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    When relocating, it is very important to get yourself proper, experienced, and professional help. There are many moving companies that can provide you with various different services that sound perfect or look perfect on their website. Still, have you ever looked at the reviews their clients leave and do they even have them? Many people do not check and that is where the cardinal mistakes are made. There are many reasons as to why you should avoid companies without reviews. As a moving company that has reviews out it the open, we in Transparent International NYC based are going to help you understand why looking for reviews should always be one of the first steps. 

    Must you avoid companies without reviews and why?

    You understand that the moving company you hire will have access to your information, former and new address, all your belongings, and more. Not only the company but the movers you are given will also have access to everything. Without checking whether the company is reliable through reviews and similar, you can get yourself into trouble. In the worst-case scenario, you can end up with a fraudulent company that can seriously damage you financially. In the best-case scenario, you can end up with very inexperienced movers who will damage your items and do more harm than help you. The first thing we suggest is for you to visit the website of FMCSA and see whether the company is registered. Let us continue.

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    Read reviews and see if the company is reliable

    Why are reviews so important?

    The answer to this question is quite simple. Reviews are a public section where people can leave their experience with the company through a few written words. Better said, through comments. By reading these, you will get an overall impression of the work these movers do. You can decide whether you like what these past clients have said about the company or you can decide that you do not like how it all seems. People will, probably, leave their general experience but some might get into detail. They will explain what exactly they found to be good and what they thought could use some improvement.

    Keep in mind that, even if the company is the best one in the area, not everyone can be happy and pleased. Besides, whoever said that the customer is always right was terribly wrong. The movers could have provided services for someone who is not the best person around. That is why, if you do find a couple of bad reviews but everything else seems fine, you might want to ignore them and give your movers the benefit of the doubt. Nevertheless, the point is, much before you ask for international moving quotes, check to see what others have said about the company of your choice.

    There is a reason why company has no reviews, so avoid companies without reviews
    Be aware that one can’t please everybody, so you can encounter some negative review

    If there are no reviews, it is for a good reason

    If you try to find reviews and are unable to see them anywhere, there is probably a good reason as to why. Every legitimate and successful moving company will take pride in the work movers do. Even the companies that are of lower quality will have reviews. Not the best ones probably, but they will exist. Therefore, if you are moving from USA to Switzerland, and cannot seem to find any reviews for the company you are interested in, we suggest that you move on. Relocation to another continent is complicated enough. You do not need trouble caused by an unlicensed, fraudulent, or inexperienced moving company as well.

    You found them but you do not like them

    The thing is, many companies may have reviews, they just do not have good ones. If they are mixed, you will know that the company is not the best one or the clients have not been the best. If the reviews are all bad, surely you will not hire those movers? Still, at least you will know that they are probably legitimate. They are not likely to allow reviews if the really wanted to hire something. If you do find a section on their website but you find that the reviews are awful, just do not hire those movers but od not assume that they are not legitimate.

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    Avoiding companies without reviews can save you a lot of money

    What could happen if you hire a moving company without reviews?

    We already told you the worst and the best scenario that you could encounter. Do not feel lazy when it comes to finding and going through the reviews because reading them can save you from a lot of trouble and, perhaps, financial damage. If you hire people who you have not researched thoroughly, you will just be stressed out during the entire relocation. You will not know whether you should trust them and relax or constantly be on guard checking if something went wrong or not. You understand how much pressure this adds up to the, already existing, one of the move. Instead of going through all that trouble, just be smart. Find a moving company that is legitimate, has good reviews, and is reliable, such as Transparent International NYC.

    Now you know why you should avoid companies without reviews

    Now that we have explained everything we thought was important, we hope you will avoid companies without reviews. It is really not that hard to find and contact a quality moving company. All you have to do is research online and be smart about your decision. We honestly hope you will not have any of the previously mentioned problems. Trust us and your relocation will be as smooth as cream. We wish you good luck!


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