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Exporting used cars can be a profitable business. However, the amount of success that you can expect from doing this kind of trade depends on many factors. That is why before you start getting into this deeper, take a look at this guide prepared for you by the International moving company New York. Read it and find out whether you should bother with this or not.

First, prepare a business plan

Preparing a business plan is the first and most important thing that you need to prepare before you even start with anything. This plan needs to contain all the things and factors that can affect your business and profit. For this, you will need a lot of time. Preparing a well-thought business plan for successful international car transportation can take months of research and decision-making. Still, it can be more than difficult for someone who doesn’t have too much business experience to create a good plan that can reflect in reality.

If you are not sure whether your plan represents reality, maybe it would be better to hire a professional business advisor who can help you go through this process much easier and who will create a plan that you can depend on.

making a business plan
Prepare a good business plan. Hire a professional if you do not know how to do it.

There are many different types of cars – have you thought about any particular class?

Exporting used cars can be a terrific business. If it wasn’t so no one would be doing it. However, in order to be a successful car exporter, you need to make good decisions. And when it comes to cars and vehicles in general, there are more than a few things that you will need to decide upon before you start working. Naturally, the first and most important thing to think about is what type of cars do you think of exporting. Do you have some specific brand or type that you think would work, or you think that any car would be good?

When it comes to international car export in general, American dealers are in a great position. Cars are one of the things the US is famous for. And American cars are very popular around the world. In many parts of the world, they are even considered a valuable rarity. That puts you as an American in a good starting position. However, you need to know how to exploit it in order for your new business to be successful. Fortunately or not, because of the variety and size of the American market you will have to make a good strategy around what vehicles you will export.

US car classes to think about

There are many car classes that you can focus your business around. However, you need to do good research before you decide to buy a used car, hire international movers USA to UK and start exporting cars. Your goal is essentially to find cars that are cheap in the US and which you can sell for a good amount abroad. Here are some options to think about:

  • Sport cars
  • Luxury vehicles
  • Economy cars
  • Supercars
  • Old-timers

Oldtimers are one of the most profitable options. However, those types of vehicles usually take longer to sell. Do good research before you decide, nevertheless.

a white Porsche
Think about car classes, sport brands may be more profitable, for example

Transport cost can be a major obstacle

One of the major factors in deciding whether to export used cars is the price of transport. You can find many different import/export solutions. However, if the price of transport is greater than your profit, it is definitely not an option. Of course, this largely depends on where the country you are exporting is located on the globe. If you are exporting to the Middle East, the price would be bigger than if you were shipping to the UK, for example.

Second thing is that different shipping companies can offer a wide variety of prices. That is mostly because of the different routes that they use to get to your destination. This usually means that the cheaper you pay the more you will have to wait for the cargo to be delivered.

You need to find a profitable country where you will export used cars

The choice of the country is one of the big factors as well. It is not the same to export to the UK or to China, for example. Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding international used car trade. Moreover, they have different taxes and fees that you will have to cover.

Also, when it comes to cars, the price of a car is not the same in every country. Places that have higher annual registration fees often have cheaper cars. On the other hand, you have countries that have cheap registration but car prices are high. Of course, those are the countries that you should focus your attention on.

You will need connections around the world

Finally, in order to be a successful international car dealer, you need to have good connections around the world and in the US. In the US you will need people who will look for the best cars and opportunities that you would otherwise miss. And you will need people who will handle the import documentation and the customs.

holding a paperboard
You will need someone who will handle import paperwork

Also, when it comes to international car trade, you need to be aware that this is a big business with a large annual turnover. And wherever there is money there are people who will try to play dirty. In some countries of the world, you cannot even do this business if you are not connected to local crime bosses. So make sure that you know the situation in the country where you plan to export.

Used car export is a complicated business – the only way to profit is to make a good business plan

As you can see international car trade is a complicated business. You have to include so many different factors in the story before you make your final decision. Hopefully, this article sheds some light on the subject of exporting used cars so you will be able to make a better decision on whether you should bother or not.

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