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Starting your life anew comes with its own set of challenges. This fact becomes even more prominent if you’re moving with a toddler. The stakes are higher, decisions harder, and difficulties seem to grow exponentially. But, contrary to popular belief, relocating with a toddler to Europe doesn’t have to be a nightmare. It can be an amazing experience and further strengthen the bonds between your family. The key to this is careful preparation and the help of reliable international movers. You will have to be certain that everything is ready for before, during, and after the move. Your little one must go through the whole ordeal with little to no hustle. Manage that, and you’ll be in for a world of joy.

A child and mother after relocating with a toddler to Europe
Relocating to Europe with a toddler is challenging. But it’s also an excellent opportunity to strengthen your bond.

Pre-Move preparation can make relocating with a toddler to Europe easier

Steps you take before the move will define your toddler’s experience. That’s why it is imperative to leave nothing to chance.

Make your toddler love the very idea of moving

While they are a pure delight,  toddlers can be quite the challenge when it comes to moving. As an adult, you had the time to gain experience and expand your views. A toddler doesn’t have this advantage. They only know that the world around them is changing. Rapidly and chaotically. This can cause a lot of stress, which can take your child a while to recover.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you’ll have to let them know that a big change is coming. Now, toddlers aren’t big fans of logical thought. But they do love a good story. And even something as daunting as moving can make for a good bedtime story. So, shift your gears to “imagination”, and let the inspiration flow. By the time the moving day comes, you’ll have one eager toddler, ready to conquer the world.

Prepare for the arrival – way before the move

After the long trip, your toddler will be tired. And that means they will be super-cranky. To minimize the risk of fallout, make sure your new home is properly prepared for your arrival:

  • Hire someone to thoroughly clean your new home. A shiny and fragrant house will leave a good impression on your little one. At least for a few minutes…
  • Ensure cable and internet are on and ready to go the moment you arrive. Cartoons can keep them occupied for hours. Or long enough to unpack some of their stuff.
  • Having a car is imperative when you have kids. Make sure yours is in perfect condition before you leave it with an international car transportation company.

Retain a sense of normalcy

During the moving process, your house will be turned upside-down. Constant hustle can negatively impact your toddler. It is imperative to let them retain their daily routine. This will help reduce the stress caused by change. And they won’t be (as) nervous when moving day finally comes.

A toddler playing with a xylophone
Keeping up with daily routine will help your child cope with a big change.

Excellent movers will make your life easier

Handling moving chores and taking care of your hyper-energetic-cuteness-overload is practically impossible. In other words, you’ll need all the help you can get. Moving with a toddler to Europe is not something to trifle with. Therefore, it’s best to opt for professional help. International services moving companies provide can cover every aspect of your relocation. They will free up your schedule, and let you focus on preparing your toddler for a big change.

Packing – the divide and conquer method

Packing is a tedious process, that takes a lot of time. With a toddler constantly hugging your attention, it’s best if you do it in short bursts. That way, you’ll get the job done, and you won’t ignore your bundle of joy for too long.

If you’re on a tight schedule, make sure to find a way to keep your toddler occupied. It will allow you to put in bigger chunks of work. You need something to hold their attention for a longer period. Otherwise, you’ll spend a lot of time taking them out of the boxes. Or putting things back in the boxes. Or chasing them and boxes. You know – all those joyous activities that make work easier.

Finally, be sure to pack their belongings last. It will give your toddler a semblance of normalcy. They will have a safe place to play, and you’ll be free to work uninterrupted.

Essentials bag and box are an absolute must when you’re relocating with a toddler to Europe

First, it’s important to understand the difference between an essentials bag and an essentials box.

Essentials bag is your “survival kit” while you’re in transit. It should contain everything necessary to make the trip easier for your toddler and you:

  • Change of clothes;
  • Diapers and rash cream;
  • Wet wipes;
  • Pillow and blanket;
  • Nausea medication;
  • Refreshments;
  • Toys;
  • Towels.

Essentials box is last-to-pack and first-to-unpack box. It should contain the same items as an essentials bag, but enough to last you a few days after the move. Both of these are true lifesavers when you’re settling in. They will spare you the pain of ripping open dozens of boxes to find something you need. So, be sure to pack them and label them properly.

Toddler in pink pajamas sleeping.
Remember: You only need to keep them occupied until they fall asleep.

Think of the ways to make the trip less strenuous

Intercontinental trips take a lot of time. As an example, moving to Luxembourg from the US via plane takes close to ten hours. That’s flight time only. Now, take waiting time and potential delays into account. In a best-case scenario, you’re looking at a minimum of twelve hours in transit. It’s enough to make everyone nervous and cranky, let alone a toddler.

With this in mind, it is essential to find ways to keep your little one occupied during the trip. Here are some ideas:

  • Search the web for games you can play with them on the plane.
  • Download a bunch of cartoons to your phone, tablet, and laptop. Make sure to charge the batteries before the trip, and have a power bank handy.
  • Bring a few of their favorite toys or a storybook.
  • Download music or audiobooks.
  • Talk to them. Never stop talking. The parent’s voice is soothing for children and can help them feel less agitated.

A little help goes a long way

Relocating with a toddler to Europe does represent a big challenge. Still, it’s nothing to agonize over. With proper planning, the support of your family and friends, and the help of good movers, you will get through it without too much difficulty. And once you settle in and begin your new life, you will gladly look back to the relocation as another great adventure.



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