Should you Consider Pallet Packing when Moving to Europe from the USA

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If you are considering pallet packing when moving to Europe from the USA, you might want to know all the inherent advantages and disadvantages. It is no problem for international moving companies NYC to facilitate either choice, but you need to be sure that it is what you want. That being said, your primary concern needs to be finding a company that can provide you with both solutions. After that, you will need to consider the size and capacity of your pallets, as well as which packing materials to use. In this article, we are going to go over all of those things, as well as providing you with some tips and tricks on how to make the process easier on yourself.

Is it smart to choose pallet packing when moving to Europe from USA?

The answer to this question greatly depends on how many items you are going to be moving. For smaller households, it is usually not a good idea to go with pallet packing, as that might introduce unnecessary complications. However, if you have a large number of items to relocate, pallet packing might be your best option. You also might want to consider the customs and regulations of the country you are relocating to. For example, moving from USA to Switzerland might be different than moving to Spain, as there are different rules governing it. In either case, you will need to do some research on the procedures involved. You can also ask your moving company about them, as they are a great source of information.

Consider hiring a professional moving company

And speaking of moving companies, it is really in your best interest to hire them for this endeavor. There are several good reasons for doing so. First, the whole process will be a lot smoother and will require far less energy and effort on your part. Second, you will have access to expert advice and information that you would otherwise not have. Lastly, by hiring international moving services, you are adding another layer of security to your belongings. You will be able to sleep quietly, knowing that your items are well cared for. Even if you want to perform a “DIY” move, it might be a good idea to contact professional movers and ask for some expert advice. They will be happy to help you with some specific questions but you can’t expect them to go out of their way unless you hire them for your move.

two people loading a moving van
Hiring professionals for your move will make everything a lot easier.

Guide for pallet packing when moving to Europe from the USA

When it comes right down to it, here is what you will need to consider when going with pallet packing:

  • Choose the right size of the pallet
  • Do not exceed your pallet’s weight capacity
  • Pack your belongings and stack boxes properly
  • Use high-quality packing materials when pallet packing when moving to Europe from USA
  • Secure your cargo on the pallet
  • Label everything properly

There might also be other factors at play, depending on your situation. If your relocation is overly complicated, it might be best to seek professional assistance from household movers. But for the most part, following the guidelines above will enable you to relocate with ease.

Choose the right size of the pallet

The first thing that needs to be in your mind is the pallet size. You may need several sizes, actually. The most important thing is that you choose a size that will accommodate all your items without having any overhang. If your items are hanging outside of the pallet, they are prone to receiving damage from all manner of sources such as puncture, abrasion, or even compression. You will need to protect your items from all of that. It is in your best interest to select just the right pallet for the purpose. You can do so by measuring your belongings ahead of time and matching them with a pallet of the correct size.

wooden pallets
Wooden pallets are great, just make sure to select the appropriate size!

Do not exceed your pallet’s weight capacity

The second thing you really need to be wary of is the pallet’s weight capacity. Needless to say, if you overburden your pallets, you are inviting trouble to your relocation. The way you can avoid putting more weight than your pallet can handle is by carefully weighing your belongings before putting them onto it.

Pack your belongings and stack boxes properly

Once you ensure that you have a pallet that is of the appropriate size, and that it can support all of your belongings, it is time to pack it! You will want to be really careful when going through this process, stacking the boxes properly and securing them firmly.

Use high-quality packing materials when pallet packing when moving to Europe from USA

You will also want to utilize high-grade packing materials for the process. This will ensure maximum safety of your shipment and will give your belongings the best “fighting chance”. They will be traveling for a long way, after all, and using quality packing supplies is the way to go.

Secure your cargo on the pallet

But using the appropriate materials is only one piece of the puzzle. After everything is neatly packed, you will need to further secure your belongings via rope, packing blankets, and similar solutions. You can always have your moving company provide you with suggestions, as well.

two males carrying moving boxes
Always handle your items with care!

Label everything properly

Even if you follow all the above suggestions, you will want to carefully label your boxes. You don’t know who will be handling your items so it is best to create labels that are easy to read and are in a large font. Translating them to the language of the country you are shipping your boxes to is also a good idea. You can never be too careful, after all!

Consider additional insurance

Lastly, even with all your precautions for pallet packing when moving to Europe from the USA in place, you may wish to consider purchasing additional insurance. Accidents can and will happen from time to time, and insurance is just about the only way to ensure that you are completely covered. Talk with your movers, see what they recommend.

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