Risks of hiring a cheap logistics company

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For a complex process such as moving, people can spend a lot. International moves to Europe of course require a different budget. There are a lot of steps in the logistic chain. First o all, taking some time off work to plan and prepare everything. Then, setting up a moving budget. In addition, finding a proper moving company to help you handle this. Above all, if you have children and pets then moving to Belgium can become pretty overwhelming. Definitely, the part that concerns most people is finding cheap yet reliable international removals New York. Does cheap always mean taking a risk? Unfortunately, it does. There are many risks of hiring a cheap logistics company. The moving quote can be attractive. Moving services that a company offers can be all you asked for. But, your moving can turn into a disaster. In this text, learn how to avoid this.

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When hiring a cheap moving company there is always a risk to get bad service

Risks of hiring a cheap logistics company when moving to Belgium

It is not a secret that a moving company can make a significant hole in your budget. It is only natural that you wish to save some money while moving. But the fact that you should know is that the risks of hiring cheap movers are high. According to general market standards, reliable companies do not offer their services for ridiculously low prices. For moving from USA to Belgium, the costs should not vary significantly from company to company. If you hire a cheap moving company with little or no experience can you only imagine what can happen? Your goods need to be transported across the ocean all the way to Europe. That means that a moving company must have a reliable logistic freight forwarder, good storage containers, and all the necessary documents to transport the goods over the border.

Always ask for moving quotes

In order to make sure that you are on the good track of finding a reliable company, check the services they offer. Also, bear in mind that a high price isn’t always a guarantee of quality. There are many different factors to consider when making this important choice. The first thing that you should ask for is international moving quotes. When you make an initial call with movers, arrange a visit to your home. A representative should survey your goods and based on that, provide exact moving quotes. Remember that this should be the final price you should pay. But, if you only get quotes over the phone, without any inspection, avoid this company. It is not reliable at all to get a quote this way, either too high or too low. In addition, moving quotes are necessary so that you can plan the moving budget on time.

a woman asking for moving quotes to avoid the risks of hiring a cheap logistics company
Always ask for moving quotes before hiring a moving company

International relocation and risks of hiring a cheap logistics company

It does not necessarily mean a cheap moving company will provide bad service. As previously mentioned, they might not have enough experience and low prices serve to attract customers. If this is the case, your movers may go the extra mile to provide the best possible service. But you cannot know this for sure. And the truth is that everybody has to start somewhere. When it comes to international relocation, do you really want to take such a risk? This is already a complex process that is giving headaches. The last thing you need to is a delay, damages, and other unpredictable circumstances that can turn this relocation into a failure. Instead, focus on finding a company that can fit your budget. In addition, they need to transport the goods from door to door in one piece.

Other risks with low-cost moving companies

If a company wants to charge surprisingly low rates, most probably they just want to make easy money and move on. Or if they are just on the poor payroll, the chances are that they will not care much about your belongings. It may happen that they handle things mechanically and without enough care as they are not paid enough. This may lead to the improper handling and damages of your goods. In addition, when hiring cheap movers you risk not getting any insurance for that price. This means that in case of any damages and loss, you will not get a replacement or reimbursement. Therefore, do not choose movers just by the prices of their services.  In the end, this type of move can cost you more than getting assistance from a more costly, but more reputable moving company.

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You risk a lot with hiring cheap relocation companies

Be aware of the fraudulent movers

The first thing you should do when hiring movers is to inform yourself. Also, be aware of the fact that nowadays on the market there are fraudulent moving companies. This increases the risks of hiring a cheap logistics company. These companies usually take advantage of customers’ lack of knowledge about moving. They attract clients with certain promises. While in reality, they fail to fulfill them. In the end, it turns out that the company takes the money and disappears. Alternatively, they come out with lots of hidden costs. Therefore, on the other hand, the licensed movers you choose must meet all the rules and regulations set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Interstate movers must have a federal license. It is against the law to hire movers without proper licenses and insurance. Pay attention to the features which the reliable movers must possess:

  • Great reputation
  • Good reviews
  • Professional attitude
  • Vast experience and knowledge
  • Free in-house estimation

When moving either internationally or locally, there is always a risk of hiring a cheap logistics company. On certain occasions, this may be a good move and you can save some. However, these cheap movers usually turn out to be a bad choice. They either do not have a moving experience at all, or the company does not really exist. Whatever the scenario, this is certainly not good for your move. Therefore, do the necessary research on a moving company, check the quotes and reviews. Remember, sometimes paying more means paying less.


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