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Moving from USA to Belgium can be time-efficient, well-planned, and perfectly executed - all with the help of Transparent International.

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     A small country in Western Europe, Belgium is best known for its food and rich history. If you intend on becoming one of around 11 million people who get to enjoy what Belgium has to offer, then Transparent International NYC is here and ready to help you with moving there. Our expert international movers can make moving from the USA to Belgium easy, pleasant, and stress-free. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will take care of the rest. Safe packing, international shipping, and quick delivery is what we do best. You are free to leave everything in our hands, and you won’t regret the decision to do so.

    View of Brussels that you'll enjoy after moving from USA to Belgium.
    Enjoy the stunning views of Brussels once you’ve settled in after the move.

    Transparent International NYC makes moving from the USA to Belgium easy

    Moving from one continent to another is a rare and tremendous occurrence in one’s life. So moving to Belgium from the US is far from the average relocation. Luckily, Transparent International NYC is anything but an average moving company. We have worked hard for years to become the very best in the business. Our teams of international movers consist of experienced professionals who work together like a well-oiled machine. Over time, we have helped hundreds of people move to Belgium and start a new life. We promise you a stress-free relocation during which you will have the help of experts at every turn. With us, even moving to another continent can be easy.

    High-quality international moving services

    The most important thing you should be looking at when it comes to international removals is the quality of the services you’re getting. We offer international moving services of the highest quality, performed by the most experienced experts equipped with the most modern tools. With the help of Transparent International NYC, you can make all your international moving dreams come true:

    Shipping containers on a dock.
    International relocation and shipping is what we do best.

    Affordable prices that fit any budget

    To be sure, moving from the USA to Belgium is not something you can do without a serious investment. You will need to get a new apartment or house, and flights to Europe are not cheap. But we do have good news – your moving budget will not collapse if you hire Transparent International NYC. It is our goal to offer the best international moving services at the best prices in the industry so you won’t find anyone who fits better into your budget than us. And you needn’t even to take our word for it: get a free moving estimate today, and see for yourself why we are among the most cost-effective options for every international relocation.

    Trustworthy movers that you can rely on

    Unfortunately, a lot can go wrong when moving from the US to Europe. It’s a long way between New York and Brussels – your possessions might end up damaged, delayed, or simply lost. But that won’t happen with Transparent International NYC. To begin with, we will always be honest with you regarding costs and deadlines. There will be no surprises here – you’ll always know exactly what you can expect. Being transparent and open with our customers is one of our main values for a reason.

    Moving from the USA to Belgium with the help of professionals is the right choice

    Professional movers can do so much to make your relocation easier and better. Moving to Europe may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you, but international movers deal with it every day. We know exactly how to do it properly, and we can let you take advantage of that knowledge. When you have us working for you, you don’t have to know everything about international shipping, import and export, or moving – you can leave all that in our hands. We will make sure you and your belongings reach their target destination, while you can tend to other aspects of your move.

    What to expect from moving from the USA to Belgium

    Belgium is a Western European country on the coast of the North Sea. It borders the Netherlands, Germany, France, and Luxembourg. Although small in area (at under 12,000 square miles), it is an influential country in Europe. This is in part owing to the fact that the capital of Brussels has long acted as one of the major cultural and political centers of the continent. You will find numerous international organizations here, most notably the headquarters of the European Union. But Brussels isn’t the only city worth visiting – Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi, Liege, and Bruge are all well worth seeing.

    Moving from USA to Belgium: Arc de Trioumphe in Brussels.
    Enjoy the beautiful architecture and history of Belgium.

    Something that you will experience in the country of Belgium that you won’t find anywhere else in Europe is the way the country is divided between the French and Flemish areas. The southern half of the country, towards the border with France, speaks French and is closer to France in culture. The northern part, on the other hand, looks typically Dutch and speaks a variant of the Dutch language. A small area of the country to the east is German which completes the trifecta of the official languages in Belgium.

    Belgium is most famous for its food and beer. Remember to visit the beer museum in Brussels while you’re there – this is a terrific place to taste some of the best brews in the world.

    Contact us today – move to Belgium stress-free tomorrow

    If you want to enjoy moving from the USA to Belgium, then simply contact us today. Our international movers are here to help you make the most of this time and move to Europe without complications. Don’t hesitate – the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start working on making this the best relocation of your life.

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      I got a job in France and I needed to relocate my things and they did a great job. Also, they kept it real close to the estimated costs. I definitely will use their service in the future and definitely recommend their services to my friends and family.

      - Maritza C.

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      If you want a job well done without breaking your back or a sweat then these are your guys. It's stressful enough making a large move but this team really broke their backs (pun intended) to make sure I didn't. I highly recommend their services, truly a stand up team.

      - Dannelly R.