The benefits of seeking out support from other expats

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It is not easy when you move abroad for the first time. New language, different culture. The first few months can be very difficult. That is why seeking out support from other expats can be really helpful. But where you will find other expats? How to meet fellow Americans in a foreign county? In this article, Transparent International NYC will show you how to find them and how you can benefit from it.

Sometimes it can be difficult to locate other expats

Moving to an unfamiliar country can be quite an adventure. However, it can take a lot of time before you fully adapt, and learn everything. Those first few months, even though the excitement and curiosity are there, can be pretty difficult sometimes. Of course, it all depends on the country you are moving to. If you are moving from USA to Europe, you will probably adapt quicker than if you are moving to China, for example. Nevertheless, it is always smart to seek out support from other expats that already know everything and that can help you go through these first few months until you develop your own ways. However, you need to find other expats. And sometimes it can be really difficult to find them. Here is how to do it.

two people handshaking
It is not easy to meet new people in a foreign country

Use the internet for seeking out support from other expats

When you are searching for other expats the first place to look is the internet, of course. Maybe you will find an immigrant community that you can contact. Or a network related to your industry. Try searching for social media groups and forums. This is the best and quickest way to get in touch with others. Unfortunately, not every country has an American community so you will have to find other ways to find them.

Ask your movers for advice

If you will be moving with an established and reputable moving company there is a big chance that they already done this type of relocation and that they know people who moved there before you. So ask your international household movers to give some directions and advice on where to look for other expats. This can also be a good way to quickly find what you are looking for.

Join a sports club

If you haven’t found anyone online and your movers haven’t been of much help, you will have to do some footwork. For example, one of the good ways to meet fellow Americans is to join a sports club. Search local sports clubs and try to locate something that you can handle. This is one of the most effective ways to find other expats.

Take a language course to meet other expats

Another great way is to join a language course, Language courses are mostly attended by foreigners. So you will surely find other English speaking people who already live in your country. However, it most likely that they are in the same situation as you. Still, it would be nice to meet someone who understands you.

Attend American events

Search the internet for American events in your country. These will most likely be visited by other Americans so you will have a perfect chance to meet someone.

tickets and coupons for the concert
Locate American events to meet other expats

Asking for support from other expats can be really beneficial, even if you think that you are doing fine on your own

As you can see, locating other expatriates can be tricky sometimes. So is it really worth the trouble? Are the benefits of seeking out support from other expats really that big? As we already mentioned, it all depends on your situation. Sometimes it can be really easy to adapt, sometimes you will not survive without help. Still, even when you think that you are doing fine, other immigrants can show you little tricks and shortcuts that can save you money and time. That is why asking for support from other expatriates is important.

Other expats can show you local customs

Some countries really hold on to their customs and culture. So it would be smart to take some time before your door-to-door international movers come to take your stuff and learn about your new country. Learn about the customs and everyday behavior. You do not want to insult someone by chance, or to get in trouble. Still, the internet is not a 100% reliable source of information. And you cannot learn everything online. That is why seeking out support from other expats is important.

It is hard when you do not know the language

In the first few weeks, the biggest obstacle to fully enjoy your new country will be language. Of course, in some countries, English is like a second language and almost everyone can speak it. However, those are exceptions. Most of the time, you will have to learn a new language quickly if you want to adapt quickly. However, no matter how much you try, for the first few weeks, you will have a lot of trouble communicating. On the other hand, if you know other Americans who live there the can show you the most important words and phrases that will get you through the first days.

an illustration of a blackboard with french writing on it
Attend a language course to meet other people like you

What will you do when homesickness kicks in?

Another thing that troubles almost everyone who leaves the US is nostalgia. For the first few months, homesickness can be really burdening and stopping you to start living your new life properly. Of course, no one can replace your old friends or family. But still, have someone to talk to and complain about can be a lifesaver in some situations. That is why it is very important to seek out support from other expats.

If you manage to find other expats you will have a much easier task adapting

Of course, there are many more situations when seeking out support from other expats can be really beneficial. The tricky part is to find other people who moved there before you. If you are successful, you will have a much easier time adapting to your new country.

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