Pros and cons of using wooden crates when moving

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Protecting your items during transport is one of the biggest issues when it comes to moving. One of the things that you need to think about is the selection of packing materials. Naturally, you have many different options at your disposal, from plain cardboard boxes to sturdy wooden crates. In this article, international moving companies NYC will take a look at using wooden crates when moving and whether it is a good idea or not.

When packing your items you have many options at your disposal

If you are planning to move, one of the things that you will need to decide on is the type of packing materials. As we already mentioned you have many options at your disposal. Of course, the most commonly used option is cardboard boxes. But you can also use plastic containers as a somewhat sturdier option. And at the end of the spectrum you have wooden crates at your disposal. Still, when it comes to using wooden crates when relocating there are many questions that need to be answered.

wooden crates
Yo have many options at your disposal, but wooden crates offer the best protection

So in this article, we will take a look at all the advantages and disadvantages of using that option to protect your precious item in transport. One thing that you need to be aware though. If you decide on using wooden crates when moving, you will need to let international moving services handle it. As they will be your only option for constructing the crate and maneuvering it.

Pros of using wooden crates when moving

  • Offers the best possible protection
  • You do not have to bother with packing
  • They can protect any size items

Cons of using wooden crates when moving

  • Wooden crates are difficult to construct
  • They are more expensive than cardboard boxes
  • They are difficult to handle

Nothing will protect your items during a move better than a wooden crate

In some situations, wooden crates are the only option for protecting your items. For example, if you are moving from USA to Switzerland, and you are shipping your items by sea, plain cardboard boxes will not be nearly enough to keep your items safe and intact. That is when wooden crates come into play. Overseas shipping can be very stressful for your items. Even if they are safely tucked away in a shipping container. Rough sea conditions can tumble and toss your items all around and the damage will be inevitable. To avoid this, the best option that you have is to use wooden crates.

fragile sign on a wooden box
If you want to offer your items the best protection, use wooden crates

If you decide to use wooden crates you will not have to bother with packing your items – professionals will do it for you

Packing your belongings is one of the biggest complications when moving. Counting your items, measuring, acquiring cardboard boxes, plastic wraps, packing tapes, labels, and others is a tiring and stressful job. On the other hand, even though this might sound strange at a first glance, if you decide to use wooden boxes for moving, the process will be much simpler and easier. How you might ask. Well simply because you cannot construct a wooden crate on your own (at least most people can’t) and you will need to hire professional packing and crating services who will handle the packing process.

If you want to protect an oversized item, a wooden crate is your only option

One of the issues when packing your items for the move is protecting your oversized items. Some items just cannot fit in a cardboard box, even if you use the largest one you can find. So in this case, you have an option to ship the item without proper protection. You can wrap it in bubble plastic, for example, but that is not enough to protect fragile items and items of value. Therefore, a wooden crate is your only option. Many companies offer carpentry services. This means that they will come to your home and construct a custom crate right there on the spot.

Only professionals can construct a proper wooden crate

As we mentioned above, wooden crates are difficult to construct. Yes, it is essentially a box, but if you do not have proper tools, skills, and knowledge, you will not be able to do it on your own. So one of the disadvantages of using this option is that you will have to pay for someone else to do it.

Moving is expensive, so additional expenses are oftentimes a burden

When it comes to paying for the construction of a wooden crate you need to know that, even though it is not so expensive by itself, it can be a problem during an expensive overseas relocation. Still, if you have items that need to be protected in such a manner, there is nothing you can do. You will simply have to pay for professionals to construct it.

calculator and money in a clamp
Wooden crates might be costly, especially if you are relocating overseas

You cannot move a wooden crate without proper machinery

If you have a wooden crate already, or you are capable of constructing one on your own, handling it will be a whole different story. Especially if you packed a car, piano, or some other large items. For this, you will need forklifts, moving dollies, a few people, and a lot of knowledge about maneuvering heavy and oversized items. It is a difficult and risky job. So if you want to avoid injures and damage, the only option is to call professionals to do it for you.

Wooden crates offer the best protection. But do you really need them?

As you can see there are many pros and cons of using wooden crates when moving. They offer the best possible protection, still, they are difficult to obtain and maneuver if you are not skilled and properly equipped. Nevertheless, they stay the best option for protecting your items. At least during an overseas move.

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