Shipping bicycles overseas – tips and tricks

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When you are moving overseas one of the concerns that you might have is how to ship your bicycles properly. Bicycles are gentle machines. Even though they look sturdy there are lots of delicate parts that could be broken or damaged if not protected properly. Therefore, your main task would be to find a reliable shipping company that would know how to handle it properly. Of course, you will also need to know how to pack your machine, deal with paperwork, and lots of other things. That is why Transparent International NYC has prepared a few tips and tricks for shipping bicycles overseas to show you how it’s done.  So let’s dig in.

When shipping bicycles overseas use professional packing services

Packing is probably the most difficult part of the move. Particularly if you are moving overseas and you are preparing your items for ocean freight. If you are planning to ship your items in a shipping container on a cargo ship, you need to invest much more effort into packing. That is why the best way to ship bicycles internationally is to find some reputable door-to-door international movers and let them handle tour stuff. Of course, they need to offer a packing service. That way your bicycle will be packed properly in quality packing materials and you will not have to lift a finger. Moreover, if something happens to your belongings they will be accountable for it. Unfortunately, hiring a full moving service when relocating overseas is not cheap. That is why a lot of people try to do most of the work by themselves.

One dollar bill
It is not cheap to hire professional packers

Research about your bicycle, learn how to take it apart

If you decided to pack your bicycle on your own, first you will have to do some research. Of course, if you know everything about your machine and you are proficient enough to handle every part of your two-wheeler than you can skip this part. But if you do not know how to fix your brakes, fine-tune your gears, or even remove the fenders, you will need to go online and learn a bit about your bicycle. Of course, it would be good if you could find a guide for your specific model. But if you can’t, find something similar and it will be good enough. Another thing that you need to check is whether you will need some specific tools. With some models, you can remove wheels, seats, or even a handlebar without any tools. Just make sure that you have everything ready before you start.

Find a reliable shipping company

Now it would be a good time to think about how to ship your two-wheelers overseas. Of course, for this, you will need a shipping company. If you are moving to France from USA you will have a lot of choices. However, when it comes to shipping your items overseas it is really important to have a reliable shipping company by your side. Unfortunately, it is not easy to determine whether a shipping company is reliable or not. Therefore you will need to do some research before you are sure about your choice. The good shipping company should be licensed, insured, and experienced. Also, they should offer a different means of transportation. And should be able to help you with your paperwork.

Choose whether you use air or sea freight

When you are choosing overseas moving services, you also have to think about the means of transportation. If you are moving overseas, it means that you have two available options. Airfreight and sea freight. Shipping your items by air is faster and more reliable but costly. While sea freight is slower but much more affordable. When people are moving, they tend to carry more stuff, that is why they mostly choose sea transport. If you are choosing to transport bicycles by sea, you need to know that it could take weeks before they arrive. And that seas conditions can sometimes be severe, so your items need to be packed with extra caution.

Cargo ship on a sea
Sea freight is a cheaper but slower option

Compare prices before you accept an offer

When you are choosing between different types of transport, you also have to think about shipping prices. Ok, we already established that seas freight is cheaper than air. But you also have to be very picky when deciding which shipping company to hire. Shipping companies use different routes to get from one place to another. Some shippers will have to make a few stops before you get your items. All that affects the price. So make sure that you get quotes from at least several shippers before you decide.

Consult with your shipper about packing

Once you choose the shipping company that will handle your bicycles, you need to consult with them about packing. Maybe they insist to pack your items. On the other hand, they could give you some directions on how to do it. Or they could at least supply you with packing materials.

Bubble plastic scissors and a packing tape
Consult with your shipper on how to pack your bicycles

Ways to pack a bicycle for overseas relocation

Finally, it is time to pack your bicycle. Naturally, there are several ways to do it. And depending on what you agreed with your shipper you could use a bicycle case, bicycle box, or take your bicycle apart and pack every piece individually. And that is it you just have to wait for your international movers to come to pick it up.

When shipping bicycles overseas the most important part is to find a reliable shipper

As you can see, when shipping bicycles overseas, the most important part is to find a good shipping company. If you get this wrong, then no amount of packing materials will keep your two-wheeler in one piece.


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