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When moving internationally, you usually need to pack lighter than usual. There are many reasons for this, but it’s mostly due to the expenses of moving items across such great distances. However, sometimes you don’t want to compromise and are prepared to pay the price. If your mind is already set, we’ll show you what you can expect from going both ways. If you’re yet undecided on shipping your appliances vs buying new ones, this might help push you in the right direction. You should always consider hiring professional international movers, even if you don’t want to move any appliances. There are a bunch of other items that require proper care. Make sure that they can arrive undamaged and in good condition. If you decide to do it yourself, many things can go wrong, and we’ll try to cover them all in this article. You should always be prepared.

Where do people move to when moving from the USA?

Whether it’s the urge for new adventures, a new job, or education opportunities, people move all around the globe from the USA. Many people move to Europe for education and to meet other cultures. Switzerland is one of Europe’s countries that has a mix of different cultures while the standard of living is one of the highest around the world. Many people go there just for skiing, or sightseeing, but it’s also a great country to live in.

If you prefer the southern hemisphere and you’re not into skiing, Australia might be a great place for you. With high living standards and long beautiful beaches, you can enjoy the hot summer weather in Australia long-term. As an English-speaking country, it will be easier for you to adapt if you don’t speak any foreign languages. However, most of the younger Europeans are fluent in English, so don’t let this stop you from moving anywhere.

airplane toy on international map
There are many places where people move from the USA, but Europe and Australia still remain very popular.


If you’re moving from USA to Switzerland, make sure you hire professional international movers. Switzerland is a landlocked country, which means there are no ports where your items can arrive. This means the route will be more complicated and will have to go through several land checkpoints before reaching you.


Australia is more accessible than Switzerland since the ship can reach it directly. However, you should note that it is more accessible when shipping your items from the West Coast. If you’re moving from the East Coast to the USA, it will be worth moving your items across the country before they embark. You won’t have to worry about all the details if you hire professional help when moving to Australia from USA.

What should you know before deciding on shipping your appliances vs buying new ones?

If you moved before, you may think you know what to expect, but that might not be the case. Moving internationally is much more complicated, and requires proper handling of items and a bunch of documents. When you move valuable items across the border, you need to inform the border customs. This is done to prevent any illegal imports into the country, but you shouldn’t worry.

This is a regular procedure where you’ll probably need to state that you don’t intend to sell whatever you’re transporting. Many countries will also tax you based on the estimated value of your items. To avoid any false estimates, try to provide the bill of purchase for every valuable item you might have. The cost of border customs is what often makes people rethink their position on shipping your appliances vs buying new ones.

If you prefer the idea of buying new appliances, you should check the prices of the essential ones before you move. Different countries have different taxes on these kinds of items, and not all trademarks will be present in every market. Do your research before the move, and you will easily resolve the shipping of your appliances vs buying new ones dilemma.

hand guiding toy plane
There are many things to consider before moving to another country, such as deciding on shipping your appliances vs buying new ones.

How to move appliances when moving internationally?

Most people are familiar with moving boxes you can often see in TV shows or because of their personal moving experience. Moving always requires specialized packing and transportation materials, but when moving internationally, the standards need to go a bit higher. You could pack your smaller and lighter appliances in a standard moving box and attach heavier ones to a dolly for your past moves. When moving internationally, the list of items you can move gets shorter, because of the time it requires to transport them. Everything that’s not time-sensitive is eligible for international transport, and that applies to almost all household appliances.

You should only move your appliances inside specialized international moving crates that professional movers can provide. Different kinds of items and equipment may require specially-sized boxes. This is why standardized size won’t work, and everything needs to be well protected during transport. From import and export laws in the destination country to ensure your items are safe and on their way overseas, professional movers will always know how to best handle it.

cargo ship in harbor
Your items will be moved overseas by ship, so you need to make sure everything is packed in durable crates.

Pick reliable movers before deciding on shipping your appliances vs buying new ones

When you try to balance the cost of your international relocation, note that the company you hire will impact how the final price shapes up. Reliable movers offer free estimates, and you should pick those who can easily give you international moving quotes. Having at least a rough idea of the cost will help you decide what works best for you. Companies that are not transparent about the cost of their services are not reliable, and you might get surprised when you get the bill.

Additionally, hiring an unreliable moving company won’t only directly impact the cost of service. However, it can result in other problems, too. Delayed transport, items getting damaged, or problems with the border customs will only create unnecessary stress. You should avoid hiring companies without experience, and only go for those specialized in international moving.



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