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You have decided on moving to the UK and such a relocation requires some serious moving logistics. As you probably already know, you must pack like a pro, dedicate an adequate budget, cover legalities, find international household movers, and form a steady relocation plan. And the packing process for a long-distance journey might be the biggest issue and raise a lot of questions. Hence, let us introduce you to pallet packing and explain how it works. This method of shipping will keep your items safe and solve all your problems. Let’s take a look.

What is pallet packing?

Pallet packing is a way of storing any kind of goods on a flat movable structure that can be secured for shipping across the globe. What is amazing about this method of packing is the fact that you can stack them and move them easily. Usually, they are stored in big warehouses and moved with forklifts. Obviously, the transport is handled via sea or air freight, depending on the customer’s request. Moreover, you must know right from the start that this kind of packing is absolutely safe. Your goods will be secured with several buffers from the inside and outside. Using higher-quality packing materials such as stretch foil, adhesive tape, blister packs, and shrink wrap will make this possible.

a guy in the warehouse preparing for the pallet packing
Pallets are amazing for storing, moving, shipping, and much more. You will decide how to use them and where.

Also, there are no limits when it comes to the nature and the quantity of the goods you are shipping. As long as those items meet the rules and regulations tied to the shipping industry. Yes, you can ship the entire vehicle but if you want to ship hazardous materials or ammunition, you need special permits and greater oversight to do something like that. But that’s an entirely different story. For now, we will stick to the pallet packing and all the wonders it will bring to your moving project. Hence, call your local moving and shipping company and obtain international moving quotes. It is time to prepare for your relocation.

Some customers might be concerned about the materials used in pallet packing

As we explained, there are many materials used in pallet packing. But some customers might be concerned if some of those materials are not eco-friendly. And they have every right to be. But to be honest, some items simply must be made of a stronger material to support certain heavier items. Therefore, you have a few choices in front of you. Check out the following:

  • Plastic Pallets – High in durability, easy for cleaning, and reusable.
  • Paper pallets – This is a popular recyclable material with lightweight.
  • Wooden pallets – These are the most popular in the pallet packing world. Wood as a material is cheap, strong, and cubed pallets are always ready for packing, shipping, and storing. Also, they are reusable and recyclable.
  • Metal pallets – Finally, metal pallets are there to support heavier items and are mainly used for international car transportation. Durability and strength are their primary attributes.

As you can see, you have quite a few choices. So, if you care about recycling use paper and wooden pallets. But if you have heavier items with you, you’ll have to go with other options as well.

Pallet style and sizes available

Now when you know more about the pallets in general, you should contact your international movers USA to UK to check what they have in store. But first, you must inspect your furniture and other household items to figure out how hard your move will be. Measure all furniture so you know the size of pallet you need. And at the same time, you will figure out how many packing materials you’ll need to pack everything. Then you can work on your moving budget and your moving date accordingly.

a man using a forklift
There are different pallet styles and sizes. Check with your provider and choose the best ones for you.

Work closely with your moving representative and they will explain everything in detail. Now, you should know right from the start that most pallets in the US come in 48×40 inches in size. This is a bit different for other continents but this shouldn’t concern you much because you are moving from the US to the UK and you will use the one manufactured in North America.

Pallets are easily reusable

Ok, pallet packing can be done in a few ways. Your moving company can provide their pallets and keep them after the move is done. Then, you can rent pallets, or purchase your own pallets and keep them after the relocation. Of course, this all depends on the pallet you are using. If you opt for a paper pallet, you won’t be able to do anything with it after the relocation. Hence, think about the environmental impact, overall cost, and if you need pallets for something else after your relocation. Guided by your personal preferences, you will choose one of the options and reuse your pallets adequately.

Where to obtain such lovely material?

Pallets are out there on the free market and you can purchase them at any hardware store. Your nearest home depot should have some as well. And of course, your local international moving company New York certainly has a huge variety to offer. But you can also order your batch online and pick them up at the warehouse or let them be delivered to your home. Whatever you prefer the most. The easiest way to go is to purchase it all from the moving company that is covering the shipping to your new address in the UK. It is the cheapest and most convenient way to do it.

field full of pallets
Wooden pallets are easily reusable and recyclable. All shipping and moving businesses are using them.

Moreover, sometimes people have to move on a budget and they still need to ship their cargo across the sea. In this case, you can rent your pallets instead of buying them. Search online and find pallet rentals companies and check out this option as well.

Now you know how to utilize pallet packing and what it brings to the moving industry. It is the safest and the cheapest way of transporting items over long distances. Just make sure to research your movers and confirm they are licensed and experienced. The last thing you need in this crazy story is the fraudulent moving company. Ensure you have a reliable one with you. Good luck and stay safe.

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