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    Deciding to leave your furniture is something that can significantly lower the cost of your international relocation. But will you save enough to get new furniture is the ultimate question? Naturally, you can take a calculator and do the equations. But, things aren’t always that simple. Take a look at what best international moving companies NYC has to say about shipping furniture vs. buying new furniture during an international relocation. You will see that there other factors that you need to count in as well.

    Ok, you can start with a calculator

    Shipping furniture vs. buying new furniture can be a very important question during an overseas move. That is why you need to approach it carefully. Naturally, people are most interested in the financial side of the story. Is it cheaper to ship your furniture or to get rid of it and buy new after you move? The answer depends on two factors. How much will you have to pay your international furniture movers and their services?  And secondly, what are furniture prices in your destination country.  So your first task is to find that information.

    Call international moving companies and get their quotes. And use the internet to get a sense of the furniture prices in your new country. You might find that your destination country has incredibly high furniture prices and that ditching furniture will not pay off financially. Maybe you will find out completely the opposite. Or you see that the numbers are equal. Take these equations into consideration and move on to the next question.

    Calculator and a pen
    Is it cheaper to ship your furniture or to get rid of it and buy new after you move? Calculate.

    Does your furniture has some sentimental value? If it does it will be hard to leave it behind

    If your furniture has some sentimental value it is difficult to calculate its worth. Your granddad’s rocking chair, or your mama’s makeup dresser. Those things are difficult to calculate. And you are the only one who can decide whether are ready to get rid of them or not. If you think that you should leave them but you are feeling sorry about it, try to find someone in your family who will take them. That way you are leaving it behind but it will stay in the family and you can see it every time you visit. If you cannot find anyone in your family, try with close friends. Finally, just make sure that it will go in the right hands and that it will be treated properly in the future.

    Is it really easier to leave your furniture behind? Maybe as far as relocation is concerned. But are you ready to live in an empty home for months?

    Even though, deciding to leave your furniture behind seems like an easier option arriving in a new country empty-handed has its downsides as well. Of course, if you manage to rent a furnished home then it is ok. But if you are renting an empty place, it will take months if not the whole year to fill it up with new furniture. Therefore if you are deciding to leave your items behind and you know that you will be entering an empty home be ready to sleep on a mattress for the next couple of months.

    A small bed
    It takes a lot of time to buy new furniture. Be prepared to live in an empty place for some time

    Cargo ships are slow as well. They go at their own pace so be ready to wait for a couple of weeks for the arrival of your precious belongings

    On the other hand, if you are moving from USA to Spain, for example, you must be ready to wait for a week or two to get them. Cargo ships are slow, and they can be even slower if they decide to take the longer route and make a few stops along the way. Still, it is the cheapest way to ship furniture and it is a faster option than to move into an empty home and slowly buy new furniture. Think about this as well before you make your final decision.

    Use door-to-door relocation service if the speed of delivery is your primary concern

    The fastest way to get your items though is to use a door-to-door delivery service. Naturally, you will have to pay additionally for this kind of service so it is important to calculate this as well when thinking about whether to leave furniture or not. If it is you are in this to save money, forget about this option. If your goal is to get a furnished apartment as fast as you can then a door-to-door delivery service is your best bet. They are available in almost every country in the world. So you will be covered no matter where are you moving to.

    A truck in a garage
    If you manage to find some international door-to-door delivery service it will be the fastest way to get your furniture

    If your items are complicated to move you will have to spend more money to transport them overseas

    Maybe you will find that your destination country has unreasonable furniture prices. In that case, you will surely like to carry your items overseas. However, what if you have some exceptionally complicated items to carry? If you have to move a piano or a pool table, for example. How will you manage to get those items on board? Naturally, your only solution is to hire some specialty moving services that are capable of moving them, which will only increase the cost of your move. This is also one of the things that you need to consider when thinking about Shipping furniture vs. buying new furniture.

    Those are the things to consider when thinking about shipping furniture vs. buying new furniture. Unfortunately, it is never easy to make the right decision. But with the right approach, we are sure that you will manage it.

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