The 10 best places for Americans to relocate

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According to estimates, there are currently 9 million American citizens residing overseas. This is almost as many as there are people in New Jersey. Now the question is where to go. Some countries are simpler for Americans to migrate to than others. This could be due to a large population of English speakers, a low cost of living, or an easy-to-understand immigration process. For this reason, before you decide to hire Transparent International movers, you need to see whether you are ready to become an ex-pat. It is not the same to be an ex-pat in another English-speaking country as opposed to a country where they aren’t many English speakers. Moving to another country is definitely extremely stressful. Therefore, in order to not regret your choices, here are the top 10 best places for Americans to relocate. 

Spain as the first country  

Europe in general is a great place for Americans to relocate. However, most American ex-pats would say that Spain is one of the best countries. The main reasons would be beautiful beaches, laid back lifestyle, warm weather, and amazing wine. Moving from USA to Spain is not a recent trend. many famous authors such as Orwell and Hemingway would go to Spain as a way to escape America at the time. Getting a job in Spain is difficult because it has a high unemployment rate while being one of Europe’s most affordable nations. However, the Spanish government does provide a self-employment visa, which is ideal for freelancers and digital nomads. Although applying for a work visa is difficult, it has far fewer restrictions than in some other EU nations and permits travel within the whole Schengen region of Europe for one year. 

best places for Americans to relocate has a spanish flag
Spain has always been a popular moving destination for Americans

Australia is also a great country to relocate to 

Living on one of the world’s most culturally and geographically varied continents is now more inexpensive than ever. The US dollar almost equals 1.29 Australian dollars. For this reason, hiring moving companies to Australia now seems like a good idea. Smaller towns like Darwin, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Broome attract a lot of expatriates with lower rents, beauty, and the opportunity to genuinely engage and mingle with Australians. However, the majority of Americans stick to large centers like Sydney and Melbourne. The Working Holiday Visa allows anyone between the ages of 18 and 30 to reside and travel across Australia for one year, or up to three years provided they find employment. Just be aware that the government is now trying to catch up on accepting those requests received before the lockdown. Therefore, application processing times are currently extra-long. 

Ireland and the UK 

Both Ireland and UK are great choices for Americans because they are English-speaking countries. Whether you are moving to the UK from USA or to Ireland, you won’t have any language problems. You might even pick up the famous British or Irish accent. Of course, there are other reasons why these two countries are perfect for Americans. They have a large number of ex-pats, including Americans. Both countries have high standards of living, high-quality private healthcare that costs much less than in America, and amazing pubs. If you want to have lower housing costs, then you should choose Ireland. The UK can be quite expensive, especially London. The same goes for Dublin. Still, living in a big city has many advantages. It is much easier to meet new people if you’re living in a large city with a big ex-pat community. 

Big Ben in the distance
Both the UK and Ireland are the best places for Americans to relocate

Norway as the next great country 

Norway is yet another great European country, perfect for experts. The main reason would be the high standard of living. Norway has the perfect balance between working and leisure time. This is something that you can hardly find anywhere else in the world, including in the USA. For this reason, it is not surprising that many people are moving to Norway from USA. You can easily find many experts not only from the USA but from other parts of the world as well. In addition to this, since there are many ex-pats living here, you can easily survive by only knowing English. Many Norwegian people also speak perfect English so you won’t have any problems with communication. Of course, if you decide to learn Norwegian, it would work in your favor. If you want to find a better job, you should know the language pretty well. 

Denmark is also perfect for American ex-pats 

Have you thought about moving to Denmark from US? If yes, then you are lucky because Denmark is also another perfect country for American ex-pats. It has naturally beautiful landscapes, it is highly developed, and also almost in the center of Europe. One of the main reasons why Americans are moving to Denmark would be the efficiency of life in this country. You would be surprised how everything is organized so well from business, transportation, and work-life balance. In addition to this, Denmark has pretty long holidays, great transportation, clean cities, and everything is so easily accessible. However, Denmark is also quite expensive. Some might even say that it is more expensive than some popular American cities. Still, you can easily survive in Denmark with only knowing English. Lastly, there is a huge expert population in Denmark so you won’t feel lonely. 

boats near the buildings
Denmark has many advantages such as great education, government, healthcare system, etc.

Luxembourg is one of the best places for Americans to relocate 

If you are moving to Luxembourg from US, here is what you can expect. 

  • High quality of living – Luxembourg has a high level of safety and security, low crime rate, political and economic stability, as well as the comfortable atmosphere of a small town. 
  • Employment market – the country’s positive employment trends, solid growth, low inflation, and steady market. 
  • Business environment – Luxembourg is the second richest country in terms of GDP per capita. If you are looking for a job in finance or manufacturing, this would be the perfect place for you. In addition to this, Luxembourg has a rather low taxation. 
  • Multilingualism – Lëtzebuergesch would be the official language. However, you can survive just fine with only knowing English, German, or French. 
  • Healthcare system – Luxembourg has a public health care system where you are free to choose a hospital or a doctor for your treatment.  

