Risks of hiring low-cost international movers

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For any relocation, having help is of crucial importance. In many cases, that help comes in the form of a professional international relocation company. However, expert movers don’t come for free and some people will try to save money by hiring a company that offers low rates. While this might not be a problem for a small local move, hiring low-cost international movers carries some serious risks. So before you reach for the phone, keep these risks in mind.

You risk getting sub-par services

Although having high rates doesn’t necessarily mean that a moving company is excellent, these two aspects are often related. If the owner of the company pays its staff well enough, the workers will pay more attention to their job and your items. And this isn’t possible if you as the customer aren’t charged a certain amount. So if you find a company that offers very low rates, you can expect little attention and care to be paid during your relocation. Some of your items might even end up damaged or broken.

Hiring low-cost international movers can result in damage to your items.
Do you want to risk the safety of your items by hiring cheap movers?

Instead of choosing your movers solely based on the price, you should compare at least three companies that fit into your budget. Compare their offers and see who can best manage what you expect from them. You can even get a free international moving estimate from each company and plan your budget from then on.

Hiring low-cost international movers might cost you a lot more

Many people have made the mistake of hiring a certain international moving company because it offers rates that seem too good to be true. Unfortunately, they often are, but once people realize this it might be too late. It’s no secret that cheaper movers are often less experienced, which means that your items are at risk. If something breaks or damages during transport, you will have to pay to replace it yourself.

Another reason why hiring cheap international movers is risky is because their low rates might be a sign of a moving scam. Many fraudulent companies will use this method in order to get more money out of their customers. There are some common scams you should be aware of and try to stay away from.

Cheap movers are often fraudulent

One of the most common moving scams involves the company keeping your things hostage in exchange for more money. Although you have agreed upon a certain price at the beginning, they have now raised it and won’t deliver your things until you pay up. On the other hand, they might simply drive off with your items once the truck is loaded up.

Men reading a contract
Don’t sign anything you haven’t studied thoroughly!

Additionally, hidden costs in your moving contract are also a sign of a fraudulent company. While a company will charge you a low rate for their basic services, they will add extra costs that you didn’t agree on. Many of these costs will be listed in fine print on your contract, or not even listed at all. So before you sign anything, make sure to read it carefully and that you understand the language. If you can, try to have a lawyer or someone familiar with the legal language present with you.

Security is in question when you hire low-cost international movers

For a company that charges suspiciously low rates, security is definitely not a priority. Their focus is on making quick money and moving on to their next victim. For this reason, they will not pay enough attention to your items and their safety. If something goes missing from the moving truck, they will not take the blame or reimburse you. You will have to replace the item yourself. This is also true if something is stolen during the relocation, which can be especially problematic if it is something valuable or expensive.

When you are moving from one country to another, hiring a company that puts an emphasis on safety and security is of utmost importance. With such a long distance, there are many things that can go wrong. For this reason, having a reliable and trustworthy company by your side can make your move that much easier and smoother. So don’t choose your movers solely based on the price – take their reliability and professionalism into account as well.

Your moving day will be even more stressful

It is no secret that relocation, however far away, can be stressful. This is true even if you are moving down the street. However, when you are relocating internationally, you want to do whatever you can to alleviate some of the stress. When you opt for hiring low-cost international movers, you will actually expose yourself to more stress, rather than less. With inexperienced movers, there are many things that can go wrong, and surely some of them will. Whether you have to deal with missing or damaged items or have to pay more money than you initially thought, it will surely add more stress to your moving experience. In order to save your health as well as your wallet, you should definitely avoid the cheapest movers you find.

A woman with her head on the desk
Your movers should be able to help you with moving stress, not be the cause of it.

Carefully choose your international movers

From everything you’ve read so far, you can see why the cheapest movers are definitely not the best, but far from it. While you may think that it will save you money, this move will actually cost you a lot more in the end. Prior to settling on one company, you should do research and explore your options.

Make sure that the international household goods movers you choose have all the necessary licenses and permits, that they offer insurance, have a good reputation and ask for no money in advance. You can also ask people you know for recommendations, as word of mouth is always the best way to find movers. Stay smart and good luck with your move to another country!

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