Should you tip your movers during an international move?

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If you are planning to move, you are already aware of how much work is waiting for you, especially if it is an international move. You can help yourself and hire an international moving expert company that will handle all the work for you. Having reliable movers at your side is very important if you want to have a smooth relocation. This is why you should choose carefully a moving company. But when the work is done you should tip your movers during an international move. If you are not sure should you do it, here are some tips to help you decide.

Should you tip your movers?

Every work should be awarded if it is properly done. You might think that movers are just doing their job and that you don’t need to tip them. Yes, they are just doing their job. But, as you already know, it is not easy at all. It includes hours of packing and unpacking, carrying heavy items, and taking care of all your belongings. Yes, it is their job and they will be paid for it, of course, but by tipping them you show them that you are grateful, that you appreciate their work, and, in the end, that you are satisfied with their service. There are a few factors that can help you decide if you should give them a tip:

  • firstly and the most important thing to think about when you want to tip your movers during an international move is if you are satisfied with the provided service
  • then you should take into consideration the number of your items to transport
  • the distance and the conditions
thank you note
Make sure you show your movers you appreciate their work.

First of all, you should know that you do not have any obligation to tip your movers. But if you want to show them an appreciation for their hard work and international services, you should do it. Moving across the country is really challenging and if you hire professionals they will make moving a lot easier. This is why you should thank them. The next thing you can think about is how much to tip your movers.

How much to tip your movers during an international move

This is absolutely up to you. No one can tell you exactly how much the tip should be. You do not have to tip 15-20% of your bill like you might do in the restaurant or some other service providers. Some unwritten rule is to tip each mover about $5 for each hour of work. So if your movers have spent around 4 hours relocating your belongings, you should tip each of the team members with a $2o tip. If there was a lot of work during the move, and your movers have spent almost all day moving your items, then you should consider giving them more, between $40 and $60. But, in the end, it is up to you. The tip you give should reflect the work that is done and your satisfaction with the service provided.

Factors to consider – how complicated your move is

The tip you provide should reflect the level of service and degree of difficulty involved. This is one of the things to think about. Given the fact that you are moving to another state, you should be aware that your move won’t be easy and quick. If you are moving to France from USA, it not only the country that you are changing but also a continent, which means a lot of work, not only packing but also paperwork. If you hire experienced movers they will make sure everything is properly packed and safely relocate, and not worrying about your belongings during the relocation is priceless.

tip your movers
Make sure you tip your movers and show you are satisfied with the service provided.

Consider the amount of stuff being moved, the number of oversize pieces, and whether stairs are involved. If there are some complicating factors that make your move more difficult, consider adding to the tip amount. In the end, the most important thing is, if you are satisfied with their service or not. This will be a clear sign if you should give them a tip or not.

What are other ways to show you appreciate their work?

Besides giving the tip to your movers there are some other ways to show your appreciation and gratitude. Before your movers arrive, you can do a few things to make their work easier. You can remove all the unnecessary items, clear all pathways so they can easily move. You can offer them refreshments. This is a great way to show appreciation to your movers. They are going to get thirsty throughout the day so it would be a kind gesture to provide bottled water, tea, or soft drinks to keep them hydrated. This will make them more productive, too. Your mover will get tired and hungry at some point, so it would be nice to offer them something to eat. Allow them to use the restroom. Make sure your bathrooms are stocked with hand soap, paper towels, and enough toilet paper.

Make sure to be available and on hand to help your movers with any questions. If you can’t be present on a moving day, you should appoint a person who can welcome your movers, show them around, and provide them with food and beverage instead of you. If you are satisfied with the services, make sure you leave a review on their website and maybe send them a thank you note.

woman with laptop
Leaving a positive review is one of the ways to say thank you to your movers.

When you should not tip movers

There can be also some unpleasant experiences with the movers such as damaged belongings, not respecting the agreement, etc. If you aren’t satisfied with the service provided, then don’t give a tip just because you think it’s expected of you. This is why it is very important to hire one of the international household movers residents always recommend. If you have reliable movers at your side, you will have a stress-free relocation.

Do not be lazy. Nowadays you can find everything you want on the internet. Do the research and find reliable movers. This is the most important aspect of your move, so choose carefully.

Being a mover is not really easy and sometimes it’s not paid very well so if the work is done as agreed and you are satisfied with the service provided tip your movers during an international move. Show them that you appreciate their work and effort.

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