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When you are moving abroad, there are a lot of complex things you need to consider. Moving abroad is far from simple and straightforward, and there are tons of things you need to keep your eye out for. One of them is how will you proceed with your car? This is a question a surprising number of people consider way too late. However, it is an important part of your relocation and both decisions, selling it before moving and then buying a new one or moving and buying a new one, will leave consequences. So, between shipping cars vs. buying new ones, which one is better? Well, that is exactly what this article will try to answer! Let us not waste time!

Benefits and cons of shipping a car

When you contact international movers in the USA and do all the necessary paperwork, you are set to go. But, did you decide that this is what you will do? Let’s see the pros and cons list.

A pro is that it is definitely cheaper than buying a new car. Sure, it will still cost you a pretty penny, but it will be nothing compared to the price a car would demand of you. Furthermore, you don’t have to risk having a new, unproven vehicle. This is known territory far away from what used to be home. It can mean a lot. Having your own car does provide a certain level of security.

Shipping cars vs. buying new ones - a ship sailing with containers
Shipping a car across the sea is cheaper than buying a new one.

However, there are downsides. Shipments can be late, for instance. This would leave you without personal means of transportation. Damages can also happen, even though they are rare. Furthermore, shipping can also bring further instances of inconvenience. For example, if you planned on putting some of the possessions intended for transport inside the care, you will be disappointed. Most companies won’t ship the car if it has anything inside it.

Benefits and cons of buying a new car

When you are moving from the USA to Europe the option of driving your car to a destination is pretty much nonexistent. There is no land route. Therefore, you will have to fly and, if you love your car so much, you would have to ship and pay a few thousand dollars for the privilege. Therefore, as you are already spending money, why not upgrade? Sell the old car and buy a new one! It does seem like a really great solution to the shipping cars vs. buying new ones conundrum. By buying a new car you get, well, a new car. It is also somewhat straightforward when you get there, and there is less paperwork.

However, there are downsides. One of the definitive downsides of buying a car rather than shipping one is the price. Not only are you paying for the car but also for the registration, insurance, sales tax, etc. There are a lot of things connected to that sale and they all wear a price tag. Furthermore, you might be too tight with time to make such a decision. Once you sell your old vehicle, you might be hard-pressed to find another one in time for the relocation, finding yourself moving without a car of your own. Living without a car after getting used to personal transportation sure isn’t a fun experience. Therefore, think hard before you buy a car instead of turning to international car transportation.

Buying used

One way to cut the costs of buying a car after selling your old one is to buy a used car. There is a lot of reason why people sometimes don’t like this idea. Mainly because people want reliability in their cars and used cars are perceived to be unreliable and not very long term. However, this does not always have to be the case. There are cases when used cars will serve you just as well as new ones. When they have been well preserved and used by their previous users and when the deals are honest.

Shaking hands
Buying a used car can have its benefits.

However, if you are to make sure you are buying good care, you need to be able to know how to Inspect a used car properly. While there are bigger guides then ours on this particular topic, here are what should be the general steps:

  • Inspecting the exterior of the car – First things first, in order for your shipping cars vs. buying new ones debate to end before it even starts, makes sure the car looks good on the outside. Park it on level ground and inspect for rut, scratches, and dents. The car should have a functioning exhaust system that does not leak and a frame without damage.
  • Tires – Tires should not be overly worn. They should also demonstrate even usage and good alignment. This will also signal steering and suspension components are probably alright. Try to inspect hoses and belts for damage, and for leaks, and corrosion and check the fluid
  • Under the hood -Be sure that there are no damages from water. Crackers and holes are also a very bad sign. Make sure that parts are fitted together naturally as well, without shoed-in parts that are clearly an improvisation. You are of course limited in just how much you can do here without a professional, but it should be enough.

Shipping cars vs. buying new ones – which one wins?

So, when moving from the USA to Belgium, what should you do? Should you be buying a new car or shipping it across the sea. Well, in all honesty, it is up to you.

A car
Shipping car vs. buying a new one – the decision is all up to you.

Relocations are not cheap already, so it is hard for us to full-hearted support buying o of a new vehicle, but we recognize the advantages. Getting a new car can be an upgrade, and in this case, while you are already spending money, you might as well buy the whole car. In for a penny in for a pounding type of thing. However, shipping is reliable, and cheaper, just like the old car, and that is not something to be overlooked.

So, what does shipping cars vs. buying new ones come to – personal choice and particular conditions that are far from universal. However, mostly, it is the stuff of preference and budget.

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