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Starting a business is something that many people dream of. It’s an opportunity to express your creativity, and ideas, and connect with people. How great is it to be able to create something of your own? However, it’s not as easy as it may seem. There are many factors that determine whether your newly opened business is going to be successful or not. One of them is location – specifically the country you choose to do your business in. So it’s important to wisely choose the location when moving with moving overseas companies if you want your business to bloom. Therefore, we will now make a list and choose the best country to start a business in 2022.

Why does location matter?

Choosing a location for your business might seem as easy as pointing at a certain place on a map. What you might not realize is how much thought needs to be put into this. Various factors determine the success and efficiency of your business. If you want your business to grow and gain more and more customers over time – you need to be careful with this. If you need help moving your business after deciding on a location, transparent international movers will be happy to help. Let’s see what are some of the main reasons location matters for your business wherever you choose to open it.

  • Attracting skillful employees suited to work with you
  • Expenses of running a business in a certain place
  • Other businesses located near you
  • How accessible your business is
  • Your competition
  • The possibility of growing your business
people taking a group picture
Employees are what makes or brakes a business – finding the ones suited for your business will only help it grow

Attracting skillful employees

Do you want your business to succeed? Then you must know that it’s crucial to have skillful employees working for you. A certain area might have a lot to offer in terms of well-educated employees. But what you need to think about is – are they the ones you need for your business? Opening a business in an area with great minds will mean nothing to you if they don’t operate in the field of your business. Makes sense right? So, in order to make your business bloom, the first thing you need to do is do research on where you can find a workforce suited for the type of business you want to run.

Expenses of running a business in a certain place

When opening and running a business in general – everyone has a budget. That’s why it’s important that the budget you set for opening your business matches the cost of running a business in the location you chose. Choosing a location in the center of a city might be a good choice because it will give you more exposure. However, because of the great location, this kind of office space tends to be very expensive. You need to see if your budget can handle it and is it even worth it. If you spend so much money on renting expensive office space while your profit can’t match the amount you are spending, you will only be at a loss.

So before you decide on one place – make sure to check out other options as well. Never decide right away without considering other options. Just like with getting international moving quotes, always pick a few to choose from.

In case you still want your business to be located in the center of a city – you can consider using shared office space or a virtual office depending on how much office space you need and if you need any at all.

a person counting cash money
Expenses of running a business are different depending on the area of the city you choose – make sure to choose the one that fits your budget

Other businesses located near you

Why is this important? Well, there are some reasons. The most important one is related to foot traffic. When you are choosing the location for your business, you need to pay attention to businesses located near you mainly because their foot traffic might be beneficial to you. One more thing to consider is how competitive nearby businesses are. This matters because they might attract more customers leaving you with less profit. Not only that, but they might even take away your employees as well. That means – on top of earning less, you might become short-staffed.

How accessible your business is

If you don’t plan on owning a small secret café only accessible to those who are lucky enough to find it by accident – you’ll want to choose a location that will be easily accessible to your customers. But customers are not the only ones who should be able to access your business easily. Your employees need to be able to get to work easily. For example, let’s say you found a great spot somewhere in the city. The price is affordable and everything else is perfect. However, there is one problem – it doesn’t have a parking lot. This could be a problem to both your employees getting to work by car, as well as your customers. Not all countries have well-established public transport.

So before you decide on a location for your business, put yourself in the shoes of your customers and employees. See if it would be easy enough to access the location you have chosen. In case you have trouble transporting your car while moving, consider using international car transportation services.

Your competition

No matter what you do in life, you’ll always have some competition. Especially in business. The goal of every business owner is to make their products as authentic as possible which attracts customers and creates profit. When choosing a location for your business, being close to businesses that sell similar goods as you can be both a good and a bad thing. For example, if you are new to the industry and your competition offers lower prices for similar products – chances are your business won’t do so well.

However, you can actually make good use of being close to your competition. If you know some business selling similar products as you in the area doesn’t have easy access – you can make your business more accessible and attract customers. People would most likely even be willing to pay more for something if it’s closer to their home or workplace so they can pick it up on their way to their home or office.

a man playing chess and knocking off one figure with another
Competition is present in all areas of life – especially in business

The possibility of growing your business

Most businesses start off as small ones. However, most business owners have a goal of growing their business over time. If you are one of them, you need to take this into account when choosing the location for your business. Whatever business you plan to open, it will have a chance to grow only if the services it provides are needed in that area. Another thing to think about when talking about growth is office space. If you plan on growing your business you should start with an office that is not too small, nor too big. When you expand your business, it doesn’t always mean you have to relocate it – just choose smaller offices in different locations.

