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    Finding good and reliable shipping companies in NYC can be a tough job. The sole reason for this situation is the fact that there are many shipping companies you can choose from. However, with the huge number of door-to-door international movers, there are bound to be those who are good and those who are scammers. That said, this article will help you to spot some red flags early on. Consequently, the chance that you will hire scammers will be much lower. So, let’s see what you should look for!

    Appearance is important when choosing shipping companies in NYC – but it’s not everything

    You know how you sometimes have a feeling that something is off? What’s interesting is the fact that this feeling is, more often than not, true. So, just like you will have a great feeling about Transparent International NYC, there are entities that will make you reconsider hiring them. Therefore, you should always notice how the company you are interested in represents itself. This is quite important if you are looking to hire a legit company.

    If you want to avoid shipping scams, you have to look for the thing we talk about here.

    But, looks aren’t everything! There are instances where scammers put a lot of resources and effort into creating the perfect scam. They will have professional-looking offices, all the necessary information that you may require, etc. Everything to fool you into becoming their client. One of the easiest ways to spot that they are scammers is the lack of transparency. For instance, if you are looking for international piano movers, a legit company will get to know your situation and outright tell you how much it’s going to cost. On the other hand, scammers will often give a convoluted speech that doesn’t give you an answer to your question but leaves you dumbfounded and a little bit embarrassed to ask again. So, that is the first red flag when looking for shipping companies in NYC – if you spot a lack of transparency, get out of there!

    But, there are many more…

    Let’s picture this example, you search for international furniture movers, see a flashy company and decide to go with them. You close the deal and somewhere along the journey, your furniture gets damaged beyond repairs or simply disappears. What are you going to do? Your natural reaction will be to try and get a refund from the company. And here you will spot the difference between shipping companies in NYC. The legit ones will have a part of the contract that defines the different terms for a refund. A sort of insurance. The scammers, on the other hand, won’t have such a thing in the contract. If they even have a contract.

    Shipping overseas
    Legit shipping companies in NYC will have an insurance policy.

    Lastly, a good way to find shipping companies in NYC is by searching for references. Ask people in your neighborhood if they used the company’s services. Or people at work, or friends and family. Ask as many people that you can. This is particularly important if you have to move your belongings to another country, especially if it’s a far-away country. So, reliable companies will have references, while scammers won’t. However, if a company is new, this rule doesn’t necessarily apply.

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