The Best European Countries For Culture Lovers

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Europe is a continent with an incredible diversity of culture, history, and art. From the classical architecture of ancient Greece and Rome to the modern art movements of Paris and Berlin, Europe has something for culture lovers. The continent is home to some of the most famous museums and art galleries in the world, as well as countless historic landmarks, festivals, and cultural events. With so much to see and experience, it can be challenging to decide where to go. One of the best international moving companies is here to help you explore some of the best European countries for culture lovers to visit, so keep reading.

Explore the UK

The United Kingdom is a culturally rich country that offers a diverse range of experiences for culture lovers. With its rich history, vibrant arts scene, literary heritage, and traditional cuisine, the UK is a must-visit destination for those who want to immerse themselves in European culture. Also, if you are moving from USA to Europe, the UK might be the “easiest” choice because of the language.

Rich history

The United Kingdom boasts a rich history that is reflected in numerous landmarks throughout the country. From the iconic Tower of London, which has stood for over 900 years and played a pivotal role in British history, to Hadrian’s Wall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that once marked the northern boundary of the Roman Empire, the UK offers a wealth of historic sites and monuments that are sure to impress history buffs and culture lovers alike.

London Bridge and boats in one of the best European countries for culture lovers
The UK is one of the best European countries for culture lovers.

Vibrant arts scene

The United Kingdom has a vibrant arts scene that is showcased in its world-class museums and galleries. The British Museum in London is one of the most visited museums in the world, featuring an extensive collection of art and artifacts from around the globe. The Tate Modern, also in London, is a must-visit for modern art enthusiasts, with its impressive collection of works by artists such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. There are many other notable museums and galleries throughout the country for you to explore.

Literary heritage

The United Kingdom has a rich literary heritage that has produced some of the world’s most famous authors and playwrights, from the works of William Shakespeare, considered by many to be the greatest playwright in the English language, to the novels of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and Virginia Woolf. The UK has been home to some of the most influential and enduring literary works in history. Visitors to the UK can explore the homes and museums of famous writers. Some of them are the Bronte sisters’ parsonage in Haworth and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon. You can also attend literary festivals, such as the Hay Festival and the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

Traditional cuisine

The United Kingdom is also famous for its traditional cuisine, which offers a range of hearty and comforting dishes. Fish and chips, a classic British dish of battered fish and fries, is a staple in many UK seaside towns. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, a traditional Sunday roast dish, is another popular and hearty meal that visitors can enjoy. Other traditional British dishes include bangers and mash, shepherd’s pie, and Cornish pasties. For those with a sweet tooth, there are also classic desserts such as sticky toffee pudding and apple crumble. Overall, food and art lovers who are moving to the UK from USA most often have an amazing time.

Fish and chips and other food on the table
Enjoy good food and culture in the UK.

Discover France

As one of the best European countries for culture lovers, France is a culturally rich country known for its art, cuisine, fashion, and architecture. Visitors can enjoy stunning cities, charming villages, and scenic countryside. France offers visitors a unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. From the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris to the picturesque vineyards of Bordeaux, France is a country that appeals to all kinds of culture lovers planning their overseas relocation at any given time!

Cultural heritage

France’s cultural heritage is rich and diverse. Grand castles and the iconic Eiffel Tower are just a few examples of the country’s architectural and engineering marvels. The Palace of Versailles, the former residence of French monarchs, is a grand and opulent palace that is a testament to the country’s royal history. The medieval fortress of Carcassonne and the fairy-tale-like Château de Chambord is also among the many castles that dot the French countryside. The Eiffel Tower, located in the heart of Paris, is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world and an enduring symbol of France’s artistic and engineering achievements.

Artistic tradition

France has a rich artistic tradition that has produced some of the most famous painters in history, including Claude Monet and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The Impressionist movement, which emerged in France in the 19th century, revolutionized the art world with its emphasis on capturing the fleeting impressions of light and color. The Musée d’Orsay in Paris houses one of the world’s largest collections of Impressionist art, including works by Monet, Renoir, and other famous painters such as Edgar Degas and Edouard Manet. France is also home to many other world-renowned museums and galleries, including the Louvre, which houses the iconic painting of the Mona Lisa, and the Pompidou Center, which is dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

People taking photos of Mona Lisa
Some of the world’s most popular art is in France.

Festivals and events

France is home to many festivals and events that celebrate its diverse cultural offerings, which those moving to France from USA can enjoy. The Cannes Film Festival, one of the world’s most prestigious film festivals, attracts international celebrities and filmmakers every year to showcase their latest works. The festival is held in the picturesque town of Cannes on the French Riviera, where visitors can enjoy the stunning Mediterranean coastline and the vibrant atmosphere of the festival. Another popular event in France is the Tour de France, one of the world’s most famous cycling races that takes place over three weeks in July. The race attracts cycling enthusiasts and sports fans from around the world, who gather to watch the cyclists navigate through France’s stunning countryside and challenging terrain. From music and art to sports and film, France’s festivals and events offer visitors a unique and unforgettable cultural experience.