What is the best country to start a business in 2022?

Now that you know how to choose the exact location of your business, all that is left is to choose the country for your business. While doing business in your country might be the easiest option – it might not be the one that will give you the most profit. That’s why you might need to open your business in another country. Not just any country of course. We are here to show you a review of some places that might be the best country to start a business in 2022. Reliable movers like Transparent International Movers will help you have a safe and comfortable move.


Germany is a country that will be the first on our list when we choose the best country to start a business in 2022.. Three main cities when it comes to doing business in Germany are Munich, Frankfurt, and Berlin. Each of them will be able to provide you with endless opportunities depending on what kind of business you want to open. For example, if you want to become a part of the tech industry, we suggest choosing Munich. Moving companies to Germany will provide you with amazing service whatever city you choose to move to.

the flag of germany which is the best country to open a business in 2022
Opening a business in one of the main three German cities might be the best choice you can make

Countless business opportunities are not the only thing that makes Germany a great country to do business in. Germany has a huge consumer market – it is considered to be the largest consumer market out of all countries in Europe. It also has a well-established economy which can only be a benefit to your business.

One more thing that makes Germany so great is its skilled workforce. That means wherever in Germany you chose to do business, you will be able to find employees skillful enough to do business with you and help it grow.


The biggest reason people choose to do business in Switzerland is that it’s almost tax-free! While you won’t be completely free of taxes, having to spend less on this is a pretty good deal. It is located in the middle of Europe with an amazing economy. But that’s not all. This is one of the most stable countries when it comes to facing global crises. It is stable in terms of both economy and politics. What’s more, newly opened businesses always have many benefits in Switzerland.

To sum things up, you will have everything you need to open your business in Switzerland. It is true that this is a place more suited for business owners with a big budget. However, there are many investors willing to help smaller businesses grow if they see potential in them. If you are wondering what kind of business attracts most investors in Switzerland – the answer is technological business. In case you want to expand your business later on to Australia for example, international movers Australia will be at your service.


The best thing about Japan is the fact that its economy is in the top three in the entire world. The only two countries that have a slightly better economies are the USA and China. It’s a country that has so much to offer, especially if you are working in the area of computer science or telecommunications. However, those are not the only fields the Japanese excel at.

close up photography of a cherry blossom tree
Japan’s economy is in the top three in the world

They rank third in automobile manufacturing and their industry of electronic goods is of high importance to the rest of the world. These are only a few examples of the most successful fields of business in Japan. Japan’s import processing is incredibly organized which makes doing business outside the country much easier. When moving to Japan for business, moving boxes overseas can be quite a troublesome task. Make sure to choose a reliable moving company to help you with it.

If you want to ensure the success of your business in Japan, you should consider one of these fields:

  • Finance
  • High-tech
  • Pharmacy
  • Robotics
  • Computing


Denmark is known for having some of the best infrastructures in the world. This is surely something that gives it enough potential to be the best country to start a business in 2022. The transport system and office space in Denmark are highly innovative. They also come with guaranteed electricity and a water supply.

One of the best things about Denmark is the fact that this country is constantly trying to improve the quality of life for its citizens. And when we talk about the quality of daily life, we also mean the quality of business as well. After all, doing business is an essential part of life. This is why Denmark is a great choice for opening a new business.

flag of denmark
Denmark’s infrastructure is considered to be one of the best ones out of all countries in the world

The United States

You are probably familiar with the fact that America is “the land of opportunities”. A lot of people dream of moving to America and doing business there. Let’s see why is that so. The biggest advantage of opening a business in the United States is the fact that you will get credit for things like driving innovation, job creation and most importantly economic progress. If you ever consider moving to Norway from USA for expanding your business, you’ll have to do well in the beginning of your business journey first.

Should Silicon Valley take credit for all these advantages? Not really. While it is true that it was dominant in the ecosystem of the United States, many other cities like Austin and Miami now have ecosystems of their own.

As we previously mentioned, not everyone has that big of a budget when opening their own business. Opening a business and keeping it alive is a struggle for many. Not only for the ones who are new to this world but for those who have been doing business for quite some time now as well. America is a place where you will easily find people willing to invest in your business and become your business partners. They can help you expand your business to other areas as well. In this case, you might need the help of international movers USA to UK. This is the reason why some people consider America to be the best country to start a business in 2022.


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