You can consider Vietnam as well 

With a burgeoning middle class, low crime rates, and an extraordinarily low cost of living, Vietnam boasts one of the fastest-growing economies in all of Southeast Asia. Americans may live comfortably here for about half the cost of living at home. Large one-bedroom apartments in vibrant, culturally rich cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi cost less than $700, while a delicious bowl of pho costs only $2. Additionally, ex-pats become digital nomads and high-speed Wi-Fi to work remotely or remain in the country to teach English. Then, they have time to explore a long list of great domestic attractions, from the stunning rice terraces of Mù Cang Chi to the white beaches of Ph Quc. The price for eating outrageously well and engaging with Vietnam’s friendly, an open culture is traffic, smog, and constantly shifting visa regulations. Keep this in mind before moving furniture overseas. 

people walking on the street
Vietnam has become quite a popular place for ex-pats

Germany is the next great country on the list 

You cannot talk about the best places for Americans to relocate without mentioning Germany. Schnitzel, cheap wine and beer, the Autobahn, and much more are the things Americans like the most. Additionally, it’s an ideal location for weekend vacations because it’s right in the midst of Europe. Munich serves as a gateway to the Alps and provides access to big international corporations. Additionally, Berlin’s multicultural melting pot attracts both ambitious IT types and free spirits because of its affordable cost of living, famed nightlife, and thriving startup scene. Although Americans just need a three-month visa to visit the country, moving for a new job involves mountains of paperwork. Simple actions like establishing a bank account or purchasing a phone can be complicated. Finding a place to call your own is particularly difficult in Berlin, where you must compete with 20 other applicants by showing up to apartment viewings. 

South Korea is also a popular destination 

South Korea’s moment isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, thanks to the persistent appeal of K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty, and K-style. Americans frequently go to Seoul, a sprawling metropolis with excellent public transportation, world-class shopping and street cuisine, and a culture of heavy drinking. Soju may be found in the streets far into the morning thanks to open-container rules. Additionally, the country as a whole is modern and contemporary, with among of the world’s fastest Wi-Fi connections. However, online censorship is real, so have a VPN ready. Without a roommate, housing costs might be high, but otherwise, living expenses are surprisingly modest. Furthermore, finding a job sponsored by a visa might be challenging unless you want to work as an English teacher. Unfortunately, without learning Korean, you will hardly find any other job. Still, a large ex-pat community is more than welcoming and willing to help anyone coming here.  

best places for Americans to relocate have signs all over the street
South Korea offers the fastest wi-fi, soju everywhere, and a fast lifestyle

New Zealand as one of the best places for Americans to relocate 

It is hard not to mention New Zealand together with Australia. Imagine living in a place where you could explore the areas where Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed. Additionally, you can earn about indigenous culture directly from the Mori, visit waterfalls and active volcanoes, and that’s just the North Island. A three-hour boat trip away, the South Island is home to some of the greatest ski slopes in the world, spectacular glaciers, and ancient forests. In order to move here, you need papers. If you are between the ages of 18 and 30, apply for a Working Holiday Visa when they become available again, remain for a year, and work odd jobs in the tourist, and agricultural industries. Unless you want to permanently move here, you can use this time to explore this beautiful country. Otherwise, try looking for a job. 

Maybe Argentina is a country for you 

If you are looking for a laid-back lifestyle, Argentine is for you. Here, time moves at a different pace, so if the plumber you planned for Friday doesn’t show up for a month, you don’t complain. Breakfast with wine or gelato is entirely acceptable, afternoon naps in the hammock can stretch for hours, and dinner doesn’t begin until nine or ten o’clock. Additionally, there are a large number of public holidays, social life is constantly in full swing. Long weekends are spent drinking Malbec in Mendoza, mountain biking in Salta, hiking around waterfalls in Iguazu, or exploring the Patagonian Andes. However, economy is a bit unstable but you will be fine if you earn your salary in US dollars.  

people walking around the city
Argentina has a laid-back lifestyle, with many holidays and vacations and beautiful nature

Canada as the last country on the list 

It is impossible to talk about the best places for Americans to relocate to without mentioning Canada. Living in the north offers diversity, incredible food, low crime rates, first-rate public education, access to healthcare, a stable economy, an emphasis on the environment, and most significantly, more nature than you could possibly wish to see. Furthermore, wander across the mountains, glaciers, beaches, and islands of Canada to ski, surf, kayak, dive, hunt, etc. Additionally, you have a variety of options when it comes to moving to Canada. Since you undoubtedly already know the language, you can avoid having a culture shock and go right into cultural immersion. Speaking French in a city like Montreal surely would be beneficial. 

How to choose? 

As you can see, these would be all the best places for Americans to relocate to. Now, it is up to you where you want to go. Choose a country that should fit your personality and lifestyle the most.  


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