthcare is much better organized than in the US. You will receive a small yellow card that you can use for everything in the public sector, from hospitals to library books. There are no forms, bills, or any sorts of hassles. This is extremely important for easily moving companies overseas, as there is much less paperwork. Lastly, since in Denmark it is expected that both parents work, there is an awesome childcare system. Which is, again, subsidized by the government. In Denmark, it is not at all unusual that a child goes to daycare even before their first birthday. The system is amazing, with professional Danish teachers and social behavior experts at the ready.


To top it all off, Denmark is one of the safest places in the world to live in. The crime levels are low, (which makes car transportation a lot more secure) healthcare options are plentiful and education is top-notch. All these factors combine into one great place to live.

Cons of living as an expat in Denmark

But, it is not all roses in Denmark, either. There are some pretty hefty cons to living in this country, that might drive away many an expat. Here are the most influential ones:

  • Learning the language
  • The Visa process can be difficult
  • Weather is challenging
  • You might feel lonely in the beginning


If you are planning on relocating to Denmark full time (or any period longer than a year or two), you are going to need to learn Danish. While the schools do teach English at an early stage, and many residents speak the language, most prefer to communicate in their own language. So, if you don’t want to feel like the “odd person out”, you are going to need to learn the language. And it is hard. It will take you two years or more if you are a native English speaker to be able to communicate reasonably well.

passport, toy airplane on the table
Living as an expat in Denmark is easy, but getting a visa is anything but easy.


Another thing that can really put a stop to your plans is the visa process. There are numerous steps to applying for a Denmark visa, documents to send, and there are no guarantees that your application will be approved even if you file everything correctly. It may take several attempts to obtain it, and some people simply can’t get it due to their circumstances.


Denmark’s weather is another thing that puts many people off living in this country. It is cold and rainy for most of the year. There is a summer, that lasts around eight weeks, most of the time. The fact of the matter is that sunlight can be a bit scarce in Denmark.


Finally, you can’t discount the feeling of loneliness that you are going to experience for your first few months living in Denmark. Most of the people here already have formed enough relationships and they might not be interested in forming a new one. That is not to say that you will receive anything but pleasantness from the Danes. You will just not find readily available friendship, most of the time.

Hire a professional moving company!

If you decide that the pros outweigh the cons, then relocating to Denmark is the way to go. However, international relocations all but require help from professional movers. Make sure to do your research well, for you want a company that knows the Danish laws and that has experience in relocating to this country.

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