Spain is another one of the best European countries for culture lovers

Spain is a country known for its vibrant culture, history, and stunning landscapes. With its rich artistic heritage, world-renowned cuisine, and distinctive traditions, Spain is one of the best destinations in Europe for culture lovers to move to. If you are one of them, make sure you are moving furniture overseas with the best movers.

Cultural heritage

Spain’s cultural heritage is diverse and fascinating. Famous landmarks such as the Alhambra and Sagrada Familia are just a few examples of the country’s architectural marvels. The Alhambra, a Moorish palace located in Granada, is one of Spain’s most iconic landmarks and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Its intricate tile work, ornate archways, and lush gardens make it a masterpiece of Islamic art and architecture. The Sagrada Familia, located in Barcelona, is an unfinished Roman Catholic church that is widely regarded as the masterpiece of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Its unique design, which combines elements of Gothic and Art Nouveau architecture, has made it one of the most recognizable landmarks in Spain.

Sagrada Familia in Spain, one of the best European countries for culture lovers
Sagrada Familia is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world.

Artistic tradition

Spain has a rich artistic tradition that has produced some of the world’s most famous painters. The most famous ones are Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali. Picasso, who was born in Malaga, is widely considered one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, with his groundbreaking works such as “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” and “Guernica” revolutionizing the art world. Dali, born in Catalonia, was a leading figure in the Surrealist movement, and his eccentric and fantastical paintings continue to captivate art lovers around the world. Art lovers moving from USA to Spain can enjoy many museums and galleries, including the Prado Museum in Madrid, which houses an extensive collection of European art, and the Reina Sofia National Museum, which is dedicated to modern and contemporary art.

The vibrant culinary scene in one of the best European countries for culture lovers

Spain’s culinary scene is known for its vibrant flavors and regional diversity. The country is famous for its delicious dishes such as paella, a rice dish typically made with seafood or chicken and vegetables, and tapas, a range of small, savory dishes that are often shared among friends and family. However, there are many other delicious dishes in this beautiful country. Some other popular Spanish dishes include gazpacho, a cold soup made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers, and tortilla española, a thick omelet made with potatoes and onions. Spain is also home to a thriving wine industry. The famous Rioja and Priorat regions produce some of the world’s best wines.

Festivals and events

Spain is known for its vibrant festivals and events, such as La Tomatina, a tomato-throwing festival, and the Running of the Bulls during the San Fermin festival. Other famous celebrations include the Carnival of Cadiz and the Feria de Abril in Seville, which offer a chance to experience the country’s rich culture and traditions.

Historic building in Seville, Spain, one of the best European countries for culture lovers
There are plenty of cultural events to enjoy in Spain.

Fall in love with Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small, landlocked country in Western Europe, known for its picturesque landscapes, medieval castles, and vibrant cultural scene. Despite its small size, Luxembourg boasts a rich history and a unique mix of Germanic and Romance cultures. The country is also home to several world-class museums and galleries, as well as a thriving music and arts scene.

Cultural heritage

Luxembourg is home to a wealth of cultural heritage, including numerous castles and fortified cities that reflect the country’s rich history and strategic importance. The medieval castles of Vianden and Bourscheid are among the most famous in the country, while the fortified city of Luxembourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that showcases the region’s military architecture and urban planning. Other historic sites in Luxembourg include the Abbey of Echternach, founded in the 7th century, and the picturesque town of Clervaux, which is home to a famous photographic exhibition.

Arts scene

Luxembourg has a thriving arts scene, showcasing a wide range of styles and mediums. The Mudam (Museum of Modern Art) is one of the most popular and prestigious museums in the country. Contemporary works by international artists, as well as exhibitions, explore the intersections of art, design, and technology. When moving to Luxembourg from US, you must also visit the Luxembourg City History Museum, which offers a fascinating look at the city’s past, and the National Museum of History and Art, which houses collections ranging from archeology and fine arts to natural history and folklore.

Woman exploring art at The Mudam (Museum of Modern Art)
If you like modern art, you will love The Mudam.

Culinary traditions

Luxembourg’s culinary traditions are influenced by its unique blend of French, German, and Belgian cultures. This resulted in a diverse and flavorful cuisine. One of the most famous traditional dishes is judd mat gaardebounen, a hearty stew made with smoked pork collar and broad beans, often served with boiled potatoes. Another popular dish is kachkéis, a creamy cheese spread served with bread or crackers. Luxembourg is also known for its excellent wines, which are produced in the Moselle Valley region and pair well with local specialties.

