Reasons to use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany

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    For such a complex process as shipping goods internationally, professional shippers use different kinds of materials. There are many different types of crates. Plastic, metal, cardboard, and wooden crates are some of them. All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages. That, of course, depends on the type of goods you need to transport overseas. However, wooden creates proved to be one of the best packing materials for international shipping. Many international removal companies in the US suggest using them. These crates are very important. Professionals can use them for packing either small fragile items or large, heavy machinery. These crates people use for different kinds of purposes. For example, you can find them from different industries to grocery stores. For the nature of its material, they offer great protection to the items. In this article, learn why to use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany.

    Reasons to use wooden crates for shipping internationally

    There are many reasons shipping companies around the world like to use wooden crates. First of all, they are sturdy and therefore very reliable. Another reason to use them is that they are easy to store and stack. When, for example, goods need to travel a long way to Europe,  the transportation is safer. Moving companies overseas give more advantages to wood than steel packing material. The reason for that is that steel conducts a lot of heat which can easily damage the goods. On the other hand, wooden boxes offer great protection from natural elements.  In cases of rain, snow, and temperature changes your items will have great protection. If for example, you need to transport furniture or the whole office, you may be sure that your items are in safe hands.

    a wooden crate on dark grey background
    Wood is a very clean, weather-protective material

    They are strong and stable

    Unlike plastic, which is not so easy to handle, wood really is. If you try to create a pile of plastic boxes, they can slip away more easily. On the other hand, wood has a different build. It allows it to withstand a lot of pressure.

    In addition, it allows that you can stack them one on top of the other. Unlike other packing materials, these will not slip away during transportation. Therefore, moving companies to Germany say this is their choice number one. For shorter distances. other shipping materials are also good to use. But for transportation overseas, experts say it is better to rely on wood. When you properly stack them, you will also have more space for shipping. When you put all the stacks on top of one another, it will be firm enough. Also, they will not fall apart and the items will arrive safely.

    wooden crates stacked on each other
    Use wooden crates for international shipping from US to Germany

    Use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany as they are affordable

    We already mentioned that wooden crates are affordable as you can stack them and get more space. This way, a shipping company can take more load at the same time and earn more. In addition, wood is a kind of material that is easy to source. And not only that. It also needs less treatment to turn wood into wooden crates. As the wood is tough and can withstand different climate conditions, it can be used again. Nevertheless, when you ask for international moving quotes, you will realize that using wooden crates quotes is not so high. Therefore use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany to reduce global shipping expenses. In addition, there are clip crates, which shippers can knock down and collapse this way. When returning the crates back, they will use far less space than for example plastic or metal ones.

    Wooden shipping crates for air freight

    If your method of transportation is air freight, then packing solution is very important since by air there is a weight limit to transport. Use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany by air freight. You can store lots o smaller items for air transportation. But there are many more items that you can ship using the air. For example, you can ship some valuable goods such as jewelry, china, or paintings. These items really need special shipping conditions in order to arrive in a good state. For this reason, wooden crates are a great choice for transportation. For example, if somebody tries to cut the cardboard or plastic crate, they can easily do it and steal your goods. When it comes to using wooden crates, trying to cut these will create a lot of noise and attract more attention. It will not be easy to steal anything.

    a man holding a credit card
    Using wooden crates can reduce shipping quotes you need to pay

    Wooden crates are recyclable

    Another great option that wooden crates offer is recycling. There is already too much plastic and other junk all around our planet. By using wooden crates we contribute to filling landfills less. Wooden crates can both undergo recycling and repurposing. If wooden crates suffer too much damage and cannot be used again, then they are turned into compost., or fuel. Unlike plastic containers, it only takes several years for wooden crates to decompose. If you need more information on wood recycling then take some time to read about it online. In addition, there are wood crates that shipping companies use for long-term utilization. It may also happen that some of its parts get undergo damage. In that case, the parts can be repaired and the crates can keep to carry on the goods.

    When shipping goods, one of the best options is to use wooden crates for shipping from US to Germany. There are many reasons to use this crating option. First of all, it is safe and serves as a barrier between the goods and the moisture, dirt, etc. Secondly, it is affordable since wood can easily turn into wooden crates. In addition, you can transport goods by air freight in these crates more safely. They are clean, healthy, and good for the environment. Whatsmore, you can use them more than once. If damaged, they can undergo recycling, and ten serve different purposes. To conclude, whenever it is possible use wooden crates for shipping.

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