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Choosing storage units does not have to be like trying out every size unit before finally finding one that suits your needs. Whether you are looking to store the contents of an entire home or just your seasonal clothing, there is a unit that is right for you. Choosing the best storage unit size from the get-go will save you time and money. An essential factor when searching for a storage unit is finding the exact unit size you need. There is a wide variety of storage unit sizes at most facilities, ranging from the size of a closet to the size of a widespread garage. It is crucial to get the right unit size because it means you will not waste money on space you do not need.

Things you should do first when choosing storage units

The price distinction between small and medium storage units is more than $800 per year. Even if you use one of the best storage units. That means it pays to estimate the size you need before renting a unit. Regardless of whether you need temporary storage or your garage is breaking after moving, these five steps could save you money:

  • Perform an inventory of your belongings
  • Double-check your home storage
  • Calculate your space
  • Pick a small, medium, or large storage unit size
  • Research specific measurements
One of the storage units
When choosing storage units search them carefully by plan, and you will not mistake

Recheck your home storage options

After you have inventoried every room, the next step is to make sure you have used all of your home’s available storage space. The last thing you want is to pull the trigger on a storage unit, only to realize you could have purchased a smaller and cheaper one by storing some of your things in a partly empty closet or an unused corner of your garage. So it is wise to recheck your options on time and have some savings. Furthermore, when moving from USA to Spain make sure you plan everything carefully and have a load-free relocation.

Before using storage units calculate your space

It can be hard to calculate how much storage space you need, especially if this is your first time renting a storage space. To avoid renting too large or too small of a unit, you have to determine precisely how much space you need. Check how many boxes, furniture, or other personal items can fit in each unit size. The third step to estimating the storage unit size you need is to measure your belongings. When you choose a storage unit size you will want to have some measurements:

  • Square feet – Multiply the length and width of your belongings.
  • Cubic feet – Multiply the length, width, and height of your belongings. If they make a pile that measures 5 x 5 x 5 feet, you will need a storage unit with at least 75 cubic feet.
Wooden pallets packed on top of each other
Make sure you calculate your space and inventory upfront, and you will not have problems

There is no one right way to measure your stuff. One way is to put all your things into a pile and measure the stack. Another option is to individually measure each item’s length, width, and height. Anything works so long as you have an estimate of your square or cubic footage. Nevertheless, make sure you get in touch with the international moving expert and let them help you out.

Choose the size of your storage unit by picking a small, medium, or a large one

After you measure everything, determine whether you need a small, medium, or large unit. There are many storage unit sizes, but they all boil down to these three categories. Small units hold up to 50 square feet of belongings, medium units cap out at 150 square feet, and large units can fit as much as 300 square feet. The easiest way to pick an initial size is to compare your measurements with the storage unit. For example, if your inventory measurements equal 125 square feet, you would want a medium storage unit because its size range is 75–150 square feet. Furthermore, if you need international car transportation, remember to call professionals to help you out.

Try to have savings on your storage units

 Here are some tips to make choosing a storage unit size easier and cheaper:

  • Compare the costs. Storage units often cost more than your stuff. At some point, it is cheaper to rebuy everything later than it is to store it. But you would be surprised how often people spend more on storage units than their belongings are worth.
  • Recognize your big items. Estimate whether you need a small, medium, or large unit by identifying your longest and widest items. 
  • Visit a storage facility. You can read all the storage unit guides, but nothing is as good as the real thing. Take an hour to visit a nearby storage facility. 
A storage unit
Remember that if you prepare inventory in advance you can save both time and money
  • Ask about specific sizes. Many storage unit companies have more available sizes than those published on their website. Call nearby storage facilities, give them your estimated square or cubic footage, and ask which units most closely match your needs. 
  • Consider moving containers. Most people use moving containers as a cheap alternative to rental trucks, but you can also store them at your home for a monthly fee. You may be able to save some money. Moreover, find proper packing & crating solutions before you even start packing.

In the end, units are sized by length times width, giving you an estimated floor space square footage. As said above, you can calculate your needs by square footage or the number of rooms you will be storing. But remember, storage units typically have a ceiling height of 8 feet. So a little space goes a long way. Moreover, make sure you find one of the best moving containers & storage companies. That will help you prepare everything on time, even before you start with the whole relocation process. Good luck and choose carefully!

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