Festivals and events

Luxembourg hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year, showcasing the country’s rich cultural traditions and diverse community. The Festival of Wiltz is a popular summer event. It features theater, music, and dance performances in a beautiful outdoor setting. The Schueberfouer is another beloved annual event, held in Luxembourg City and featuring carnival rides, games, and food stands.

Unique Germany

Germany is one of the best European countries for culture lovers. From world-class museums and galleries to stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cities, Germany has something for everyone. With a reputation for excellence in engineering, science, and technology, Germany is also a hub of innovation and creativity.

Cultural heritage in one of the best European countries for culture lovers

Germany boasts a rich cultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy numerous castles, cathedrals, and museums that showcase the country’s history and artistic traditions. They can also explore iconic landmarks such as the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Brandenburg Gate, and the Cologne Cathedral. Each one of them offers a glimpse into a different era of German history. Germany is home to a vast network of museums and galleries, including the Berlin Museum Island and the Frankfurt Museum of Modern Art. They house some of the world’s most significant art and artifacts.

Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany
Germany is home to some of the most beautiful castles in the world.

Artistic tradition

Germany has a long and rich artistic tradition. Some of the world’s most famous composers, painters, and writers hailed from the country. Among the most renowned are classical composers Johann Sebastian Bach and Ludwig van Beethoven. Their works continue to be performed and celebrated around the world. Other famous German artists include painters such as Albrecht Dürer and Caspar David Friedrich and writers such as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Thomas Mann.

Traditional cuisine

Germany’s cuisine is rich and diverse, with a wide range of dishes that reflect the country’s cultural heritage and regional variations. Some of the most popular traditional German dishes include sausages such as bratwurst and currywurst, hearty stews like goulash and roulade, and meat dishes such as schnitzel and roast pork. Germany is also known for its famous bread, with a variety of crusty, hearty loaves to choose from. And let’s not forget about the beer. It is an integral part of German culture and is enjoyed in countless varieties across the country.

Festivals and events

Germany is home to many vibrant festivals and events throughout the year, drawing visitors from around the world. One of the most famous events is Oktoberfest in Munich, a two-week festival celebrating German beer, food, and music. The festival attracts millions of visitors each year, making it one of the most popular festivals in the world. Another popular event is the Berlin International Film Festival. This is one of the world’s leading film festivals that showcases the best of international cinema. If want to move to one of the best European countries for culture lovers, moving companies to Germany can help you.

Last but not least, Italy

Italy is a country renowned for its rich history, beautiful architecture, stunning natural scenery, and exquisite cuisine. It is a land with a cultural legacy that has influenced the world for centuries.

Cultural heritage

Italy’s cultural heritage is one of the richest in the world. It is impossible to overstate the importance of the country’s landmarks. The Colosseum is one of the most iconic structures in Rome. It is a testament to the country’s ancient history and engineering prowess. This elliptical amphitheater, which once hosted gladiatorial contests and public spectacles, is an architectural marvel. In Venice, the intricate network of canals and bridges is a defining feature of the city’s unique charm.

Italy’s artistic tradition also owes much to its famous painters, such as Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Leonardo da Vinci, a true Renaissance man, contributed significantly to science, engineering, and art. He created some of the most famous works in the world. Some of them are the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper, which are now housed in museums across Italy. Michelangelo is an artist who left his mark on some of Italy’s most famous landmarks. The best example is the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City.

Vatican City in Italy, one of the best European countries for culture lovers
Italy is one of the best European countries for culture lovers.

Delicious cuisine

Italian cuisine is known worldwide for its delicious and diverse range of dishes. Pasta, a staple food in Italy, comes in numerous shapes and forms, from long, thin spaghetti to short, tube-like rigatoni. Each region of Italy has its own unique pasta dish, such as lasagne from Emilia-Romagna and orecchiette from Puglia. Pizza, another famous Italian dish, is enjoyed all over the world. With its crispy thin crust and variety of toppings, pizza has become a popular comfort food.

Festivals and events

Italy is a country known for its colorful and lively festivals and events. One of the most famous events is the Carnival of Venice. This two-week celebration takes place every year in Venice. During the carnival, people dress up in elaborate masks and costumes. There are parades, parties, and concerts throughout the city. Another popular event in Italy is the Palio di Siena. This horse race takes place twice a year in Siena’s historic Piazza del Campo. The race is a fiercely competitive event that has been held since medieval times. Also, the race is accompanied by lively celebrations and traditional feasts.

Which one would you choose?

Europe offers an abundance of cultural experiences for travelers seeking to explore its rich history, art, cuisine, and festivals. The UK, France, Spain, Luxembourg, Germany, and Italy are among the best European countries for culture lovers. Each one offers unique experiences and landmarks to discover. Therefore, you have a lot to choose from when moving to Europe.

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