Steps to unpack quickly after moving to Australia

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    Everyone is different when it comes to moving. Some people dread packing but unpacking at their new residence makes them feel energized and hopeful. Others, however, prefer to pack, loving the anticipation that it brings, but they loathe the tediousness of unpacking. Whichever group you belong to, following a basic process while unpacking will make your new place truly feel like home in no time. Believe it or not, you should plan how to unpack even before you hire international movers to Australia and actually move. Plan everything in advance, and it will be easy to unpack quickly after moving to Australia.

    Couple surrounded with boxes, taking a break while unpacking after moving to Australia
    Tackle unpacking strategically and you’ll finish it before you know it.

    Steps to unpack quickly after moving to Australia

    You need patience, persistence, and a good method to follow in order to unpack quickly. You’ll have to provide the first two, but here are the specific steps you should take so you can enjoy your new home soon.

    Step 1: Pack for unpacking

    As we mentioned before, easy unpacking begins with packing properly in the first place. While you’re looking for the best overseas relocation services to use, here’s what to think about when packing.

    • Pack only what you need. Sort through your things and only bring items you really want to keep with you. Unpacking will go much more smoothly without unnecessary clutter.
    • Keep an inventory of every box’s content. The simplest way to do this is to enumerate the boxes and write the number on the inside and outside. Before you secure the box with tape, take a photo of it with your phone. Make sure that both the contents and the number are visible.
    • Label your boxes. Moving boxes overseas is complicated enough even without the added confusion of what’s what.
    • Pack a bag with essentials. Include all items you need to get through the first 24 hours after moving to Australia. For example, a few changes of clothing, medication, toiletries, phone chargers. Have this bag with you on the plane.
    Person in white sneakers sweeping with a broom
    Be sure to clean your new home before you start unpacking.

    Step 2: Create a schedule to unpack quickly after moving to Australia

    Every task is easier when you divide it into smaller, more manageable tasks. A packing schedule can help you get packed before the move, while you research international moving companies, worldwide movers. Similar to that, a timeline that breaks down tasks related to unpacking can help you unpack fast.

    Step 3: Clean your new home

    Give the place a thorough cleaning before you unpack.  Even if the previous tenants cleaned it, doing it yourself will give you peace of mind. What better way for a new start than a clean, glistening space?

    Step 4: Go room by room

    Stick to a plan if you want to unpack quickly after moving to Australia. We suggest unpacking the essential bathroom items first. A functioning bathroom is crucial in every home. Next, tackle your bedroom. Again, start with essentials, like making the bed. There will be plenty of time to decorate after. After that, you can unpack your kitchen cookware, and then items that belong in the living room. Other rooms like the dining room and study are low priority and can be left until last.

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