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    One place that remains a top choice among people looking to relocating to Norway, and with good reason. With the quality of life, amazing geography, and fantastic environmental policies, it is no wonder so many people move to Norway these days. If you are planning a living here as well, there are some things to understand about the beautiful Scandinavian north. Continue reading because here we have your one-stop source for all things Norwegian that one foreigner needs to know. This guide will lay out everything that will confirm that you have made a good choice.

    Pros of relocating to Norway

    What is indisputable about living in Norway is that the quality of life offered to residents is impressive by nearly every measure. In 2019, the annual World Happiness Report ranked Norway at a solid number 3, with high marks in multiple categories. Such as income, freedom, trust in government, social support, generosity, and more. Life expectancy for people living in Norway is a whopping 81 years, exceeding the life expectancy average and outpacing U.K.’s and U.S. life expectancy. Furthermore, when moving to Norway from USA make sure you are not alone in the whole process.

    Exploring nature after relocating to Norway
    Find all about pros before relocating to Norway, and your enthusiasm for the whole process will grow

    Moreover, their government is very concerned with the environment. They make outstanding efforts to lower and minimize their carbon footprint and all other polluting factors. Even in the cities, the air quality is fresh, and Norway has over a dozen beaches and riparian areas that have earned a ‘Blue Flag’ rating for cleanliness. Including a few rights in the city of Oslo. Almost 100% of Norwegians are satisfied with the quality of their drinking water as well. And when people from OECD countries needed to give themselves a life satisfaction rating on a scale from 1 to 10, those living in Norway gave themselves a 7.5. And that is far above the OECD average figure of 6.6.

    Both Pro and Con when relocating to Norway

    Low temperatures in some parts of Norway are pretty normal since many cities approach or even are within the Arctic Circle. However, if you are not in this area, it can also get quite warm. In Oslo, for example, summertime temperatures can go up to the high 20s ºC and even low 30s ºC. That can make those nude beaches a lot more pleasant than you might expect. The coastal areas Bergen and Stavanger get a good deal of rain, especially in fall and winter. But the flip side of this type of oceanic climate is that the temperatures are always relatively mild year-round. Moving inland and further north, all that changes, and you can get cold winters and heavy snowfall. Nevertheless, even if you are relocating during the summer or winter, do not forget to hire moving overseas companies.

    Cons of relocating to Norway

    The cost of living in Norway is high. Don’t get us wrong, the wages and salaries in Norway are also pretty high, but so is the cost of living. Furthermore, groceries, dining out, rent, and everything a person needs are more expensive in Norway than in most countries. Even Norwegian residents with their famously sky-high salaries often go over to Sweden to purchase higher-ticket items such as liquor and meat. Furthermore, a bedsit might run you between 4,500 – 6,000 NOK, whereas a one-bedroom apartment can cost you up to 12,500 NOK a month or even more depending on the location.

    One of the cold lakes in Norway
    Find out all of the cons before relocating and make a double-check in that way, you will know if you are making a good choice

    If you are moving with your family, prepare to set aside as much as 20,000 NOK for a family-sized apartment. So, living expenses in Norway can be quite a shock for a visiting ex-pat, at least when they first arrive. However, once you have a job in Norway and start making a good salary or even an average one, you will not notice the high cost. Nevertheless, finding a job can be difficult in Norway. With free post-secondary education and a highly educated population, finding a good job can be a struggle. Especially for someone who wants to try living in Norway as an ex-pat.

    Plus, the country’s business culture and legal system make it difficult to hire anyone. So once they have gotten a job offer, workers in Norway hunker down and hang on to that gig. It is not uncommon for would-be workers to send out 100 resumes before landing a job. Therefore, be sure you have plenty of savings or other income to live on when you first arrive. Anyways, make sure you find proper door to door international movers and let them help you out.

    What you should also know when moving to Norway

    The primary challenge for people who start living in Norway is the sticker shock that happens on arrival. Before you arrive, you better have a significant amount of savings in the bank. You’ll need it not just for your moving expenses, but housing costs and initial expenses as well. Especially if you are not starting to work just yet. It usually takes about a year to adapt to the economy. And even then, you might be purchasing some of the groceries from somewhere else. If you can manage those issues, then plenty of benefits await your arrival in Norway. Furthermore, if you have are about to move big items, dial international furniture movers and let them assist you.

    One of the beautiful neighborhoods in Norway
    Calculate your budget carefully, and you will have no worries in the future

    Moreover, Norway is a land filled with beautiful landscapes, outdoor escapes, and opportunities to walk, cycle, or meet with friends. You will get to spend more time with your family which can feel like life slowed down. There is no doubt that the pros outweigh the cons of relocating to Norway. The costs of living are high, we’re not gonna lie, but there is an abundance of things to see and do here. You will find that if you decide to leap of faith to be here, the rewards are worth whatever risks you feel like you are taking. Naturally, there are many more things that you will need to consider before you decide whether to move there or not. Still, one thing is for sure, from the change, you will gain joyfulness. Therefore, make your guide to moving to Norway and take it smooth and easy.

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