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Are you considering relocating in the sun-kissed months of the year? It’s important to weigh the pros and cons of moving during the summer. Summer relocations present unique opportunities but also come with some challenges. This comprehensive analysis from our seasoned international movers will guide you through the nuances of a summer move, ensuring you make an informed decision. What will be your choice? Take the following information into account and find the answer on your own.

Let’s start with the benefits of moving during the summer

The summer season offers several advantages when it comes to relocation. Bright, longer days provide ample time for packing and moving. If you have a big international move, it’s sometimes easy to handle it knowing that you are doing so with the sun shining bright. Whether you’re using the help of international furniture movers you can trust, or full-service movers, there will be something that is positive coming with the fact that you’re taking on the task during the summer. Here are the pros that we think stand out, such as:

  • Great weather
  • The flexibility of you and your movers
  • The perfect time for students and families to move
Movers inside a van
Explore both pros and cons of moving during the summer

Few challenges when it comes to bad weather

Unlike the winter, moving during the summer minimizes the challenges posed by extreme weather conditions. Heavy rain, snow, or icy roads can hinder the moving process, cause delays, and potentially damage your belongings. In contrast, summer’s more predictable weather paves the way for a smoother transition. You can be sure that the international moving services you picked for your move will be smoother to execute during this period of the year. Especially when you’re moving to colder countries like Norway, picking a warmer part of the year can make all the difference.

Flexibility and availability of movers are one of the pros

Summer’s increased daylight hours not only provide more time to pack and move but also means movers are more available. The industry isn’t usually the busiest during this period, implying that moving companies are fully ready to pick up your call to action. This situation increases the chances of finding international household movers that fit your schedule and increases flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. Of course, the same goes for you. In case you end up in some circumstances delaying your move, you will be able to adjust.

The summer is the perfect time for transitioning for families and students

The alignment of the summer break with moving makes it a perfect time for families and students to relocate. Parents can take time off work, and with children out of school, the transition process becomes less disruptive. It’s a win-win situation: you avoid academic disruptions for your children and have extra hands to help with packing! Especially for an international move, you want to have as much time available as possible. Whether it’s for finding both professional and academic opportunities or just having some extra time to adjust to your new place, summer will be a good period to handle your relocation.

Downsides of moving during the summer

Despite the clear advantages, the pros and cons of moving during the summer should be balanced. The summer season also brings its own set of challenges that can make your move more complicated. Even if you think that avoiding certain problems that come with moving out of the summer period, there are others that come with it. Let’s discuss some of these common drawbacks. Here are some of the major ones we’ll cover, including:

  • Heat and humidity
  • Competitive housing market
  • Challenges of getting to your new location 
A road in a desert terrain
The weather during summer can be a con too

Heat and humidity challenges

While summer weather is generally more predictable, high temperatures and humidity can pose challenges. Excessive heat can be exhausting and even dangerous, especially during heavy lifting. Humidity can damage certain items, particularly those sensitive to moisture, adding an extra layer of complexity to the packing process for an international move. If you’re moving to Brazil, Singapore, Australia, or similar countries that can be hot and humid, you might want to avoid relocating during summer. 

A more competitive housing market

The international housing market can be challenging to navigate, especially during summer when demand peaks. Whether buying or renting, you’re likely to face stiff competition, possibly resulting in higher prices or fewer options. This competition requires you to be proactive, resourceful, and patient in securing a new residence. Of course, you will largely be limited to virtually checking out your potential new home. For that reason, it’s always a good idea to find a real estate agent at the location to make things easier. However, it’s also a good option to avoid looking for homes and moving during summer if you can.

Getting to your new location can be frustrating

An increase in relocation and tourism during the summer can result in crowded airports, train stations, and highways. This surge of people might make your international move more stressful and time-consuming, as dealing with crowds and delays can be quite frustrating. On top of that, you can be sure that there can be plenty of delays because of these summer crowds. When it comes to the countries like Spain, Portugal, the UK, and others that are popular to visit during the summer months, it might be easier to relocate during other parts of the year.

An area full of people
With the summer months come huge crowds

Consider both pros and cons of moving during the summer

Reflecting on the pros and cons of moving during the summer, it’s clear that summer moves have distinct advantages, such as favorable weather, increased mover availability, and seamless transition for families and students. However, potential downsides to hiring a BBB-approved moving company during the summer. Among them are heat challenges, a competitive housing market, and the summer crowd, which must also be taken into account. Your ideal moving season ultimately depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. Regardless of the season, effective planning and the right moving company can ensure a successful relocation.

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