Should you pack perishables for an international move to Spain?

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    An international relocation instantly implies a lot of packing. This is always demanding when you move, especially long distance or overseas. However, the question is what to pack for a move, and also are you going to pack perishables for an international move? Actually, you can ask your international movers New York for advice or help. You should also know what you shouldn’t pack and on the other hand how to properly pack and avoid damage during transport.

    Moving to Spain

    To make a decision to relocate overseas to Spain was probably difficult and complicated. Now, you should do your best to avoid any stress while packing and moving your belongings. When you are moving from USA to Spain you can definitely expect to find a few difficulties but also some nice surprises. Spain is a country with an excellent climate.

    Airport scene
    Moving to Spain is not easy so you better prepare well

    Hot summers and mild winters. Spain is almost completely surrounded by seas, so as you can imagine, they have a long coastline. Some of those coastal places are famous for their fiestas and siestas. In order to move there as stress-free as possible, you should start with planning and packing.

    Pack perishables for an international move – yes or no?

    Moving is very emotional and people tend to pack almost everything, including food. That is actually ok if you are going somewhere nearby. If you are moving internationally, you should properly pack everything, especially when you are moving boxes overseas.

    Go through your perishables and remove expired dates. Surely, you don’t want to have your food go bad during transport. Also, there is no need to transport your entire fridge or freezer. Instead, you can plan what to eat in a couple of days before relocation. This way you will go through your fresh produce and meat, and it won’t be wasted. Do the same thing with freezer meals. If you don’t have time to use all your food, you can give it to your friends, neighbors or family.

    food packing
    Choose well before you start packing

    Should you pack your pantry?

    Moving to Spain means that you will have a lot of different produce, spices, and condiments, the taste you are not used to. If that’s the case, it is smart to move your spices or other things from the pantry you like, but only if they have a couple of months left before they expire. Don’t pack opened food containers because they will spill during transport. It is an international move, by definition, the transport lasts longer. So make sure that you pack perishables for an international move well, especially if you have glass containers. Check with your international car transport company if you can maybe pack some of your belongings or even perishables in your car. It can make your relocation easier.

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